Friday 7 June 2013

New Base

I have not been updating for quite awhile as I have been rather busy settling down at a new place, just as my trusty 4 year-old laptop decided to go kaput on me.

However, moving to a new place has been rather fun.  I have decided to move in with my sis as she has a spare room, and that means free room and board, not to mention free meals three times a day and the various snacking in between.

Of course I have been rather out of touch with the political situation thus far, but I plan to quickly get updated as soon as I finish my latest project.

I've just bought myself a new wardrobe from Ikea, the kind that you can customise, and assemble yourself.  I chose to do the assembly myself, as I enjoy doing such things.

I have put together my new Kivik sofa, and waiting for delivery of my Pax storage system.  My sis promised to help, so hopefully I would have an additional 200x236x58cm of storage before the week ends.

It will be quite a challenge to fit my stuff in the rather limited storage space, but I am taking this as an opportunity to get rid of things I hardly use or those no longer useful at my new base.

Actually, I am finding this period of diy furniture assembly extremely therapeutic and restful, especially when you can see and use the result of your handiwork.

It keeps my mind off the fact that I will be facing unemployment now that I have tendered my notice.

New base, new room, new beginnings - I am keeping it positive, and hopefully life will continue to be an interesting journey of new life experiences, new friends and acquaintances.  It would be something to look forward to.

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  1. For you BC I present

    :D sarah