Friday 14 June 2013

Why MCA Will Not Die Off

For those predicting the death of MCA, don't worry, it won't happen.

At least not until DAP have managed to tighten its grip on Putrajaya and the nations various core economic development agencies through its Malay proxies, the super liberal Malays who feel they are superior and better than all other Malays combined.  (Annie describes these types best in her latest posting.)

As an anon commented in a previous post, the MCA has its uses for the Chinese community, so it will continue to provide a link to the much despised Umno, just in case their plans to control the country do not go accordingly, like what happened in GE13.

While MCA continues to provide all these services to the Chinese and its various NGOs or associations, with full financial support from the most hated Malay Umno/BN government, the DAP focuses all its propaganda machinery to continue its demonisation of Umno and perpetuating all the myths of the corrupt, lazy, inefficient and evil largely Malay government servants.

In essence, they have it good both ways.

And they will continue helping PAS leadership to delude the young Malay masses, playing to their egos, hyping up their own importance and perpetuating hatreds such that they are so focused on Umno that they can't see anything else, and too dumbed down by the PAS indoctrination system that excel in creating mental zombies, to be able to see beyond the obvious or to think outside of the scope of what they were told.


  1. .. well said Tinsel. Let us not be fooled again.

  2. I dont know why we are still so bitter with the way the votes went. BN won afterall.

  3. As the Chinese have generally rejected MCA as seen in the last GE.The seats that were won by the MCA like by Wee Ka Siong were actually because the good and loyal Malays were still loyal and steadfast to the partnership. If Wee for instance were to contest in any seat where 40% were Chinese he would surely bunkus, kaput!!!Since the Chinese have rejected MCA may we suggest that the MCA deregistered or dissolved. The properties like MCA bldg. in KL City sold to UMNO or Daim Zainuddin. Or turn into a VCD distribution center , an ultra modern massage joint that will be protected by UMNO and free of harrassment
    The MCA should be renamed as CAP...drop the "Malaysia"..and called itselves Chinese Action Party
    AS CAP it can be more aggressive in promoting Chinese wants and kiasuness like Chinese PM, Chinese Speaker of parliament, Chinese Schools in all Parliament seat, have Chinese Chief of Army, Chinese IGP. Chinese Bank Negara Governor, Pork can be served on MAS and firecrackers are legal.Now they can have Chinese that and Chinese this so that they can at par with another Chinese ally, albeit not so close, the DAP, to turn Malaysia into a Chinese republic..UBAH, TUKAR, Change, Ini Kali lah would certainly be a reality

    1. .. if only they are brave enough to do that. Unfortunately the Chinese don't play fair. Dia orang ni jenis baling batu sembunyi tangan.

      .. jadi kita Melayu kena berhati-hati. Jangan lurus sangat dan mudah tertipu dengan bodek Cina. Tak salah kalau kita pun berpura-pura dan bermuka-muka dengan mereka.

    2. Muhasabah diri..check balik...apakah persepsi pertama kita bila melihat orang...baik ? atau buruk ? Jika buruk, itu tanda hati masih kotor" - Kuliah Ustaz Mohd Nor (kitab Bimbingan Mukmin) ... Ya Allah bantu kami Ya Allah..bantu kami utk jadi baik..

  4. MCA is already dead. Maybe not the party but its ideological basis has been ripped to pieces. So the elections this year are very critical - will MCA choose new leaders and more importantly a new direction, or will it persist on the same course. Political parties like MCA claiming huge memberships have been shown up as weak and need to address their fundamental acceptability to voters. Quo vadis, MCA?

  5. "Hyping up their own importance".... That's exactly whats happening to the young malay pas supporters. I couldn't have said it better myself. How i wish they would all wake up.

  6. So ends a quality blog

  7. Kepada Semua Ahli-ahli MCA yang di hormati,
    Bahawa Yip Kum Fook ketua Gombak MCA dan Yip Jiun Hann ketua pemuda MCA Gombak, bapa dan anaknya cuba merebut Jawatan Tinggi pusat MCA pada Dec ini.
    Kami harap Ahli-ahli MCA menimbang dengan sedalam-dalamnya, janganlah undi orang yang bermuka dua kerana perangainya sangat jahat di masyarakat Orang Cina Malaysia.
    Dia guna kuasa tipu wanita, merosakan keluarga orang lain, sampai wang SAMNAK SAMBODHI BUDDHIST TEMPLE, DESA JAYA, KEPONG, KL pun berani telan dan tanah tokong India di Taman Daya dia pun tamak membakar untuk kekaya sendiri.
    Sekiranya kumpulan opportunist semacam ini disokong dalam parti MCA, kami yakin parti MCA sampai bila pun tidak bolih berkembang.