Tuesday 1 May 2012

Agent Provocateurs in Maroon

It is the standard operating procedure of Pakatan cybertroopers to divert an issue being discussed if they find themselves unable to win an argument.

If that fails, they would instead try to out-shout you by extolling the evilness of BN or Umno or police or  whatever else under the sun.

In the case of Saturday's riot in KL, they know they can't divert from the issue. People were so upset with the barbaric behaviour of the rioters that no matter how hard they try to divert the issue by telling people how expensive Rosmah's handbags were, the trick simply wouldn't work.

So, the next best thing was to try blaming everything on everyone else on the government's side. In this case, the primary target was the police.

Here is an example of a comment from my posting Punish them at the ballot box (and in court), by this blog's regular troll, a DAP cybertrooper who identify herself as Kluang girl.

Yes Big Cat,
Everyone looking forward to the ballot box!

Police in plainclothes throwing things and shouting Reformasi slogans to provoke the crowd. Also beating up innocent people recording violent police brutality acts with their camera-phones in front of bystanders...

Before you go into racial propaganda again, let's get out all the photos of the instigators out there for thorough investigations to identify all these planted police agent
..I'm sue you'd love to know the truth too rite.

By the way, did your "man" tell you what happened on the ground?

~ Kluang girl

I highlighted in bold the point she made about the need to identify the police elements within the rioters rank who instigated the violent conduct of the mob.

Ok lah, since she was so insistent about the presence of police agent provocateurs, let's see where they are in this sequence of pictures displaying the Pas' Unit Amal members leading a band of rioters in a rush against a police human chain in front of KLCC.
You see, members of Unit Amal who were supposed to be in charge of security for the "peaceful demonstration" were the ones in maroon t-shirts. They are known to be very disciplined and know each of their members. So, the possibility of them being infiltrated by agent provocateurs should be almost impossible.

Well, see for yourself lah here, who are charging who. 

Funny really, normally in western countries its the protesters forming the human chain and riot police charging at them with batons, shields, etc. but here the "peaceful" protesters are the ones charging at the police, swearing, pushing and kicking.

And here is the video of this incident

As you may observe, the policemen, who were not in riot gear, purposely broke their human chain to avoid an altercation which would have happened if they had stood their ground. You can hear them telling each other, "biarkan, biarkan...."



  1. We are proud to be Malaysians, not Firsters or any other crap some bloggers write about. We see that races must live in harmony but if the prevalent authorities allow politicians like (big froggy)...to create animosity... then it goes against our grain. We have tasted the bitterness of communal strive and do not wish Malaysia to walk that same path..

    We are neither for BN or PR but for the People. Malaysians deserve better things compared to an advancing world. If wrong must be corrected, Malaysians have the tenacity and will to do it.

    Therefore, pro-BN bloggers have missed an important clip while focusing on the main protagonist. See http://anotherbrickinwall.blogspot.com/2012/04/bar-councils-ignorance-or-ignore.html

    Watch the "Bersih 3.0 Aman" clip 0.49-0.51 of someone slipping away quitely. They already knew and came prepared. Truth is truth. We only seek justice for Malaysians. We dislike being used by any politician.

  2. Thank you Big Cat for the mention!

    Anyway, was those pictures shown by you from Bersih 3.0?
    There wasn't any police cordon in KLCC area last weekend.
    Please be honest enough to include the source photo, location and dates la...

    Typical of UMNO bloggers to edit and spin based on their syiok sendiri photo source like the alleged chessmaster whose photo was used to implicate an innocent boy for sexual harassment last year. You are supposed to be better than the rest of the UMNO cybertropers. Tell the truth and it shall set you free.

    Enough talk of fake photo sources, how's your "man"? Back for the Bersih rally last weekend? Haha

    ~ Kluang girl

    1. Source of photos has been added at the bottom of the posting. Source of the video is PDRM. Who are you to accuse others of spinning when, among other things, you claimed that attendance for the "peaceful" riot was 250,000?

    2. One question here. Be it 250,000 or 300,000 or even 10 calling for reforms, how many were registered voters? Did they register their attendance?

      My suggestion for the next riot is to use indelible ink for the genuine rioters, just as suggested by the Bersih people.

      Why can't they do that before they start their planned riot?

      That way they can identify the rebels from the rioters.

      So, before calling for reforms, why not lead by example?


    3. Big Cat

      Your answer sure make kluang girl dumbfounded like the chingkie girl in the video.

      they always talk first, think later.

    4. Yup I just love that dumbfounded look of the Chinese lady after dia kena taruk by the photograher, in Bahasa Malaysio some more. Precious.

  3. Big Cat, in her same screwed-up logic, that Keluang girl will also claim that those men in your pix & video are also Police in maroon T-shirt masquerading as PAS's Unit Amal sabotaging bersih..

    Satu Suara

  4. Er, if people are so upset with the Bersih folk, why doesn't Najib dissolve the Parliament and take advantage of this opportunity?

    My guess, is that more people are actually upset with Najib, his wife and the police for bashing the brains out normal people who protested for free and fair elections.

    Its only a guess, your blog, your spin rules

    1. Get a grip on yourself. This post is not about Najib or his wife. You are obsessed with them. Why don't you find like-minded blogs that rant endlessly about the couple and comment there. Or get yourself psychiatric help.

    2. well said bro!

    3. Please remember that Rosmah has her own company thus her own money, and with such can buy what she wants and is not up to you to judge.

  5. as usual the chingkie kluang girl wont accept anything else except her dap.

    maybe she should change her nick to china girl and see if she can enjoy the freedom that she enjoy in Tanah Melayu.

  6. Aku rasa lah kan, kluang girl ni tak akan terima kenyataan walaupun bukti dah cukup jelas, ada gambar dan video. Ni macam kes video anwar "main"dengan pelacur tu lah. Dah terang terang Anwar dalam video tu, dia orang masih kata bukan dia. Hilang akal lah dia orang ni.

    1. They won't believe what their eyes see. Only what Anwar told them to believe.


  7. Actually the Kluang girl is extremely jealous that big cat got a china man.... and kluang girl don't have any ( china or otherwise) and yes, she is very typical of dap making wild accusations.. best to ignore and laugh at her stupidity...shows to the world ( at least on this blog) the typical of dap or maybe her eyes too slanted to see truth.. :)

    Very Malaysia

  8. kluang girl or anybody from pakatan RIOT are the same - blind to facts.

    BN sure have their own shortcomings - like corrrrrruption etc etc,
    (and they are charged of course)

    but between those and the very2 undemocratic ie dynasties Lims, Karpals, Anwars,
    the dictatorial Anwar not president of PKR,
    and the pakatans RIOT's mob, where blood is shed.

    we must choose wisely -

    if we choose the pakatan rioters, they will run riot after winning....

    we will have PEACEFUL sit-ins and show of victory on our streets every week-end.

    they probably dont need the police - as they are PEACEFUL

    so thank you pakatan. and no thanks.

  9. how bersih and democratic is the election in PKR and DAP ?

    Top post are filled by family members and cronies only

    so thats what kluang girl like... democratic DAp PKR version and its clean.

  10. The Chingkie gets freedom of speech while living in Tanah Melayu and in contrast in the Mainland China, even the chingkie's voice belong to the rulers.

    Dare Dap @ LGE/ LKS do a protest in front of the China Embassy in the name of human right for the sake of their relative in their motherland ?

    Not in a million years, kluang girl.

  11. That Kluang girl probably an illegal immigrant..hoping for citizenship if DAP rules..

  12. anon @08.27: Please speak nice2 la.... Kluang girl already has a bf named...ta...ta....Kluang man! Ha....ha...250,000X

  13. I would love to ask this Kluang girl is she was there. If she heard how the crowd taunting the police. I also want to know if this Kluang girl was there during the 1998 KL's riots. If she did then she would know how tense the situation was, be it last Saturday or during 1998's riots. I don't blame the police for attacking media reps during the saturday riot. U want to know why? Because I'm a reporter too and I had a first hand experience that during these kind of situations one gotta know how to carry oneself. To the Kluang Girl, grow up first. There's no such thing as a peaceful assembly if politicians are involved.

  14. By the way, Kluang Girl... the police put up a road block even on Ampang Ulu Klang Elevated Highway. U know where that is???? U know that the whole area towards Kampung Baru was controlled by police? And that Jalan Yap Kwan Seng was totally blocked by the police. U know where jalan Yap Kwan Seng is? It's a road heading to KLCC. So how come u say there was no police cordoning the area in KLCC?

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