Thursday 22 September 2011

Now, this guy I am sure is a crook

I am not sure that Zarinah Anwar of SC is a crook because there is no evidence to convict her as a crook yet. To me, the fact that she is married to an alleged crook does not makes her a crook. We need evidence before we condemned someone. To make it simple, lets put it this way - an Umno man should not be deemed as a traitor among his peers just because he is in love with a DAP girl. Similarly, a policeman should not be judged as a criminal just because his wife is running an illegal gambling den without his knowledge. Now, those who thinks Zarinah is a crook, please do lodge a police or MACC report. Once the evidence are presented and accepted by the court, u all do go ahead and lynch her. Otherwise, I think you all are being unfair.

Now as of why I am so sure that Mat Sabu is a crook - the evidence is there for all to see. Just watch this video and I rest my case.
And in remembrance of those he denigrated


  1. you are right. She is NOT a crook.Not fair to label her as one. I won't go further except to say that she is in a very unenviable position right now.
    I wish her the best.

  2. Anon 19:59
    Thanks for being the first to comment in my blog. I am actually tired of people using their influence as a blogger or media practitioner to run down others whom they do not like. In the case of Zarinah, I think they over-vilified her without presenting any hard evidence, which is wrong and unjust.

  3. memang betul Zarinah bukan pak sauk. tetapi beliau memegang jawatan yang sangat sensitive. terang2 ada conflict of interest dalam soal penglibatan suami beliau dalam perniagaan syarikat senarai awam.

    takkan tidak beliau akan menarik tohmahan. takkan beliau tidak tahu?

    selagi azizan giat dalam perusahaan perniagaan yang sedia ada, kedudukan zarinah memang di cabar dan di serang.

    either she steps down or he stays away from the kind of business he is involved in.


  4. Anon 3:18
    Terima kasih for the comment. Saya sebenarnya lebih bersetuju kalau suami Zarinah Anwar ni yang berundur. Laki kena mengalah. Lagi pun kalau tengok track rekod Zarinah ni kira dia bagus juga. Walau macam mana pun saya nak tegaskan yang saya tak setuju seseorang itu diserang dengan begitu teruk sekali semata-mata kerana keraguan yang belum terbukti. Sekurang-kurangnya, sesiapa yang begitu yakin Zarinah ni seorang penjahat, silalah buat laporan yang sahih kepada pihak berkuasa. Jangan lah buat tohmahan saja.