Monday 14 May 2012

Giving way from Johor Umno

As preparations for the coming general election are now entering the last lap, Johor Umno are in the process of vetting their list of potential candidates.

I was made to understand that a lot of new faces will be introduced based on the need for winnable candidates to represent the party.

The big question now is, who among the current Johor Umno wakil rakyat will make way for the fresh faces.

Who among these wakil rakyat are willing to give way for the sake of Umno and Johor's future?

Who among them will be willing to not only give way but help the new Umno candidate to retain the constituency? Are they willing to let go of their seat without causing problems to the party?

These are questions which need to be considered by Johor Umno chief Datuk Abdul Ghani Othman before making the necessary recommendations to party president DS Najib Razak.

My personal opinion on who among Johor Umno wakil rakyat who should gracefully give way to new candidates are as follows -

1. Buloh Kasap (Segamat) - Osman Jais. He has been there forever and rakyat in Segamat were said to be getting tired of him.

2. Sekijang (Sekijang) - Baharum Mohamed. Said to be spending more time in public conflict with his division deputy than looking after the interest of his constituents.

3. Bukit Serampang (Pagoh) - Tahir Taat. Should consider making way for a younger, more energetic candidate.

4. Serom (Ledang) - Abdul Ghani Othman. He wants to retire peacefully...but I heard the PM has other plans for him..

5. Bukit Naning (Bakri) - Abdullah Ali. His performance is simply not up to expectation.

6. Sungai Balang (Muar) - Robiah Kosai. Not a winnable candidate. Sure kalah if fielded again.

7. Semerah (Parit Sulong) - Ariss Shamsuddin. Failed to add value to his constituency. I had to google to get his full name.

8. Sri Gading (Sri Gading) - Mohammad Aziz. many terms already aaaa? Lost count leh.

9. Senggarang (Batu Pahat) - Jaafar Hashim. Not performing. Promises not delivered.

10. Layang-Layang (Simpang Renggam) - Onn Mohd Yassin. Also failed to add value to his constituency. I don't even know what he looks like.

11. Kukup (Tanjung Piai) - Md Othman Yusof. A good businessman but a poor leader in politics.

12. Bukit Permai (Kulai) - Kamaruzaman Ali. No charisma and not performing as a wakil rakyat. Simply cannot handle the Kulai division warlords.

13. Nusajaya (Gelang Patah) - Aziz Sapian. Not good in handling issues of his constituency. Too confrontational.

14. Kempas (Pulai) - Osman Sapian. He is under too much pressure from within his own Pulai division.

15. Johor Bahru (Johor Bahru) - Shahrir Samad - Like Ghani, he wants to retire peacefully (but I don't think there is anyone to replace him in JB for now).

16. Endau (Mersing) - Zainal Abidin Osman. Has been a wakil rakyat for too long and need to give way to new face.

17. Kota Tinggi (Kota Tinggi) - Syed Hamid Albar. Been around too long. Should play the role of mentor to younger leaders.

18, 19, 20. (Pengerang) - Azalina Othman of Pengerang, Hamimah Mansor of Penawar, and Harun Abdullah of Tanjong Surat. All three should be replaced. They can't seem to work together as a team. For the interest of Johor Umno, Pengerang constituents and divisional unity, a new united team should helm Pengerang.


  1. Bigcat,

    You said the magic words "give way and help".

    Many a time selfish ones will not only not help, they sabo the selected candidate.

    Thanks and regards

  2. Mohamed Aziz wanted to give away last term but to his surprised being elected again.

    Why Shahir Samad did not groomed anyone capable to replace him like when he groomed Khaled Nordin last time?

    What about Nur Jazlan? He won't get my vote for sure if BN still field him in the next GE. I don't want corporate politician as my representative in the parliament.

    1. Ideally, Mat Aziz should retire and serves as a mentor to his younger replacement. But my sources indicated that he will go on for another term. His case is the same as Shahrir, no replacement. True, Shahrir should groom his replacement but the fact of the matter is that, he didn't. Cry blood also no point. So, have to deal with the situation accordingly. Nur Jazlan's camp are hoping that he will become an MB, but his chances (as well as other candidates of the post ) seems to be getting slimmer. My bet is he will continue with his parliamentary seat in Pulai.

    2. Shahrir is a winnable candidate in Johor Bahru. So many people in his own division trying and still keep trying to kill him which I see that is a wrong move. Shahrir is a rakyat type of politician. But am quite interested to know why Nur Jazlan chances getting slimmer. This is so new to us. Can you kindly explain further. thank you brother.

  3. Jangan lupa Aziz Sapian (ADUN Nusajaya( konon nya belakang Koperasi Nusajya Johor yang dapat kontrak mengurus Rumah Iskandar Malaysia? Boleh ke? Mungkin dah tahu pun akan di penchen lepas ini

  4. Pemimpin UMNO Baru. No value. Dulu Kini Dan Selamanya...

  5. Kucing Besar,

    Betol tu, Seman Jais musti kena tukor.
    Kat Sungai Abong kena cari calon yang betol-betol boleh harap jangan macam yang sebelom ini semuanya tak boleh harap.


    1. InsyaAllah calon Umno di Sungai Abong akan dipilih dari kalangan yang terbaik kali ini.

  6. Big Cat
    As much as you listed those who should vacate their seats, do you have list of potential candidates that can replace them? that would make a more interesting list lah.


    1. The list of potential replacement candidates need to be kept confidential for now. Otherwise, those in the list will kena cincang to pieces by their rivals...or by the Pakatan people.

  7. Kucing Besar
    Saya mengundi berdaftar kawasan Parlimen Pulai dan DUN Kempas. nak tahu jugak kalau ada calun baru untuk kerusi Kempas. Terimakasih

    1. Mengikut perkiraan saya, kerusi Kempas akan ditandingi sendiri oleh Nur Jazlan sekiranya beliau benar-benar akan dilantik sebagai MB. Sekiranya tidak, ianya mungkin akan ditandingi oleh salah seorang penyokong beliau yang dapat diterima oleh jawatankuasa dan pengerusi perhubungan Umno negeri. Ciri-cirinya mestilah berakhlak baik, berhemah, tidak rasuah dan sanggup berkerja keras dan ikhlas demi agama, bangsa dan negara. Terima kasih.

    2. Sekarang semua politician himpit Tuanku Sultan untuk dapat endorsement sebagai MB Johor.

      Apa Nur Jazlan buat since last term? Teksi kat Plaza Angsana pun kena paksa pakai kupon.

  8. A technical error had occured again. Apologies to the annonymous commentator who pointed the mistake about Onn Mohd Yassin. Your comment had been erased due to the problem. The mistake had been corrected. Onn is assemblyman of Layang-Layang. I would really appreciate it if you can comment again about the Gerakan guy being better than the two Umno assemblymen in Simpang Renggam. Thank you.

  9. Daeng Malik is next MB.

    1. Tak payah MB lah. Cuba try ganti Syed Hamid Albar..amacam?

  10. Wah!!! Looks like a whole lot of UMNO ADUNs will be replaced if you have a say. A new whole lot of winnable wannabees will come into action. They need a lot of luck. Any idea on MCA. Gerakan, MIC chances. (Not to worry who they put up as candidates - especially dad & son)