Wednesday 5 November 2014

Poor Health

Today I am not very healthy, a bit of flu, some coughing and running a temperature.

Not too serious but it makes me feel rather lethargic and achy all over.

Outside, it is raining rather heavily.

The thunder frightened little Ara, and she refused to go home with Mummy so she is spending the night here.

The boys are not too happy, but they don't have much choice as my sister has agreed for Ara to stay the night.

Today Al and Deen came home excited; apparently Deen performed better than Al in Math, scoring 100%, and Al was excitedly telling my sister about it on his behalf before he quietened down a bit and showed us his math results - 96%.

I think Al was over confident, as he would have scored 100% too if he hadn't been so careless with his sums.

As expected, Al did poorly on his Bahasa Malaysia comprehension paper - only a B.

I am not sure why they make Bahasa Malaysia so difficult for the kids.

Some of the questions stumped even me - and my BM isn't really too bad.

No wonder Al loathes BM and given the choice, he would rather learn his Arabic than do his BM exercises.

Unfortunately BM counts for two papers in the UPSR and contibutes two fifths of the total for their final academic ranking, so with his poor showing this time around we managed to convince him to spend more time doing his BM exercises and reading if he wanted to top his class.

I hope his resolve to not neglect his BM exercises and reading lasts through to next year and we don't have to get into a scolding tone just to get him to open the supplementary exercises we bought him.

Which reminds me, we will be going to Mydin this weekend to find suitable supplementary books for the boys.

I hope to be sufficiently recovered so I can go with my sis as I immensely enjoy browsing for books, even if they are for others.

As for now, my mission is to drink plenty of plain water and get enough sleep, so good night.

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