Thursday 24 May 2012

Looking for a new job

On the road. Still am for the coming next few weeks.

Not much time to fool around with this blog for now.

What to do. Need to earn a living. 

I actually envy all those cybertroopers. Fool around like this also can get paid.

I have to admit, I do enjoy writing this blog more than doing anything else ever since I started it seven months ago.

Maybe I should consider being a cybertrooper and do full time blogging. Not as fun as being an independent blogger but at least can get paid. By the way, my current job is getting more shitty than ever. I may have to quit it soon.

Maybe I can become Guan Eng's 21st special officer specialising on cyberwarfare. Surely he need another Malay in his team.

 I"m not very pretty, so Guan Eng need not worry about flying ashtray....or was it flying file?

So how Guan Eng? Can or not? My asking price cheap only - RM9k per month plus medical coverage. I'm quite good, ok?

Ok, really need to run now. Don't know when I can do my next posting. Till then, take care and all the best.


  1. You are quite good, you say. are better off holding BN to ransom lah. Tell UMNO you will turn and highlight all the scandals that UMNO tries so hard to sweep under the carpet. Unless they pay you (or give you a contract) to harp exclusively on the misdemeanours of PR. Who knows, you might even get a Latukship like Latuk Locky.

    Kuching Lagi Besar

  2. you're a malay?... ingatkan china

  3. Bigcat,

    Just keep fooling around for awhile more, okay? Who knows LGE might just take up your offer.

    Warms regards

  4. bigcat, u apply En Ismail of IRDA, sure he can pay you double.

  5. bigcat, u contact En Ismail of IRDA, sure he can pay you double.

  6. What's wrong with you? Muhammad Taib aka Mike Tyson only earned RM 10k/month when he was the MB of Selangor, and yet he was able to save so much money until the Australians caught him trying to slip in with AUD 1 mil which he wanted to 'invest' in that country.

    If you are not rich at the level of your expected salary level, you'll never be rich like Mike Tyson. Learn from them, will ya.

  7. Typo error? Not 9k but 0.9K/month and this is the standard rate DUMNO Government is recommending. If 9K then one must have 18 hands. If it still 9K, why cannot get a job from DUMNO Government or get special perks like 0,5k recently distributed. Any, I love your blog. Don't give. I am not paid cyber but I will pay my hearest compliment to you and writing to support your column.

  8. just settle down, be a full time housewife, and gossiping in your blog in between the chores.

    No money, but satisfaction guaranteed.

  9. Suggest You become a "Petty Trader"

    Boleh Dapat Ferrari ke Lambougini ke dan BMW. Must be Mamak Though! Are You Mamak? If not Sorry not qualified.

    If All Else Fail Join the Egg and Stones Pelting Squad! They tell me the pay is very good!!!

    Joe Black

  10. Guan Eng needs somebody to fight helen ang