Saturday 15 November 2014

Digital Dolls

Someone asked after my health, wondering whether I had not been writing regularly like I resolved to do because of ill health.

Yes, it was rather bad these past few days, more so when my asthma acted up as well, but I am okay, just not up to spending long hours in front of the computer.

Today is another day spent indoors, browsing the latest happenings as well as working on one of my hobbies, creating custom content for a favorite game.

I used to be an enthusiastic gamer, but now I reserve my gaming on just a few games that I have on my phone, while The Sims 2 is the only one I have on my computer.

Okay, The Sims 4 is out, but I am still playing and creating for my TS2 primarily because I can't really afford another game right now, though the review from The Sims Community seems to indicate that it is worth a buy.

I started playing The Sims ages ago when a friend gave me her entire CD collection because she had moved on to The Sims 2.

Back then it was a very simple game, playing digital dolls and dollhouses, and even then I was making custom skins and furnishings for my digital dolls because that game was rather limited, but I was just too parsimonious back then to spend money for a game as much of the custom content for it was from pay-sites.

When I got a job and was earning quite a bit, I could afford to buy TS2 with all the expansion packs, so my game was pretty much complete, but I couldn't get rid of the creative bug, and I was totally convinced pay-sites were evil, and creating for TS2 was a lot of fun too.

So I continued creating custom content for my game, got active in The Sims community, interacting with the absolutely brilliant custom content creators in the community and cluing in on the occasional ensuing dramas.

I gained and learned so much from the community and that added to the enjoyment of playing and creating for the game.

Even so, I never got onto TS3 bandwagon when it was introduced, despite getting the base game free courtesy of a friendly online acquaintance, primarily because it was too resource hungry and I'd rather not spend a lot of money on a high-end computer just to play games.

And now that TS4 is out, it is very unlikely that I would ever get TS3, not that I was going to get TS4 anyways.

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