Friday, 23 September 2011

This is another Crook

In addition to the official text that he delivered on August 12, 2011 during the Luncheon Talk with Foreign Correspondents Association Singapore, held at the Raffles City Convention Centre, apparently Lim Guan Eng also said the following:

"Iskandar is seen as a very strong competitor ... but if you look in terms of safety and using the Crime Index, Penang was Number 1 in terms of cutting crimes, so you don't have to worry about your safety when you come to Penang.  In Johor, if you are a Singaporean, you are likely to get kidnapped ... you ask any Singaporean they would know but you don't have that problem when you come to Penang.  I am sure investors want to deal with an honest government and not to deal with crooks.  Lynas the rare earth factory in Pahang ... they don't see this huge premium facility benefiting the people as they pose a serious threat to their health and of course safety."


  1. betul ke bro .. baik2 ah beng ni kaki sue. anonymous blogger macam bigcat pun dia akan sue nak pertahankan maluah dia. baik2 ... :-)

  2. Does it surprise anyone? Lim obviously idolises LKY and cant wait to turn Penang into another Singapore. Noone can accuse him of being a Malaysian at heart.

  3. ape cita...Guan Beng got no balls la.....

    faced with facts..this Ahbeng tercirit kut

  4. No worries Rocky, I would not post this sort of things without evidence. That is also why I don't exactly run with you and the others on the Zarinah issue.

  5. Jamie, I think he's just jealous of Iskandar Malaysia.

    satD, Mustapa Mohamed gave the latest FDI figures in his NST article. The numbers speak for themselves. At the moment Johor tops the 2011 FDI figures.

  6. I don't think what LGE said is wrong as he merely stated the right facts. Iskandar is a project for Umno persian cats. That too, is also a fact.

    So, what gives?

  7. so the gangsters and kidnappers in Johore, r they singaporeans or malaysians!!!or to b specific are they chinese, malay or indian.indon pati probably!!!
    we know they are many gangsters in is one of the most wealthiest state in malaysia, i think that was what LGE had claimed.and we all know, when there are thriving businesses, they are gangsters or underlords asking for protection money.and as long you pay them always on time, they wont make kacau.or you let them wash their money in penang.
    so i guess LGE payment is always on time, that is why dia orang tak kacau.everything can be manipulated and it is a matter of perception and interpretation. macam Taiwan lah.Mana ada bisnes tak kontrol by gangasters.Japan also.mcm lah kita org melayu tak baca buku dan news.

  8. and those many factories in penang takde produce toxic and scheduled waste.

  9. You guy should attack more politician from both side the ruling and opposition , Rocky as usual Rais Yatim Rais Yatim Rais and LGE LGE LGE . It become boring. So far i dont see anyone expose PM , wonder is he really perfect ???? Or journalism can be bought

  10. So says the 30% handycap NEP bastard.. Stand on your own two feet first before you allege something fuckweed.

  11. Lets hear it in the recording. But the buggers will not produce it. Because, what was officially said and shared is what matters after all. What was allegedly said outside official stance, is not an issue. Only UMNO slanted bloggers do not know how to distinguish between the two.

  12. lge is a copyrights infringement of lky, he's just a wannabe

    I mean with that kinda looks who's gonna believe he's got brains behind those wishy washy eyes

  13. Anon 10.09 kalau bagi recording nanti lu mintak video, sudah bagi video lu mintak kaler punya pulak, sudah bagi kaler punya lu kata itu orang look like guan eng, speaks like guan eng but that's not guan eng. Nanti lu kata itu orang pakai hair gel, guan eng pakai brylcream. Susah lor

  14. Dear Big Cat,

    First time Zarinah failed the system, it involed ECM Libra. And we know who is ECM Libra and what Azizan's relationship with the Mr Who is. As SC Chairman she should have ordered a probe there and then but she did not.

    Second time now and it involves ECM Lbra too (although the main focus is Sime Darby and E&O). Same players.

    You may still forgive Zarinah if she screws up on account of ECM Libra the third time, but I think she should have been punished the first time she turned to look the other way, when ECM Libra and Avenue Asset closed that deal during Pak Lah's tenure.

    Her good/poor governance as SC Chairman does not require evidence as much as it requires transparency.

    In between, of course, I won't forget the rough tactics she used on business journalists. Uncalled for.

  15. the mata sepet from Penang is the favourite grandson of LKY,thats why he is so fond of praising Spore,at the same time degrading Johore.Cina ini tak pandai malu.angkat bakul sendiri.Just rule not more than 3 yrs but got the gut to claim the Penang has developed due to his administration.What a great SHAME"

  16. Dear Big Cat,

    How true is your post? Can u share with us the evidence?

  17. If he is unashamedly willing to claim credit for Penang's FDI I am not surprised his willingness to badmouth Johor.

  18. "Anonymous said...

    So says the 30% handycap NEP bastard.. Stand on your own two feet first before you allege something fuckweed.
    24 September 2011 09:24 "

    This cibai still feel dengki with NEP? Oi 70% given for u still not enough ka? Your population only 20% but want 100% ka? Bastard la lu!

  19. Rocky, point taken.

    Dr MiM, too late la. TV3 aired it already.

  20. Rocky, you touched on Zarinah because it involves ECM, if ECM not involved, u go after her is it?

    Why not go after the fat chick who married the prime minister?? I think easier catch if you are fair and balanced.

  21. by the way rocky, u ni kurang ajar betul panggil orang ah beng! what class do you have left as a journalist?

  22. NEP says 30% for Bumi does not mean 70% for non-Bumi. Most of 70% are taken up by foreigners.

  23. "Anonymous said...

    NEP says 30% for Bumi does not mean 70% for non-Bumi. Most of 70% are taken up by foreigners.
    26 September 2011 11:46 "

    Hoi Anon bolo, are u saying ur also handicapped? Already given 70% but dono how to get and keep it?

    And where do u get facts that all those 70% been taken by foreingners? Don tipu la bastard!

  24. Anon 24 September 2011 09:24 , 26 September 2011 11:46 ,

    You people must be bunch of stupid waste of sperm chingkies or hindulens..

    30% NEP doesn't mean that the bumi will recieved the 30% share F.O.C, idiot! They have to PAY for it. It is just a QUOTA/Allocation, just like the bumiputera housing lots.. did any developers kind enough to give free house to the bumiputera? Last time I check there isn't any, the only thing available there were you fucking stupid chingkies & hindulens bad mouthing about the NEP.

    If NEP really discriminating wtf must there be a restriction to only 30% maximum for Bumiputera? The bumi should feel being discriminated if taking into consideration of the demographic of this country with such limitation. By right it should be open to 60%, right you morons?

    A public share is a company way of gaining capital coz they have not enough money to expand.. don't tell me that company like YTL, Maxis, Genting etc are giving away FOC share to any Bumiputera under the sun..

    Even after half decade of independent, the non-bumi still remain in their idiotic coccoon of spinning facts of their racist delusion..

    That explain what rubbish product the vernacular school system had produced infesting this country.

    Pathetic idiot.

    :D muhahahaha
    -anti hindraf & ultra chingkies-

  25. more shit burst out whenever lim guang taik open his stinking big mouth