Friday 4 May 2012

The enduring image of Bersih 3.0 as life goes on

After all the commotions over the past week, things do not seems to change much for most people in this country. Life still goes on and it's back to the grind for everyone.

The ordinary folks looked back at what happened wondering whether it was all worth it - the injuries, damage to property, disrupted businesses, tarnished image of the country etc.

The rioters went back to their normal life too albeit a probable sense of pride that they had achieved something -  managed to throw a rock and almost killing a policeman, kicked an injured traffic policeman, shouted obscenities at policemen etc.

The policemen, many of whom were from outside KL had gone back to their routine of patrolling the neighborhood, trying to catch criminals, saving lives (of some who maybe had shouted obscenities at them or had even assaulted them during the riot).

The politicians on their part are counting the scores. Was the whole thing beneficial for their efforts to gain or maintain power? Those were up to each of their own interpretations.

The injured, some still in hospital, will take some time to recuperate from the cuts and bruises as well as the emotional trauma.  

Me, I looked at the violence of the riot with disbelief. Being a veteran of the riots of the Reformasi era in the late 1990s, I found that the carnage this time was unbelievable. It was definitely much worse than those during the height of Reformasi.

The rioters were definitely out for blood this time.

Yes, the police may had rough up a few defiant rioters who broke the barricade at Dataran Merdaka and in the process some, including journalists were caught in the melee. But what beggars belief was the ferocious violence committed by the rioters on the policemen and those who stood in the way of their rampage.

The incident where a police car was pelted with objects and later on the injured policeman beaten by the mob and the car toppled over will forever be the enduring image of the so-called Bersih 3.0 "peaceful demonstration".

Back during the riots of the Reformasi era, it was the FRU chasing down the rioters, but this time, it was the rioters who charged the police line as can be seen at Dataran Merdeka and near the KLCC.

Has the government's softly softly approach to appease these criminals failed? Was it the case of the government being tolerant and ended up emboldening those who were bent to break the laws for their own selfish political agenda?

Maybe not. Maybe all the carnage last week taught us peace-loving Malaysians an important lesson.

Maybe we learned that those who claim to know the laws but went hell bent to break them have no place as opinion leaders for us all.

Maybe we learned that self-proclaimed leaders who were willing to instigate the people to break the laws need to also be rejected as they will bring nothing but destruction upon our beloved Malaysia.   


  1. BigCat,

    There were versions of stories. From Pro-BN part and Pro-pakatan part. In these days, almost everyone have a smartphone that can record everything. You can see it all youtube.

    The truth is always in the middle.

    Now, after some days we had learned the truth that the police had only minor injuries compared to the real casualty, the ones that had been seriously hurt by the police car.

    Two individuals had been hospitalized and seriously injured when the police car hit them.

    Protestors flip the car because they thought there were people underneath it not because of frenzy.

    I am sorry to ruined your memory of what had happened.

    Despite all this spinning (by both sides) which is by definition manipulating information to one's own advantage. Nowadays, we have so many evidence that we can see for ourself and to make our own conclusions.

    I hope those two individuals who are seriously hurt are able to recover.


    1. They actually jumped, smashed, kicked the car before turning it over la ... you mean they were doing all that while there were people underneath the car? And there were how many PEOPLE under the car? How stupid do you think the majority of the people out there are?

      And policemen being hospitalised, in ICU even, isn't considered seriously? Just minor injuries? In ICU? Fractured bones? You call those minor injuries?

      You are not just spinning, you are outright lying. If you can lie about something so publicly known and witnessed, what else can you lie about?

      In fact I think all your comments are simply lies.

    2. Indeed, there are many versions of stories, but people would only believe and spread the stories they like to believe.
      They can even believe lies because that's what they want to believe.

    3. Well, I think this title is sort of reflections of what had transpired.

      I am just writing here that days after this thing that had happened, we had learned that the policemen were on his feet leaving the scene while two individuals were carried out in a stretcher.

      I think this "significant" part is missing in the "reflections".

      The last time I checked, we are in a democratic country, the value of life of a man in uniforms is no more higher then ordinary civilian.

      So, what had happened to the two individuals who really get hurt. Any one care?.


    4. Wah ... two people stretchered out because a police patrol car went out of control, after the policeman driving it passed out, after being hit by hard objects let fly by the rioters, and you blame the unconscious policeman?

      The rioters, Ambiga, you and other Pakatan cybertroopers like you are spineless cowards who sow violence and discord and then blame it on others when people got hurt.

      Those two individuals are part of the rioters, they were there with the mobsters, they shared the same platform, so they should accept the outcome caused by their own people.

      The violent rioters who caused the policeman to be warded, and a cameraman bashed up until he was warded, the patrol car overturned by 'angels' to save PEOPLE underneath it. If there had really been PEOPLE underneath the car, they would have been dead after all that jumping about.

      That was just one, what about the other 10 policemen warded with serious injuries including fractured bones?

      There were pictures of policemen being carried on stretchers, just that police are tough and they cannot be seen as vulnerable, they have to be seen as strong to ensure public safety.

      But you don't care about that do you? You and your ilk will use whoever and whatever means to create the state of anarchy that you wanted.

      Some only see what they want to see, only believe what you want to believe, but don't expect everyone else to be as blinkered as the Pakatan supporters and people with political agenda like you.

      The rest of us can't be fooled easily.

    5. I guess that is what you want to believe.

      The truth is that the policeman run over two innocent civilian.

      It is quite simple actually. If you really think about it.

      The government blame the opposition hijacking Bersih.

      So, don't let them hijack, clean up the electoral roll.

      The demand from the people is clear. There were ten of thousands of people turned out. There were demonstration in 11 cities nationwide. There were demonstration in 72 cities worldwide. There were Bersih 3.0 banner put up at the peak of Himalaya. There were Bersih 3.0 banner put at the bottom of the sea.

      What more do you want?. Don't give anymore excuses and just clean up the electoral roll.


    6. The truth is, the policeman passed out after his head was hit with a brick thrown by the rioters. Then the car went out of control.
      The truth is, nothing is really wrong with the electoral roll and the government had tried to meet all the demands of the Pakatan-backed Ambiga and her gang.
      The truth is, Bersih 3.0 was just a show of force by Pakatan and their allies but the whole thing went horribly wrong for them when their supporters went out of control beating up policemen and damaging properties.

    7. Not pretending to be neutral any more are you?

      The accident was caused by the barbaric acts of the rioters, the sheer violence of the attack was that they managed to render the policeman unconscious, which caused him to lose control of the car.

      So who caused the injury to the policeman that caused him to lose so much blood that he fell unconscious on the wheel of that car? Who actually caused the hurt to those two 'innocent' civilians?

      That riot was organised in partnership with Pakatan, making it a Pakatan thing too, so how can they hijack their own event?

      It was planned to be that way in the first place, only idiots and people with blinkers on would refuse to acknowledge that.

      It had Anwar Ibrahim, the renowned agitator, as a speaker. Mat Sabu had been inciting the crowd the evening before.

      As far as Anwar Ibrahim and Mat Sabu are concerned, your two 'innocent' civilians were collateral damage.

      Now you bring up the electoral roll.

      Why won't they talk to the SPR like civilised human beings, why take to the streets?

      The SPR have proven to be accommodating, what with their accepting 7 out of the original 8 demands that these hooligans wanted.

      Why won't you people be reasonable and work with the Commission instead of being hostile?

      Why accuse the SPR head as an Umno member? That was clearly a lie.

      Why unleashed your violence, on the innocent public, shopkeepers, businesses, shoppers? Do they deserve it?

      Or is the electoral roll just an excuse for regime change as the pro-BN bloggers claimed?

      I am inclined to agree with them now, looking at how much you are trying to demonise the police, the keeper of law and order of the land.

    8. If you said is true, then why would so many people turn up at Bersih 3.0 and why the demo around the world?

      People are not convinced. You should refer back to the 8 demands and think for yourself.

      I particularly like you to refer to demand no.5. (you should take a reality pill first).

      After that you could also refer to demand no 8, then no 1 and 6 and so forth.

      Clear the electoral roll. There were numbers given by Bersih, answer them and explain to the public.

      If there is a reform in the the ballot process, then there will be no more Bersih. There will be no more hijacking by opposition.

      By the way, I thought that the deputy head of SPR have come up with different story but there was no news from EC head denying he is UMNO member.


    9. Zoro, I think we can all agree that Bersih is a Pakatan vehicle. Bersih being hijacked is something you would like people to believe. Police brutality is something you want people to think as truth. 25,000 people is a small fraction of Malaysian citizens of what, 28 million now? But once you are proven to be a serial liar and a pro-Pakatan, pro-rioter spinner, do you still expect the thinking people to believe you? You expect the thinking people to swallow your innuendos and misinformation?

    10. If you said that Bersih is Pakatan vehicle, then don't let them. Clean up the electoral role. That is my point.

      Remove the EC head if he is UMNO member.

      The Bersih demands had been fulfilled according BN is a bunch of crap.

      At least if the electoral roll is clean up and all the doubts have been addressed, the irregularities have been answered then people will go to the ballot box to decide rather then what had happened.

      Which part that I misinformed. About the policeman? They were 2 people being run over by police car and carried in a stretcher. That is one "big piece" of information left out in your "reflection".

      All the attention is given towards the policeman, so what about the person who is really seriously injured. Not part of a good story?

      Nowadays, people can have various sources of information and to decide what is the truth, half truth and a lie.


    11. So people, according to Zoro it's OK for you to injure a driver until he/she lose consciousness because when the vehicle he/she is driving goes out of control, it isn't your fault, its the fault of the unconscious injured driver. Not fault of the imbecile who attacked and injured him/her. So people, lets riot on the streets and start attacking drivers, motorists, etc, as you can get off scot free should anything happen.

    12. The truth is Pakatan have no confident to win next election. Bersih is their mode to retain their power not through democratic election. If they dont trust EC, they should ashamed of governing the 4 states.

      Sometimes, pakatan conficts bersih when they said they can retain 3 states.

      Ambiga as a lawyer had been shamed by the person that caused me, friends & relatives to vote for Pakatan. She can answer KJ and made the person who did the research for bersih stupid - kerja tak habis dah buat conclusion. Cannot even answer why she was misrepresenting the public.

      I just do know why pakatan can win because most that vote for pakatan last round had enough already and will vote for BN.


      Try to find in you tube who directed to attack the police car - found that only yesterday. So the riot is planned

    13. Zoro,

      The more you answered, the more it shows your twisted, bias mind. The cry for clean up electoral role is just an excuse, a never ending, never satisfied excuse for a hidden agenda. The case of the overturned car in Sogo is a clear lose cause for PR, no matter how you try to spin. You can continue to choose what you want to believe. Nobody can stop you. But if you are not confident with our electoral role, then don't go out to vote. I bet PR would lost 1 vote for you because I am 99.9% sure that you are pro-opposition, and you will vote for opposition even if they put a pig as their candidate, and so much so of Bersih being independent.

    14. This comment has been removed by the author.

    15. Hahaha .. congratulations Zoro, you have a fellow trooper supporting you here sebab dah kalah teruk kot.

      FYI, fighting for votes during counting is part of the process lah. Representatives of the parties can question and dispute every piece of ballot paper during the counting process. It is part of the election process to ensure transparency and fairness. You think if there is hanky panky, EC will entertain ke party representatives present during counting? That's why diorang sekarang komplen cuma electoral roll sebab yang lain dah tak boleh komplen.

    16. Well, days after the incident, the actual victims are the two individual who were run over by the police car. They are the one whose injuries are more serious (they were run over).

      Another victim is the policeman who had bruises in the head.

      Cause of accident is because the policeman pass out due to protesters throwing things and bottles. (He is probably trying to get out of the situation for his life due to shocking predicament he is in).

      My problem with your version of the story is that, all your attention is directed to the policemen. What the hell about the two individual who were run-over.There were not even a blip about the two victims.

      Is it the policeman fault? No, it is not. They were at the wrong place at the wrong time. But their injury is far greater then the policeman. So, spare me all this fuss about the policeman being victimized and injured, other were hurt even more by the accident.

      Am I spinning or you spinning?

      Go to the root of the problem, people go out to the street because they are not satisfied with the EC. Fixed that, then there will be no more Bersih or issue of opposition using Bersih.

      Is it really an impossible task to clean up the electoral roll?

      Forget about trying to solve free media access or dirty politics that was part of Bersih 8 demands. As long as BN in power, that is not going to happen.

      If Ballot process is overhauled, people confidence is restored. I think people will no longer go to the street.

      This is a pro-BN blog. I guess it is impossible for me to reason with you for an eternity.

      How is works for you guys, you and the gang in the RockyBru list team up and create all this propaganda?

      I have to write to the pro-Pakatan buggers to do the same. There have to be balance in the web politics.


    17. Correction on the last end of my comment,

      How is it works for you guys, you and the gang in the RockyBru list team up and create all this propaganda?

      I have to write to the pro-Pakatan buggers to do the same. There have to be balance in the web politics.


    18. Masih nak menegakkan benang basah? LOL. Kesian Zoro.

      Majority of people have no complaints about the EC. Only you lot yang bising-bising nak cari sebab to blame the BN government and undermine the civil service.

      Free media access? Who banned media from their events? Sendiri ban, sendiri komplen tak dapat access? Ada BN politician ban media? Mkini and MInsider yang bias giler pun BN layan.

      Electoral roll lagi? Woi, check the laws la to see why cannot ikut suka hati delete/change electoral data.

      Practising dirty politics? Sapa yang dirty, dah dapat 4 negeri masih komplen pasal unfair elections? Ke sebab you people play dirty tu la sebab boleh menang election? Then why semua negeri Pakatan banyak masalah sampah? Sebab Pakatan dirty la kot. Simple thing macam sampah pun tak boleh handle.

      Reason with pro-BN blog? I think you have displayed ample evidence of how unreasonable you are, unable to accept any opposing view. Bersih itself is an example of how unreasonable you people are, bulldozing your wants on everyone else regardless.

      Ballot process is fine, you people just cannot accept that the majority is not with you. Ye la, how can these people not see how pure, selfless, and superior Pakatan candidates are, kan?

      You are going to write to yourself ke, considering you are a Pakatan bugger yourself? Lying is not enough for you ke, want to pretend to be non-aligned lagi ke? How do you expect people to believe you when you can't even come clean about yourself?

    19. Decided to delete my earlier comment because it just acts to create more division in society. Apologies to all offended.

    20. Zoro said "Go to the root of the problem, people go out to the street because they are not satisfied with the EC."

      Very funny. But in my opinion they go out to the street because they were poisoned by the politician. 5 out of 4 pictured as the leader of Bersih are political party leader, while some argue that 5 out of 5 as Ambiga is as political as the other 4. So I can say that 80% of the demonstrators are politically incline. Only 20% are influenced by Ambiga. But judging from her debate with KJ, it is clear that her arguments are completely misrepresented. So that would mean the other 20% are con by this Ambiga.

      So how can you say that they are not satisfied with EC whereas the main instigators are PR politicians and the misguided Ambiga?

    21. Majority of people have no complain about EC???

      Free media access in Malaysia??

      Dirty politics?? tak sudah-sudah sex and stuff in politics ??

      Menegak benang yang basah??

      I will let you live in your own self-made reality.


    22. Dear Zoro

      There are known knowns
      We also know there are known unknowns
      But there are also unknown unknowns


    23. May you also live in your own self-made fallacies.

    24. If Zoro or zero is the TYPICAL bershit supporter, it is very CLEAR that he has been brainwashed by pakatan spinners (some foreign experts with vested interests in recolonising Malaysia rich in natural resources.)

      It all boils down to INTENT - whatever versions there are, what matters most is the INTENTION.

      The police are there to protect and carry out their duties as best they could.

      The clueless PAS and PKR followers are there for a sponsored picnic downtown. Some brought their young children.

      The chinese are there to invest in a Malaysian Malaysia concept of governance (we know that means the 1st chinese christian PM is a possibility).

      Ambiga is there to pad up her profile as an achi of courage sponsored by uncle sam and auntie hillary (note obama is absent).

      PAS is just the runners for anwar's promise of putrajaya. Also ambiga requested for numbers hence the PAS lembus. Some of them seen carrying placards with Agung and Permaisuri's photos to CON the whole world that bershit had royal support.

      Anwar is there with assmin to record his work performance and also to convince his foreign sponsors that he will deliver Putrajaya on a silver platter.

      And of course in order to convince the whole world, he must PRODUCE mayhem and POLICE BRUTALITY.

      In conclusion zero (biased nver neutral) has the duty of spinning for bershit3 and 4,5,6 ...

      Just that his IQ and spinning is so mundane it backfired. Pakatan should employ mensa quality IQs to spin for them.

    25. I told you already, you are damn misguided. Didn't I say that 80% are politically motivated and the other 20% are con by them?

  2. The beauty of this country is that under the despotic supreme evilness of BN for the past 50 over years, we are still able to believe in whatever we want to believe...and we are still able to lie despite the obvious things which happened right in front of the public's eyes.

  3. We should have another Bersih 4.0, then 5.0, 6.0, 7.0, 8.0, 9.0 10.0, 11.0, 100.0, 1000.0, 1,000,000.0 etc etc etc. Lets all this immoral and uncivilised people ruined this country. Then we all know who win and lose. Who will suffer most ?


    1. If the people confidence with EC are restored then there will not be Bersih 4.0 then 5.0, 6.0, 7.0, 8.0, 9.0 10.0, 11.0, 100.0, 1000.0, 1,000,000.0 etc etc etc.


    2. Zoro should just SHUT UP and stop playing he same old broken record.

      Write a paper that PROVES that EC cannot be trusted.

      P.S. Many here simply DO NOT believe what garbage you need to spit out.

      Sheeesh ....

    3. Zoro
      1) for all your shouts of "why no news on the people injured after being run down by a police car?", not even the beloved Anwar nor Azmin even mentioned about these injured people in their blogs nor press statements. So your shouting now is more apparent as being nothing more than a diversion tactic. I mean, why don't you go shout at the 'fair' Pakatan media and blogs?
      2) for all the demand of fair media, do you even read say, Utusan Online? you'll be surprised at how Utusan Online does not always agree with the government. Compare this with say, Harakah or Roket that practically have nothing, NOTHING bad at all to say about Pakatan and NOTHING good to say about the government (and 'NOTHING good' is putting it mildly). How's that for fair media?
      3) have you read the EC's book that's supposed to answer allegations and/or misconceptions against it? Don't you think you should at least do THAT first before going to the streets and resorting to violence? I mean, if you refuse to try and listen to other people (in this case the EC trying to argue it's case), how do you expect people to listen to you?
      4) the majority of people wanting a cleaner election via Bersih is bs. Do you have the numbers of the people in the various cities that you claimed? Did you compare that with the total number of Malaysians in those cities? Do 1 person wearing yellow in say, Johannesburg constitute a 'rally'?


  4. I am always amused that pakatan cry victim of being demonised by the umno media but pakatan goons themselves through their so called fair media like malaysiakini have no shame to degenerate people who voted the current govt as corrupt, evil..umnoputras that i have the illusio that the bersih and any pakatan issues are evil vs good battles..just like in cartoons or shal we we say a judeo christian crusade...

    This is strongly symbolized by a DAP prostitute(since DAPSters in malaysiakin like ti call BN supporters prostotute, touche!) in bersih that shouted at a caucasian reporter as corrupted and telling him to get put of the country only to be answered back jangan biadap..that was the bigest slap to the egomaniacs in pakatan..who..unable to sway the demicratic process in their favour began instilling i themselves that BN supporters are evil and to be chase dout..which is ironic since they cry fou of being called pendatamgbegan rioting in the streets of KL...demanding the rest of the so called BN prostitutes to come clean like the because they are tha is undemocratic...unfortunateky for the DAPSstes and anwaristas...there are 3 millin UMNO prostites..each with a wife and at least a child who may be a regsietered voter...thanks you for making 10 million or people or so degenerated to sub human level thanks to your englightened yet corrrupted sense of superiority....

  5. zoro
    pls verify if the EC head is actually an UMNO member. show proof la.I know he is not. Saifuddin is playing you.
    as for the demo, unless the police is a robot or and AI, when provoked human will always response. who starts first?
    if really the election was rigged, then BN should be winning 100% all the time, like PAP, in singapore. even then, nobody do the BERSHIT over there.

    1. I think the argument from BN right now is not whether EC head is actually an UMNO or not but according to them it is OK that EC head is from UMNO.

      Saifuddin already shows proof. EC deputy said the proof is case of mistaken identity. EC head is silence, so go figure.

      About BN should win 100% all the time. I remember a story (film). I think it is based on a true story.

      During world war two, there was a football match between Germany (Nazi) and the Allied Forces prisoners. The match was held at the German occupied territory. The referee was German.

      The match was not a fair match since the referee was German. The allied prisoner was rough up badly during the match.

      In the end, the allied prisoner still won the match. I remember Pele was acting in the film.

      Although the allied forces won, it didn't change the fact that the match was not a fair match.

      So, hope this answer your question.

      By the way Singapore had the worst election result recently. Their media is fairer then us, the news coverage reporting mainly on transmitting news to viewers or reader. There were open debate between opposition and the government aired in national television.(in the national language).


    2. Still spinning Zoro? Recycle time of old arguments, is it? You won't rest until everyone agrees with you, huh? Singapore got national language? LOL. Grasping at straws now huh? You are one pathetic cybertrooper larr. Very kesian.

    3. Sorry, not in the national language but in English.

      Yes, singapore do have a national language. Google it is the web. You will be very surprise with the result. English is the official language not the national language.


    4. You think people do not know already what is the national language of Singapore? You are the only one who have to google it. We already knew.

    5. What is so significant about Singapore National language? There is an official National Language and it is not English and it is not chinese either.


    6. Haiya gotta educate this zero fella

      Singapore's national language is Bahasa Melayu but the medium for official is the mat salleh's language.

      However sad to say the pap pump funds to promote Mandarin - the national language of PRC.

      Now singapore's story is important for Malaysia and Malays in Malaysia, coz the bumiputeras surely do not want Malaysia to become the greater singapore.

      Hullo zero, you ada faham??

    7. Zoro, the film was 'Victory' and it was inspired by a true story, although it was highly dramatized and romanticized, as one would expect from a profit-making premise. Original story was that of Dynamo Kiev and some of the members were executed.
      But anyway, maybe you should compare the results of our elections with that of other democratically-elected governments. I'm sure ours is not illogical at all/one-sided/unfair at all. In fact since you've already argued about Singapore, I'm sure in terms of results THEIRS is much more one-sided.
      I'm sure you know about Shahrir Samad winning JB being an independent. Does that make the status of non-political-party-members of people in the EC questionable? Might they have helped Shahrir Samad because they are not affiliated with any political parties? I've read in so many Pakatan blogs pretty much the same thing being said; that if the elections are fair Pakatan would be in Putrajaya. This is very arrogant and overestimating your popularity. The majority of people in Malaysia is not interested in issues and debates, which Pakatan is very good at. Majority of people consider 'food on the table' as their top-most priority. To put it simply you cannot eat issues and debates. Shahrir Samad won because he was popular. Pakatan has 5 states already, work well and you'll be popular, and the rakyat will elect you. Going to the streets is an act of desperation initiated by ONE MAN because he knows he cannot take it slow; he cannot implement this long-term plan and strategy of winning the people over with good governance.


    8. To Anonymous 6.21pm.

      What exactly do you want to educate me?

      BM is the national language of Singappore and everyone knows that. No thanks.

      There is a version of Singapore stories by BN politician and there is the true version.

      Singapore and Malaysia gain independence the same time.

      Malaysia have vast resoruces, petrol, timber, "rare earth" etc.

      Singapore have noting.

      Yet, Malaysia have billions of loan at world bank. Singapore provide fund for world bank.

      During independence, it is Rm1, SD1(Singapore Dollars)1. After 50 years, it is RM1 and SD2.3.

      Politician lie, numbers don't.

      I don't have to compare ourself with the Koreans.

      This is the outcome when we manage the country poorly.

      So, if you want to educate people with UMNO version of Singapore stories, get the proper audience. Go to the remote hulu kampong, at the warongs,(make sure they read those newspaper....), then they will believe you.


    9. Logix,

      It is not a about Pakatan or BN. It is about fair playing field.

      The fundamentals for democracy, in simpler terms, is the "power" to decide is given to the people.

      You have 2 teams (or more) A and B. If one mess up, then we choose another. That way, A and B works hard to provide the best for the people.

      All that will depends on "fair play".

      There is no fair media access in this country. In western world, there is open debate between A and B. We don't have it here. How can you let people decide fairly when you limit and filtered the information to the voters?

      Maybe we are not ready for that, some people said that. Its debatable.

      One thing is certain, the politics in Malaysia is downright filthy.

      I am talking about the the gutter politics that is going on. They should have debated more about policies nationally, not about sex.

      I am hoping for healthy competition between parties.

      Once Terengganu was with BN. It was bad. Then Opposition takes over. After that when BN takes back, the changes are quite dramatic.

      It is all about competition.

      That is what I think the reason people go to Bersih. They want a fair and healthy politics in Malaysia. It doesn't matter if BN or Pakatan wins.

      A healthy politics will make the country better, otherwise we will be in trouble, i am very certain of that, not now maybe but one day.

      I hope you get what I mean.

      The purpose of this blog however and its writing is motivated towards something else.


    10. Correction,

      It is SD1.00 RM2.3. Not the other way around.


    11. Zero is such a pathetic brainwashed lost soul. All the evidence he brought up are based on hearsay.

      When others contribute evidence, he says "it's just a version"/

      Malaysia is ranked top in Asia for press freedom and he says "no fair media access".

      If the electoral system is so flawed just because EC is headed by UMNO members, does zero really think that it should be headed by DAP gangsters, PAS pseudo-religious Tok gurus or the Anwar-as-PM PKR.

      Any guarantee these clowns will be fair and free (bershit's deceitful slogan)???

      Ambiga debated with Khairy and was defeated hands down. That is NGO vs UMNO - enough debate for you? Not sure you can understand the finer points in a debate.

      And then you say "The purpose of this blog however and its writing is motivated towards something else." -What is that something else.

      Poor BigCat, accused of subversive propaganda. So with such accusations, zero is nil, nada, naught, nix, zip, zilch ...

  6. Bigcat,

    After 55 years, Malaysian even with open internet access, doses of ceramahs, still very amateur when come to politic.

    some with very lame argument, still want to send comment and show how biased minded they are.

    Comments should be for the benefits of the community and not to defend anybody. Unless you're a partisan yourself.

    typical Malaysian voters, just like their idol leaders.

    grow up please.

    vote for ourselves and not for the party.

  7. In Malaysia, politic is about 365 days x 5 years of talk cock, and only 1 day for voting.

    what a waste of productivity time for the country and quality time for our family.

    1. Mind you, that 'talk cock' type of action was done by people from opposition. That's their duty, talk cock ;B

    2. actually Malaysia is an interesting country for politics

      all this "talk cock" helps to create a politically MATURE environment where citizens are not pathetically uninterested in their own country afairs.

  8. i'm not going to add anything on the BERSIH fiasco since it has been on the news offline and online for a week already. Most of PR and BN people already make up their mind I suppose. I dare say those on the fence are in the process of making up their mind...

    What I'm interested is on your experience as the reformis tegar 1998. Could you tell us more about it? Menarik jugak nak tahu macamana BIGCAT 'crossed over the dark side' quoting DAPster mantra hehe.

  9. Sorry if I put this again, but did my comment about wanting to know BIGCAT's experience involved in reformasi 1998 appeared already?

    if yes, could you please delete this. syukran jazilan ya hurairatun kabir :P

    1. Dear zakzak,
      I was actually not a reformasi tegar type. More like the sympathiser type. I was at almost all the main events of that time. Was even at Anwar's house at Jalan Setiamurni Damansara on the night he was arrested. I was at almost all of the riotings but did not join the mob. My sympathies was more due to the situation of that time, Anwar's young children, the poor handling of the case, etc. It also has something to do with my rebellious leftist political attitude which I developed when I was a student. I gradually crossed over to "the dark side" as I get older and more sensible. The large scale hypocrises of the Pakatan leaders after their partial victory in 2008, was what finally flipped me over. I am still of the opinion that Umno and its BN partners need to be reformed but to change them with Pakatan will simply destroy this country. I have met good Umno people such as the PM and Johor MB, and am convinced that they are better than Anwar and his gang. Thank you.

  10. BigCat,

    "I am still of the opinion that Umno and its BN partners need to be reformed but to change them with Pakatan will simply destroy this country"

    Of Course UMNO and its partner need to be reformed, with the rampant corruption that is going on.

    Pakatan destroy the country?....we heard that before.


    1. Yes Yong,
      we not only heard, but also witnessed how it could happened.

    2. Never mind about the corruption. as long as the crumbs trickle down to people like BigCat, BigDog and rockybru, then corruption should be defended.

      Witness the comments of Najib and his deputy. Never once have they hit out on corruption because they know they can't defend the indefensible.

  11. No matter what zoro said i will be with BN.Why, jusst take a look at the PR leaders, at least sit down and just read all of their remarks,works ,behaviours especially that man call tok guru. That man or that tok guru is not a God's messenger let alone playing angel he is just another politicion.

    ZORO you just another tv charaters....dreaming...