Thursday 13 June 2013

Why Gerakan Calls For A Single BN

Isn't it rather strange, that of all BN component parties calling for a single BN party is Gerakan, which claim to be a multi-racial party?

Out of all the political parties presently active in Malaysia, Gerakan are the most similar with DAP in terms of member composition, leadership structure, and the evolution of its social network from the worker's associations of yester-years to what it is now.

Unfortunately for Gerakan, the rise of DAP and its continued dominance in KL and Penang as well as the rising star of Southern Johor urban areas means Gerakan is fast losing its social and business network to DAP.

The flight of what used to be Gerakan's social/business network into the embrace of DAP was never better illustrated than the fall of Gerakan in Pulau Pinang and the back-stabbing of Ghani by the Chinese associations in Skudai, a formerly Gerakan stronghold.

Gerakan is dying, and its leaders are trying to remain relevant.

As leaders of a coalition member party, they are ensured of having a say in the newly formed single party.

For them, the single party must therefore be formed before Gerakan's death.


  1. Gerakan will soon join PPP in the ranks of parties on life support. Both claiming huge membership, but without members who will even bother voting for them.

  2. Look at gerakan line-up. You only see no youthful leader to take the place of older generation....Hmmm

    :s sarah

  3. Gerakan went down the gutters when Lim Keng Yaik handed the reins over to Koh Tsu Koon. KTK was a lame duck & headless chicken rolled into one.

    They will then try to ride on the coattails of UMNO to deflect the blame on them if a single party BN emerges in the not so foreseeable future.

    Anyways, when a vocal (though at times irritatingly repetitive) leader like Tan Keng Liang isn't fielded there's obviously some disconnect in the cranial space in the collective heads of the party's upper echelons.

  4. The Chinese generally regards MCA as a Chinese Association.This association thro its complaints bureau must help the Chinese to find lost/runaway Daughters, Husbands, sons, mother in laws. Also to help find lost my kad and also loss of virginity for their daughters. Find the best and most visible hills to bury the dead or to place their ashes. Then to protect their illegal VCD and gerai haram also from Ah Long. The MCA should also help them secure good places for schools and those Chinese serving the Min of Health, get the MCA Minister to give them urban postings
    On the Min of transport they got the lorry panjang and containers lorries so that they can sapu the transport and logistics business
    When it comes to voting they all pakat that the party to Vote is LOCKET....

  5. You got the picture the other way. Or most people do anyway.
    A party sell a dream. And the people who are attracted to the dreams
    join the party.
    So it is not UMNO or MCA or Gerakan.
    Its what UMNO is fighting for?
    If its leaders fighting for their brothers wealth then its good bye.
    Or we can change the leadership.
    Gerakan dream of multiracial with chinese as leaders is not going to attract
    many malays.
    So is DAP.
    But they attract chinese.
    So anyone promoting Malay interest in Tanah Melayu will always gather
    a large following. But current UMNO leaders are not malay leaders.
    They are self serving and corrupt.
    So a new Malay party anyone?

  6. DAP is China lackey27 June 2013 at 20:31

    Gerakan is like MCA business minded chines. While DAP are china based party.
    They aime to make malaysia a satellite of china like Singapore. So the only way to deal with these aliens is to force them to migrate as they dont like BM or the King orthe Negaraku.