Sunday 2 November 2014


It has been quite a while since my last posting.

The reason is, I was chatting with Mimi a few weeks back and she told me that my writing had gone seriously serious.

She asked whether I was alright.

That got me thinking that I may need to re-look at the purpose of this blog.

It was originally set up to be a shout box, an outlet for us to voice out our opinions about current issues and rant about life in general.

Looking back, I realise that BigCat has indeed turned very serious and dry, probably because I am that kind of person, overly serious, highly analytic and rather dry.

I know that there is nothing wrong with being serious, analytical and dry, for that is largely a family trait.

We are all more or less like that, except for my weird journalist brother; the rest of us are technically inclined, so I am not at all concerned with my inability to be witty and funny and weird.

That's variety for you; we have the gifted and interesting people who can effortlessly create something out of nothing, and then you have the ordinary that can't seem to get similar result no matter how hard they tried.

Of course there are those whom they call the charismatic types who can convince you of anything, justify their every action no matter how unjustified, and lie through their teeth without batting an eyelid.

Then there are the megalomaniac types with their entitlement complex, willing to do anything and everything, or use anyone and everyone to fulfill their wants and desires to dominate, no matter how twisted and overindulgent.

However, I digress.

I have decided that I will take this opportunity to take a new direction and try to loosen up a bit and start writing more regular but more of inconsequential things.

It is a new month, a new beginning, a new direction.

I will try to write something everyday; like a daily notation that let the light and shallow in me to shine through.

But it has to start tomorrow.  Today is just an intro.


  1. A renewed spirit. I like that. Eagerly looking forward to your future posts. And the picture is inspiring. I'm sure your future posts will be inspiring and insightful, as always.

  2. A definition of CONSEQUENTIALISM:

    "The philosophy of judging the value - especially the moral value - of an act by the value of its consequences."

    Anwar al-Juburi seems to me the epitome of the megalomaniac. I didn't know he had been pursuing a form of philosophy in his mad rush to conquer Kajang and Selangor! hehehehe

  3. Honestly, I am getting tired of the political blogs...fatigue. Life is more than just BN and Pakatan...penat. Welcome very much some lighter writings, about life, man in the street daily experience...I look forward to your posts in the days ahead!