Friday 7 June 2013


Wah .. so berani la all these Pakatan elected MPs, so principled la them all, to boycott the house they were voted into by the majority of the people who wanted them to be their voice parliament.

What do they care about being the people's voice in the parliament anyway as they have been vigorously advocating their supporters to voice out their dissatisfaction in public places like the datarans, the stadiums, the streets, the hallways, etc.

Why even bother to participate in elections?  Such a bloody waste of money, what with all the banners, the posters, the election workers, and all?  Pakatan so rich ke to waste all that money in an election which they have for years been claiming to be fraudulent and rigged?

Pakatan should just boycott the election altogether, and continue with their voicing out through public rallies.  I mean, why waste time and money to be part of the election right?

I mean, the least Pakatan can do is be consistent.  Boycott everything la.  Afterall, I have been hearing all these talk about fradulent and rigged elections since I can't remember when.  They should have boycotted GE13.

That would have been a show of how strongly principled the Pakatan pollies are.  Instead they are now acting up like self-serving immature college dropouts with limited understanding of their responsibilities to the public whom they should be serving.

If you want to boycott, boycott everything la, the election is rigged and fraudulent so boycott that, the police are totally corrupt and heinously violent, so don't make police reports, don't call them, boycott them, the Civil services are ... eh what?

 You make police reports against Tun M for sedition?  State officers are also civil servants, even in Pakatan-governed states?  What do you mean Pakatan-governed states?  You mean Pakatan did not boycott the state assemblies?

So much drama over nothing.  I can't believe the level of stupidity these Pakatan people are stooping to.  Too idiotic for words.


  1. At the state level where they won ,the election result are OK, and they sworn in to be the government , only at the federal level the election was fraudulent .
    Well if they really "ANAK JANTAN" boycott till the time expired la then there could be fresh election ,ADA BERANI.

  2. Dear Big Cat
    Let them boycott ..then they forfeit their seat and cant stand again. If at all they have balls lah..I mean teats as well!!
    Anyway just came back driving.It hot and humid outside typical of a tropical country.This is my country and my home.Got stuck in a long convoy of cars, merc, Audis, Toyotas, Honda, some Proton and a few Kancils, Camry,Toyota hi lux also many.realised that was a long tail of a hearse. The extra long merc is gaily decorated with flowers and buntings and even a huge picture, presumemable the one that is dead is hung in front as though getting a ggod last view ( escorted by a Malay traffic cop on a govt issued motorcycles..just how much that poor cop in white gloves and heavy helmet was bribed we just cant say!!)
    My wife said this is a group of this special race in this country who said they are treated very badly, very oppressed people, very suppressed, very second class treatment these people gets.Some of their leader even said its like apartheid living here
    Along the tails small yellowish paper were strewn all over the road so that again the Malay sweepers must come and clean(but this time nobody would bother to give them any bribe). Very good indeed

  3. All this is just a show to put pressure on EC for their re-zoning exercise over the next six months. I expect that there will be more. Ultimately people will get bored with their antics. Best to ignore them. Remember the flood of by-elections after GE12? Same idea, all self-publicity but it stopped when they started losing by-elections.

  4. Well said, Big Cat . Pakatan Rakyat is a clown comprising bagang people who are power crazy.