Friday 4 May 2012

Romantic post-riot conversation (and a question to journalists)

GF : Why you never called me? Don't you know how worried I was? You ok or not?

BF : Aiya, you haaar...I didn't even go to the demo la. Why you so ganchiong one?

GF : How would I know, I'm just worried, ok? Eh, can you be a bit nicer to me? Never call me for a few days, now still want to be garang with me. Do you know that you are being too much?

BF : I'm nice enough already leh. I'm really busy la over here. I send you flowers that day what? Still not happy?

GF : Ok least you are safe....your friend never asked you to join him at the demo ka?

BF : Told you already, I'm not the type who waste time like that.

GF : Ya ya ya...
      : Eh, I think the demo thing will backfire on Pakatan because of the rioting.

BF : You sure or not? It could be the other way around, ok? It's all over the internet that Bersih was a success and the riot was started by the police.

GF : Eh, there are videos and pictures of the rioters starting the violence, ok? Even got videos of them beating and kicking policemen.

BF : That's what you say. The Pakatan people are saying something else. They are now saying the police beat not only protesters but also reporters.

GF : Why would the police want to simply simply beat up reporters? They are crazy or what?  What would they gain by doing that? Must be that they mix it up between the reporters and rioters. The reporters wear their accreditation card or not? Do they themselves take part in the demo?

BF : How would I know. You asking me all these for what? Eh, can we talk about something else? I think you spend too much time reading all these political nonsense in the blogs.

GF : Oooo...your Pakatan side lose this one, you don't want to talk la. Very clever. Ok lor, good also.

BF : eh eh eh....I'm neutral, ok? You harr...

*The conversation then went on for another half an hour, mostly discussing how to reduce weight and why Chinese girls love to eat pork knuckles.

** By the way, this guy in this picture is a journalist beaten up by rioters who were part of the Bersih 3.0 crowd on that day.  His name is Mohamad Azri Salleh. He works as a cameraman for TV AlHijrah.

    You all journalists who want to wear black to police Press conferences because you claim the police intentionally beat up you people during the riot, you all don't want to wear black also ka when Ambiga and her Pakatan friends have their Press conferences? Don't you all want to show your solidarity with Mohamad Azri too?


  1. Glad that you open minded enough and tolerates to discuss pork even you don't take it but respect the other races.

    I already expect the PR cybertroops to spin the story before the 3.0 started. How I wish the police can publish the video into all television!!!!

    Even ambiga agree that is the people starts breaking the barricade.

    Ordinary Malaysian and I'm a chinese

  2. Ma'am, the conversation sounded like the BF was not that happy to receive your call. He does not call you kan? Sending flowers tu standard, i pun buat - bila rasa salah!

    Ha ha, probably you should start thinking about other BF ;)

    1. Zul.. Very true. Bigcat, i am still waiting


  3. During Bersih, too many goons trying to resemble themselves as a media personnel, I guess, nowadays, wearing jacket, bringing along dslr cameras will make you considered as photographer/pressmen.

    -pure journalist-

  4. wear black to police pc? sure or not

    polis hantam you during demo, cannot

    you hantam polis dalam paper, can.


  5. Hahaha, one journalist beaten up by rally participants by mistake, while 50 others got beaten up by the police, and now you highlight this ONE aberration ? It's like posting the feelings of the ONE chinese who doesn't agree with Bersih 3.0 but ignoring the views of the NINE chinese who do.

    We the rakyat know the spin, Kuching Besar. Try harder.


  6. if a man loves a woman he never goes for days without calling her during coutship

    1. Totally agree with you Anon 03:06. A man who blows hot and cold doesn't love the girl.