Monday 10 June 2013

Quiet Monday

I have been spending the past 15 minutes flitting through my regular stalking territories, but nothing perked my interest other than Helen's DDD and that led me to Kit Siang's claim of Umno's dastardly act of hiring Utusan as part of an evil plot to Demonise, Destroy, DAP.

Aisey Grandpa, enough la with the drama.  Trust me, you don't look cool doing that, you just look absurd.  Stop trying to match up to Mahathir, you simply don't have the cool factor that Mahathir has in spades.  Lee Kuan Yew can carry it off, you can't.  You are simply not his match.

As for the imaginary DDD brigade .. come on, get real.  Just look at the comment section of previous postings in this blog and you know the DAP supporters and CTs did their very best to demonise themselves.

And that's not even going to the various facebook pages and tweets of these DAP types.

These DAP CTs and their kind are just so full of themselves that I am indeed in awe of their complete and total inability to relate to others who do not share nor appreciate their political ideology.

When we try to state our differing points of view they refuse to open up to reason, and when we point out the weaknesses and contradictions of their arguments, they become abusive.

Grandpa Kit, your Red Army demonise DAP all by themselves.  So chill and stop trying to further demonise Umno and Utusan, you've already captured all the audience you can get for that line of propaganda.

Find something else as your next 5-year political propaganda tagline, can or not?  Be creative, or learn from PKR, they are very inventive when it comes to cooking up fairy-tales.

As for my PAX wardrobe it is just a matter of putting up the sliding doors.


  1. Nice job on the wardrobe. Maybe carpentry might be your forte. Sadly the only ones capable of 3D'ing DAP at the moment seems to be UMNO with most other coalition members in deep freeze until the elect new leadership. Thankfully PKR and PAS are there to provide plenty of easy goals (and own goals).

  2. Good one BC. Good one. LKS + LKY vs TM, you can guess who win. That 2 vs 1. hehehe

    :0 sarah

  3. PAX wardrobe. No need doors..u need to air your clothes pasal kelembapan di negeri kita. Simple. Mine don't have even the back piece, stand against the wall..with no a lot of time..believe me.Advisable to those yang selalu pindah randah.

    1. Too late. I bought a set of AULI sliding doors for it and the thing cost more than the PAX frames and accessories combined.

  4. you should lead puteri or wanita umno bigcat..they need your very strong constructive talent to build up the women power in them

    1. I doubt that they would appreciate my kind of "leadership". I probably would not survive the elections either. Besides, I am not into pink, or red. Well, I don't mind red, but some of those Wanita can be rather scary.

  5. I accidentally deleted this comment by an Anon when I was doing some spam pruning.

    Dia mula dah.... dia dh suru letak tok Moy dlm KPRJ. Jd ED lak tu. Maka bermula lah...