Thursday 27 November 2014

Growing A Spine

Ha! Umno Preseident and Malaysian Prime Minister made a U-turn on the Sedition Act.

This is one U-turn I fully support, not because I am particularly enamoured by the Sedition Act, but because Najib is finally listening to the voices of the people who voted him into power that they wanted the Sedition Act to stay.

For you lot who did not vote for him in the last GE despite his promise to repeal the Sedition Act, just stop the whining, the griping and the lambasting.

Logically why would any sane individual go against the demands of the majority of his supporters when it is obvious that nothing he does would make his detractors desist from opposing him at the ballot box?

It is only right that he should be pandering to the people who supported him at the ballot box, not the ones who not only did not vote for his political party, but also publicly ridiculed and insulted him, his wife and his children.

Personally, I am sincerely tired of hearing the pretentious superior smugness of the DAP politicians, their non-stop whining dictating things according to their whims, the constant "it is Umno's fault, it is Excel fault, it is ROS fault, it is someone else's fault" every single time they messed up, the belligerence against those who do not share their opinions, and the holier-than-thou pronouncements on tweeter by political twits who seem to not care how their public tweeting magnify their lack of depth.

Next Najib needs to assert himself as leader of the majority in Malaysia, otherwise he will be just a wimp in the eyes of Malays and nons alike.

He should show more appreciation to leaders from the states that gave BN the most seats instead of pandering to the non-performing dead weights who are dependent upon the votes of the people whose welfare they seem to neglect.

And the first thing he should do is give the biadap and tak tahu malu MCA and Gerakan leadership some talking to.

So smug and self-righteous, telling Umno delegates what to say and what not to say when they have been saying whatever they wish to say without any consideration to the sensitivities of the majority of the Umno machinery on the ground who put them where they are.

They should be told to pull their weight instead of leaving everything to Umno - the work and the blame - they want to enjoy positions in government and yet insulting and threatening the majority of people who put them there.

Giving them face the way Najib has been simply adds to their arrogance and self-importance.

Self-reflection is not something they do voluntarily, so we should force them to do it to see where they really are in the Malaysian political scene - in my estimation they are at par with PSM.

Deal with Opposition sympathisers within Umno and stop giving them free reign with government and party funds.

If MCA refuse to do anything about The Star, that nest of DAP supporters, then Umno should do something about cutting them off from government departments subscriptions and funding - 80% of their commentaries are opposition-biased.

He has to deal with the enemies within before he can take the fight to the enemies without.


  1. The best words from him,There is no need for Malays and UMNO to be opologistic.....

    1. He is an enemy unto his own soul. He craves for the political authority that his intelligence cannot shoulder. Now he's messed up the cabinet functions by paying "consultant ministers" to shore up the incompetency of his chosen ministers. What kind of democratic legacy is he leaving for the next PM?

  2. ill wont hold my breath.

    after all its just a speech. and the akta hasutan we should wait and see. if theres one thing i know is tht not to trust politician, especially najib.

    we all know how they love to act during pau.

    whts important is whts the scenario after pau.

    frankly i feel like we fought sampai almost nk mati baru presiden dgr demand kita. the chinese dont have to go to tht length to have their demands entertained. if this is how it is everytime we are fighting for our bumi rights, this is not ideal at all. the question is why is it so hard to make the presiden listen to our voice?

    a lot of to do list uve listed above for umno, how great it would be if it is indeed done. but i suspect tht even when u write it u have no conviction tht umno would follow these through? exactly my feeling when reading urs :)

    halen ang today tells us whts the reality is like in malaysia now. this is the inconvenient truth nobody in umno want to talk about. chinese would never vote for the gov anymore (forget about the 5% who would). the sooner the leader realize this the better.

    we should berpatah arang with them right here and now. until they finally show their willingness to again sit down and talk about setiakawan.

    we should just focus on the indian and bumi since they are at least tau mengenang budi.

  3. Best is for MCA and Gerakan to grow some spine and leave BN.

  4. Let's wait and see ,Najib has be known for neglecting what his party wish and the Malay as well .

  5. When I read your posts, I get an orgasm of disgust and disdain....what a shitload of they say it in the states, crockashit

    1. Whose fault is it if you've developed Freudian anal retentive tendencies?