Wednesday 22 May 2013

A Helping Post

I am sure most people who visit BigCat are probably readers of Helen's blog too, but I am putting this link here as a show of support for her efforts to expose the goings-on of Si Bintang Gunting Dalam Lipatan and The Evangelista Connection.



Dear readers and fellow bloggers,
Please help to dissemminate this story.
The more people there are talking about these developments, the more difficult it will be for ‘them’ to Shoot the Messenger by targetting any single individual who is doing the expose on The Star.
There is a smear campaign being carried out against critics of the Jerusubang Star-DAP nexus with malicious lies being spread (by I’d presume those trying to cover their exposed arses.)

Do go to her place for the whole story though.

I have stopped reading The Star quite a while back, both online and print versions, after I noticed the weird slant of their reporting way back in 2011.

It was a while ago, so I can't point to the exact story that got my notice, so yes, that got me started to scrutinising all their pieces and concluded that it is not as neutral as people make it out to be.

A bit difficult to avoid reading it online as it has greater readership than the alternatives, but I managed to do so, just as I have quite successfully managed to avoid reading Malaysiakini and Malaysian Insider.

I wish NST news desk would buck up though, taking on a more down to earth style that can relate to the masses, with less of the highbrow topics that we ordinary people can't be bothered with, and more of the day-to-day language that we don't need a dictionary and a thesaurus to understand.

I think that's the difference between The Star (which is a tabloid-sized classifieds pretending to be intellectual fodder) and the NST (an old school broadsheet trying to be sexier by sizing-down to tabloid size).

It is a case of the Malaysian English readership mental state (or maybe Malaysians as a whole, really, considering the success of Harian Metro) being reduced to a point that even university lecturers prefer the classifieds tabloid as it is easier for them to comprehend.

The NST need to understand that if you want to address the masses, you must relate to the masses.  You don't have to become the English version of Harian Metro to get the circulation numbers up, but please loosen up a bit and use simpler, street-smart language.

Simple does not equate bad, you know, just easier to understand and will reach a larger audience.


  1. Of course we are all righteous and holy. Yes, you are silly. Apology accepted.

  2. I don't believe in what Anon 18.00 writes about. He is a partisan, a liar and a spinner to the core. He collates 'facts' from everywhere to suit his argument. And come to a conclusion.No principle at all. And the sadness is he truly believes in what he says. He is so supreme so he thinks.

    Helen Ang has done a wonderful job in exposing to our country of the lurking and potential danger that some dumb people just couldn't see.

    1. It's the condescending attitude of Anon 18:00 that I couldn't stand, actually, talking down to others, like he's cleverer but all-suffering and being persecuted because of his righteous beliefs. Typical noises coming from the DAP school of politics.

  3. Anon 18:00 sounds like that poltician-intelectual wannabe priest... whats his name?


  4. Anon 22 may 2013 18:00 is a pathological spinner. Or should I say well trained ..

  5. BoycottChineseShops23 May 2013 at 01:30

    I have stopped buying theStar for more than 2 years now. The online version is sufficient eversince I realised its just full of crap by Christianised Chinese. Wong Chun Wai the Christian evangelist managed to survive by hiding behind the MCA.

    The Stars editors are not gunting dalam lipatan. They are just obnoxious Chinese wannabe mat salleh. Most of it you can read direct from AFP or Reuters online. TheStar one malaysia attempt after the loss of DAP and the subsequent Malay anger is simply pathetic.

    The boycott of DAP Chinese shops in favour of Malays and bumiputeras shop is a wake up call. You dont have to march in the street. You dont have to shout slogan. you just have to close your wallet to the chinese and to chase them out.

    We must do it before the DAP chinese population become too big headed.

    DAP Chinese must be taught. Talk is cheap but money is more important haha..

  6. When you want to find a job, which paper you buy for classified ad? NST or Utusan? Good luck.

  7. Helen has done a great thing to open up the eyes of many... earlier when I read the Star, I did not realize how shrewd the star manipulates its readers until I read Helen's, bigcat and anne blogs... keep up the great job guys... I hope there will be a colloboration between Helen and the malay bloggers also, since they are also malays that read the star and its online counterpart... united bloggers front so they say... as for anon 18.00, mayb he/she is in the wrong country?

  8. Dear ALL
    Sorry to say this,I thought the Chinese are intelligence and smart,but how come they were easily duped by a single,I say again,a single MELAYU.5 Years is quite a long time and not all Chinese are rich.With the closure of most MCAs and Gerakans service centres I doubt most of the problem face by Chinese communities will easily solved.We just wait and see how DAP will fare in this aspect esp in the non PR governed states.Will it be the same case as the Indians of post 2008 elections,time will tell.In addition to this,no Chinese Reps in the Cabinet,how will the Chinese ensure that their well beings are taken care of.Pse do not show your frustation by joining the 505 Demos initiated by the one who hoodwinked you cos it will bring you to nowhere apart from tiredness,misery and wasting your time esp recently the Police are tightening their belt now with the appointment of new Minister and IGP.You make wrong moves and go against the law,off you you go to lock up.Always thumb up for Spore and now it looks like we have to adjust our lives like the Singaporeans where the eyes of the law will follow you every where.

  9. Think bloggers have taken de blog above way out of topic....

    In my humble opinion as a consumer who have been supporting NST for 3 generations, my family were sadden NST discarded their trademark broad sheet print to follow de younger generation lifestyle who has ever changing taste. Further more, de type of news and de manners de news is printed is a real bore.

    3rd: as per my recent feedback where i claimed in a statement where de manner of conduct of two female reporters from the dark continent who clearly showed their disgruntlement towards their employer, in this case is NST over how they were forced to carry news pro government against their own respective will's at de same time initiated a request for sponsorship for coverage which they did receive .A person who bites de hand tat feeds it , will one day bite de neck of its master. As i have said in my earlier posting" Show me a country where de opposition came into power against de government who attained a country's merdeka and has prospered?"

    What irked me and my fellow group of frenz was their doubled edged, boneless tongue when de news printed the following days was totally different and de 2 reporters covering two different areas who claimed to be Johoriens but based in KL sent down to JOHOR on special assignment to cover de impotent NSTreporters here who are super bias and heavy on de take from de ruling party!!!

    This news only came to light when these group of friends from different areas met together at an recent event.

    Although one buddy was an anti government chap, de other was more of a nationalist whereas i am more of a socialist are usually at logger heads but for once we totally agreed NST WAS A BIG JOKE TODAY!!!!
    Previously couple years back, both my buddies claimed they met with a NST supervisor called Ravee a middle age gentleman on 3 separate occasions at their UDA office and had positive advice and feedback and had reporters assigned and had problems in their respective area highlighted and with actions taken from the respective bodies especially in the area on Skudai.

    How come de such drastic change of attitude ??? Some more we had to pay them also??? Possible it could either be "kerana nila setitik, rosak susu sebelanga" or de younger generation spear heading de reporting have gone rogue following their bosses as to what they claimed team A and Team B with some racial stuff which do not make sense and rather childish to me.

    De NST today is more of a leisure reading piece as it has lost it dignity and the very objective of a newspaper which highlighting de citizen's woes from North, East, South, West.

    There were many claims and story added by de 2 reporters but i shan't dwell on allegation which i have no proof and make myself a fool but i would sincerely hope to have older, matured and responsible reporters who born in Johor who loves their state to be our reporters who will carry our state towards betterment.


  10. Anon 2.25
    Firstly which school did you attend writing article with that kind of spelling,you are murdering the language.
    Secondly do not create perceptions as you admitted as you have no proof.
    Thirdly,if you do not like NST,please do not instigate others to follow suit.

    1. Darn, look its de facts of de message and choice of manner i present is entirely up to me. So why get over-protective??? Are you part of de same feathered birds that flock together?

      I've been sincere stating i do have prove over certain remarks but i do have de people involved!!!

      I've said 3 generation using NST. No mention of a change!!! We are traditional people who treasure things we do not change, from milk powder (nestle to de government who helped create what has been today's M'sia!!!
      As a socialist , i am looking for betterment from de ruling party, de same i look for in from de traditional newspaper (NST) which i still am a consumer... seems like siapa makan cili, dia terrasa ....

      A gentleman does not spell all de letters of a vulgar words in public....therefore i shall refrain from point out my angle .... waste of energy on uncivilized ...


  11. I like tau ayat 'You don't have to march in the street'.