Saturday 25 May 2013

Popular Votes

OK guys, I got this from OutSyed The Box, and he requested that we spread the words, so I am spreading the words.


I hate doing cut & paste, so please go to Tuan Syed's place to have a look at how the popular votes are broken down by states.

I knew that Pakatan lost the popular vote in Johor, but I wasn't motivated to actually analyse it for the whole country as I simply have other more pressing things to do, such as a long overdue holiday, putting together a new wardrobe, and nursing a recurring health problem.

Besides, now that the election is over, and we are supposed to have a break from politics, although I realise now that the Opposition types take their political activities seriously and have no intention to allow things to die down.

I am convinced that these people consider politics as a full-time career choice, and some of those college drop-outs actually never intended to complete their studies as a diploma would mark the end of their career as celebrated "student activists".

That was the course taken by that Hishamuddin Rais fellow who ran off to Britain or somewhere, and that is also the course taken by that would-be teacher whatever his name is.

I mean, seriously, even if he continues and completes his studies, can you imagine any school hiring him as a teacher, unless it is a school that trains anarchists, lawbreakers, demonstrators, agitators and Opposition lawyers?

That fellow needs to spend some solitary time in a quiet place where he has the opportunity to exercise his obviously under-utilised grey matter on something more useful like reflecting on his actions and the direction his life is taking.


  1. Yeah BC. Agree with you. These people really into politic big times. I think they look at this issue as a break for them to further themself into politics.

    For your easy reading, I wrote somethings about this guy and their obsession with popular vote in my blog.

    I think some will see what i means hahaha. Take care BC. Be safe.

    :D sarah

  2. I can't wait for a pakatoon donkey to come along and try to spin this. National popular vote, my sexy ass.

    Pakatoon leads by just 361,101 votes. That’s why they like to quote percentages. 52% sounds much more impressive to the average donkey attending blackout rallies than 361,101 votes.

    And if you read Helen Ang’s analysis, ONE THIRD of that 361,101 difference lies in just three DAP constituents. So much for popular votes nationwide.

  3. We have not driven on the roads in Selangor state for quite sometime, in PJ areas, in Subang in Shah Alam last night. We were surprised that there were so many pot holes and bumps on the roads, mind you they are major roads. Many stretches were without street lights and also traffic lights were faulty and not functioning. There is a water crisis looming as supply cannot meet demand for a rapidly growing conurbation.
    Is this the state of Selangor one sees situated in Kelang Valley, the most prosperous and richest part of Malaysia
    Who is governing this state
    It is a shame.
    Maybe its going to get worse we bet

    1. They will just spin and blame it on Federal Government - more likely, they will just say it is UMNO's fault. They will say Federal sabotage them, won't give them the funds needed. UMNO jahat! That's what they will shout.

      While conveniently hiding the fact that they have RM2 BILLION in cash reserves which they had been boasting as proof of efficient governance.

      Like people have been saying, of course I can save RM2,000 from my salary each month if I simply stop paying my rent, car repayments and steal food all the times.

    2. If I am not mistaken, Federal revealed they have been paying the Kelantan Government under PAS RM400 million a year for upkeep. No idea where the State has spent the money. Yet all this while they kept bleating the same thing: Federal zalim tak kasi funding!

  4. Replies
    1. Kitab apa ni? Kitab lanchaw? Wakakakakak. Won popular votes in just 4 states. Wakakakakak. And then claim it's national. Wakakakakak. And 1/3 of that in just 3 Parliamentary constituencies. Wakakakakakakakak.

      Fucking lanchaws. Go back to Taipeh and hang the flag upside down or some useful thing like that. Wakakakak.

  5. Tinsel, you need to spend more time taking about this particular issue in the video below. Not just one posting, but a series of it, so that it will stick in the rakyat's minds.

    No wonder they have been so adamant about wanting to win - the end game could be to merge with Singapore. Imagine when that happens, 7 million extra Chinese combined with the 7 million existing in this country, they will become 50%.

    If 25% can already wreak such havoc, imagine 50%.

    Some Bumis may dismiss it as mere fantasy. Fine. But as this former Appeals Court Judge says, it only takes a vote from the majority Government to bring Singapore back into Malaysia. Even the Majlis Raja-Raja cannot do anything about it. And the Malaysian or Singaporean people can do nothing, because it will be Government to Government.

    So the question to you is: are you willing to take that risk?

  6. The discussion about the popular vote is plagued by misguided comments. It is irrelevant to count in or discount the results in individual seats, whether for Pakatan or BN, just as it is irrelevant whether any party or coalition wins in most states. The facts are as follows:
    1. Sabah and Sarawak will always be more important electorally because of the Malaysia Agreement that sees them hold 25% of seats regardless of their population. This is part of the foundation of Malaysia and should not be altered without the (extremely unlikely) agreement of the people of those states.
    2. Our population, as with most countries, is becoming more urbanized. The electoral boundaries need to be updated to reflect these changes. It is irrelevant whether the winning coalition gets 4% less than the losing coalition, or 10% or 90%. What is important is that improvements need to be made to the system to ensure that it is not discredited and that people can still know that the place to make change happen is at the ballot box and not through actions that lead to civil unrest.

    1. Nice try. But prior to the GE13, there were no talks about "gerrymandering" and unfair delineation of electoral areas? None. Why? No one on that side opened their claptrap to talk about gerrymandering. Why? In fact, no one on that side - none - talked about gerrymandering until a few days ago. Why?

      Because losers will grasp at anything just to make the case that they "won" and it's not just in their heads (which, actually, it is).

      The Rakyat is not taken in cos we can see how stupid these fuckers are at their Blackened rallies.


    2. Ramayana ! ,you ar right I have noting more to say.

    3. Ramayana and TT, again you ignore facts. I don't dispute the result of GE13 at all. What I am pointing out is that if you want people to accept a democratic process, it needs to be seen to be fair, otherwise people will demand change in other unpredictable and dangerous ways. If you look at Rocky's analysis it shows BN trailing by 20% in Perak but still forming the government there. Would you participate in such a system if it was the other way around?? I don't think so.

    4. LOL anon 15.54 , how fair you want ?? if you follow Pakatoon everything is not fair to them...

      dont you know in 2004 at Kelantan , BN won popular vote . but still PAS forming the goverment with majority 1 DUN only .. soo your guestioned "Would you participate in such a system if it was the other way around??" is not valid laa

      only a loser cant except the reults of GE13 come with many lame excuse .. in Malaysia we already have a system !!! if you won more DUN or Parlimentary seat , youre a winner !

    5. The rules of the game are damn clear from the outset. People are not complaining, they are WHINING. Even Al Gore, after losing the election despite winning the popular votes, whined and took the case to court. He lost. To his credit, he accepted the court decision.

      So WTF are you talking about people not accepting a democratic process because they don't see as being fair? So what if 20% more people voted pakatoon in Perak? As long as they don't have the seats, that's the end of the story.

      People have been using the badminton analogy to illustrate this clealry. Bring your best game, execute some awesome rallies if you want, but if you keep losing the set, it doesn't matter how many points you score or how brilliant you perform in individual rounds.

    6. "Would you participate in such a system if it was the other way around?? I don't think so."

      History proves your lie. Simple question:

      When Perak fell to the pakatoon after GE12, did BN riot?
      When Perak then fell to the BN after 4 YBs defected, a move presaged by the pakatoon's own Lord's Son, did pakatoon riot?

      There you have your answer. It's only fuckhead donkeys who riot and whine after they lose. And before you criticise the BN of "stealing" Perak, recall that months before it happened, who was the Supreme Little Fucker who announced that he was going to steal the new Federal government because he had 30+ MPs willing to cross over to pakatoon?

      Defeated by his own dirty tactic. The fucker has failed, time and time again. Even when he was Education Minister, Deptuy PM, and acting Financial Minister, he has proven that he is fucking USELESS. Yet people still want to believe his rhetoric that popular votes is fair.

      Read and find out for yourself why the American Founding Fathers REJECTED popular votes for their new republic. So fuck me with a broken broomstick before you want me to join the chorus supporting the whiny little FUCKERS who can't accept defeat graciously.

    7. Ramayana, in a kangaroo court, everyone knows "the rules of the game" from the outset. But its unfair and people have changed this system around the world. If votes don't matter, as you claim for Perak, then why bother with voting at all. If some groups are less important than others why give suffrage to women, the poor or minorities? Democracy is about getting people involved and giving them the chance to determine their leaders. If the system is stacked to deliver a predetermined result it will not deliver peace, stability or progress to the nation. I don't mind whether people choose BN or Pakatan or anyone else, despite your assumptions, but I do believe that there is a real issue that will lead to problems if it is not addressed. I do believe that if Malaysia supports a democratic system, then its people have democratic rights which includes a system that the majority chooses who will be in Government. I do foresee a time that BN will not be in power, and I would not like to see those who will be in Government manipulating the system to ignore the democratic voice of the people. Your foul language doesn't make up for your lack of logic and insight, it only further devalues the beliefs that you are trying to promote (which seems to be that we shouldn't aspire to build a fair and equitable system, that people shouldn't complain or try to fix problems when they come to light).

    8. "I do believe that if Malaysia supports a democratic system, then its people have democratic rights which includes a system that the majority chooses who will be in Government."

      Go and do some research on why the American Founding Fathers chose a electoral college format and not a direct voting format for their new republic. It is EXACTLY to avoid your next contention, which is:

      "If some groups are less important than others why give suffrage to women, the poor or minorities?"

      You think popular voting will be more quitable to the minorities. Ha! Hahahahah. People like to talk so much about popular voting. Do you know that PKR already tried it, and it produced exactly the result that the Founding Fathers thought it would? Go and do your research and report back what you found.

      "If votes don't matter, as you claim for Perak, then why bother with voting at all."

      Oh, Lord. You really are missing the forest for the trees, aren't you. And trying to sound so smart by being reasonable. But wait...

      "I do believe that IF Malaysia supports a democratic system..." (emphasis mine)

      If? Oh, dear. Here's my final logic to you: Piss off with your shallow, college level non-arguments.

      I'm sorry, did that not make up for the deficit in my logic? Okay, how about this, Piss off with your shallow, college level non-arguments, fuckface.

    9. Dear Ramayana, given that we follow a Westminster style democracy and not a electoral college system, I can't see why you keep harping on about the United States system. Do you think they invented democracy or that they are the font of all knowledge. I understand that you love the current system, but its a danger to our country. Its also a stick that the opposition will use to beat the government with a cloud the real issues. And its unnecessary. BN has a history (up to GE13) of being consistently able to win over the majority of the country through good policies, well implemented. Are you trying to turn people away from BN (who will be blamed even if they are not responsible) through boorish comments and foolish rants?

    10. Thanks. WE follow a Westminster system. But YOU don't seem to.

    11. "Are you trying to turn people away from BN (who will be blamed even if they are not responsible) through boorish comments and foolish rants?"

      You played the same game with the ISA, and once it was abolished we can see why you guys asked for it to be removed. I don't think people will fall for the same shitty trick twice. So go on with your own boorish comments and rants - the Wesetminster system stays and it ain't gonna go your direct election pooh-pooh.

    12. Dear Ramayana, thanks for your replies which I found clear (and clean). If you are talking about proportional representation (direct election) rather than first past the post (Westminster system), then I agree that proportional representation (where MPs represent the actual share of the votes their party gets) is a bad idea. Does this mean that we agree on one point? I say this because I believe it encourages extremism in political views. I am happy with a Westminster system but I think it should be improved through reducing the disparity in numbers of voters between electorates (Sabah and Sarawak excluded). Electorates should also be as contiguous as possible. I think the system itself is okay but needs improvement. If we are going to be a mainly urban population, the number of urban MPs should reflect this and represent the concerns of their constituents accordingly.

  7. On an unrelated note, how about starting a movement to rebrand the 'Red Bean Army' into 'Red Bean TROLLS'. Much more appropriate. Army has a sense of power and honor to it. Trolls describe them to the T.