Thursday 9 May 2013


Added Note:
All political stupidity is barred in this particular thread.  I have zero tolerance with bangangness at the moment, and any comment deemed to be below my tolerance threshold will be spiked.  I exercise my right to treat all Pakatan-inspired moronic one-liner trolling as spam.

I can't believe that people are still at it with their political propaganda crap and rumor mongering.

Apparently the chronic chronicles are at it again as reported by Annie here.  And then there are the people who got drenched last night, (or was it the previous night - I am not interested enough to keep track), protesting the outcome of the election.

Wei ... idiots, accept things la, move on, can or not?

I can take some bitching after the election, but can we just quit with the politics right about now and focus on nation-building instead?

If you must make noise, be a responsible Opposition and start working on the possible alternatives and development propositions to counter all the alleged wrongs being implemented la.  Or are you even capable of thinking beyond all that gossipy stuff?

I don't give a xxxx for any of that democracy crap they keep spouting as their very actions have proven that they know nuts about democracy.

They wanted indelible ink to be used, the EC accommodated, then they went about making a big drama about it .. only one word to describe it .. Bangang.

Democracy have died konon ... do they have any credibility to even talk about democracy?  How do they practice democracy within their own parties?  Talk only, sendiri punya party elections tonggang langgang.

Nepotism la pulak ... do they even know what nepotism really mean?  When multiple family dynasties are alive and kicking healthily within all three Pakatan parties?  Clowns la the lot of them .. especially the moronic followers who comically parrot their leaders without realising how stupid they sound.

Rampant corruption in the gomen la konon ... as if gomen officers bribe each other within the confines of inter-departmental transactions without involvement from the well-off middle-income public and business community.  As if "entertaining" clients in the private sector is not a form of institutionalised corruption ..

Why are business dealings between suppliers and local agents in the private sector called "sales commission" and a similar thing for sales in the public sector is called "corruption"?  You mean computer salesmen selling to government department are not entitled to earn their commissions from the product distributor, but can  have their commission when they secure sales from,  say, a bank?

And those of you spreading allegations, rumors and lies as if these are facts, don't you people have better things to do like having a life or earning an honest living instead of spending every waking hour spouting political crap and propaganda?

Are you people simply incapable of contributing anything positive to the country and society?  Or are you only good at insinuating, spinning, twisting lies and half-truths?

There are other things in life, people ...  go and get one.


  1. I don't think the word 'enough' exist in Anwar's dictionary. The Srimad bhagavatam (hindu scripture) states,"the envious man is more dangerous than a snake because a snake can be subdued by charming mantras or by some herbs, but an envious person cannot be pacified by any means."

    1. May I add a not so common Malay saying:
      "Kalau awak ditimpa balak, kita boleh tolong, tapi kalau awak ditimpa perasaan siapa pun tak dapat tolong"

  2. Spot on and frankly speaking the whole damn thing is just like Indonesian Drama, 100++ episodes, maybe they got nothing else to do so, agree with you, they should go and get a life.

  3. "Why are business dealings between suppliers and local agents in the private sector called "sales commission" and a similar thing for sales in the public sector is called "corruption"? You mean computer salesmen selling to government department are not entitled to earn their commissions from the product distributor, but can have their commission when they secure sales from, say, a bank?"

    Big cat, you always gaji buta only. Why UMNO government started first to have SALES TAX?

    1. Anon, you understand the difference between sales commission and sales tax or not?

      Call them bangang, tak terima ... but keep on coming here to show their bangangness.

    2. Aiyohhh I thought semua Cina pun pandai dalam selok belok business. What happened to you? Kesian nya, masa kecik mak bagi Bangla adopt ye? Tapi even Bangla pun pandai business la ni, then how?

    3. aiyohh ini simple bisness such as SALES TAX pun tak tahu kaa , memang buat malu laa .. DAP idiot trying to comment LOL

    4. Big Cat,

      Pls tell DSN or sesiapa kat PNB that there is a DAP barua under Zafrul kat Maybank IB. Why is a DAP barua holding a DCEO post in a Melayu bank? Nak kena sodomi lagi? Takde talent Melayu ke?

    5. Erk .. me tell DSN or PNB? Are you kidding? I don't even have access to his part-time gardener, if he has one.

    6. You can call anything Sales Man, Sales Executive - Marketing or your grandmother goes to market or your mother holds your father's money for market and is called marketing executive but ultimately everyone wants a share. The Federal Government wants a share too to get more money. Why can't the Government be like Brunei since both countries have oil?

  4. Anwar birthdate: August 10, 1947

    THE FIRE PIG 1947 AND 2007

    "Active, outgoing and extroverted, Fire Pigs breathe new life into everything they do. These Pigs are vivid, motivated individuals who cannot be deterred from a goal once they have set it. They are emotional and passionate about their loved ones, their occupations and their objectives. They are bold and vivacious, unafraid to take risks despite the consequences. They make great bosses because they do work so hard and because they are so spirited. But don’t doublecross a Fire Pig. They have the ability to be quite abrasive when things don’t turn out as they planned."

    Going by the description, I guess, Anwar was born to be the type of person that he is.

    1. AJJ, what about an earth dragon?

    2. i still prefer BIGCAT with a purple eye..feisty

    3. I think you have left out that Anwar is also a habitual liar, a 'chameleon' and a self-centred power-crazy person. He doesn't care about what happen to the people but only about himself. He tried to be PM in GE12 by getting BN politicians to join him but failed. That would have been wrong if BN did it but it is alright for him to do.

      He knows that GE13 may be his last chance to be PM because of his age and is very bitter that he didn't make again. That is why he cannot accept the result. It is because he couldn't get the power he wants.

      This guy is a dangerous person because he doesn't care about the country or the people. Everything must be about him. He is not only power-crazy but also crazy for the limelight.

      I don't think he will make a great boss and I don't understand why there are people who supported him. Anyway, Azmin is another person who have come to his senses about Anwar.


    4. Bigcat, I know just a little bit about astrology (India, Chinese and Western) and follow them for fun.

      The sixth pillar of iman in Islam is "Percaya kepada Qadhaa dan Qadar (Belief In Predestination and Decree)" so, it means our destiny, and all things and events are predestined.

      The key thing here is how each individuals use their strengths and/or weaknesses - for good or for bad. At the same time, just because we are predestined to be who and what we are, does not mean we must give up without even trying. I believe these are among the reasons that magic and witchcraft, and telek nasib are forbidden in Islam. How do the Chinese use it: to accumulate their wealth.

      Islam believes in Allah's will. Not only Allah can give, Allah also can take it away.

      Dah habis I berceramah. Now back to understanding ones' character based on Chinese zodiac. There are many sites by above description came from this website:

      Both Najib and LKS were born in the year of Snake but Najib is a Water Snake (1953) while LKS is a Metal Snake (1941). You can see the differences in their characters below.

      Najib: THE WATER SNAKE 1953 AND 2013

      Water Snakes are influential and insightful. They manage others well and tend to be good for organizations to utilize as staff. They are quite motivated and intellectual, very determined and resolute about success. They will have what they desire, despite the conclusion or outcome they generate because it is worth it to them to not only be recognized for their efforts, but to be rewarded as well. They are affectionate with their families and friends but do not show this side of their personality to colleagues or business partners.

      LKS: THE METAL SNAKE 1941 AND 2001

      Metal Snakes are extremely willful individuals who will stop at nothing to achieve their goals. These people will have their guards up 24-hours a day in order to protect themselves from any failure or possibility of it. They place a great deal of importance on money, but are more concerned with the possessions their finances can bring them. They are in and out so sharply and so silently that they are often unheard and unseen. You must be careful with these Snakes because, although they can be generous, they are always out for number one.

      Meanwhile, Ghani (1946) is a Fire Dog.

      THE FIRE DOG 1946 AND 2006

      Fire Dogs are natural leaders. Fire Dogs are popular, charismatic people, always surrounded by a group of admirers. Not only admired for their vibrant personalities, these Dogs also possess a sexual attractiveness that makes them irresistible. These people are adventurous and vivacious, yet, honest and openhearted. However, because they are so active, they are generally not the settle down type.

      Guess what, I am a Dragon too but I am Wood Dragon.

    5. Thanks AJJ. No wonder all the girls I asked about Ghani went glassy eyed and said things like "oohh .. he's so handsome", "cutenya", "I like the way he carries himself", "I like his taste in shoes" (even shoes pun notice), "I like how he moves his hands" (alamak - this one actually stared at his hand movements) and so forth and so on. And these girls are actually in their early to mid twenties. LOL.

  5. BC
    M thinking on top of a box. Dismantle UMNO.Each and every UMNO people apply to be DAP member. Try to picture the reactions of all apeks! For all I know these apeks and nyonyas will form another DAP baru. How can mamat be the majority, die lah!

    1. LOL. Imagine how the next DAP CEC selection wil look like ...

    2. Mana boleh pun. Unless UMNO people start having Chinese names, cos that's what apparently the DAP borang requires: your name, in Chinese. So everyone will need to become Ah Jib Gors. Ini sama macam those "Mandarin speakers only" exclusionary ads la ni. And they like to say gomen yang exclusionary.

    3. Laughing with my sons reading the tweets;

      ABC - Anything but Chinese
      ABC - Asalkan bukan Cina

      When going shopping always recite your 'ABC'...

      Jangan marah ye... this has been the practice of the APEK where Malay businesses are concerned, so now we are going to follow you...A...B...C

      3km away from my home, 2008, town under Pakatan.
      Geng2 community kami have not stepped foot for the last 4years, we do all our shopping at the town which is 12km away...

      Dengar kabar pekan tu dah lenggang, dipenuhi pendatang2 haram aje... Jangan nanti Bangla2 naik marah, they too boycot your shops, lingkup rezeki kamu semua...


    4. We should also do the same with the SJKC. Closing them down is not the answer. Instead, fill them up with Malays and I really mean it. We play along with the opponents' own game and twist it a bit to win it.

    5. Go ahead and join DAP. Who is the racist Party then? UMNO or DAP with millions of Malays? Instead Utusan will say UMNO is a rcaist party. Dumno

  6. Bigcat, what you said is the truth averyone knows.Let Anwar keep on organizing these stupid fact lets encouraged him and all kiasu to do it every month. If they cant produce anything,nothing can be done.remember that they have 60k to take it to the street,but they dont know how many together with the cops and army can counter them on the street,if they dare.good thing is let them waste their time and energy while others build this nation.they will change when they feel left behind,its their kiasu is a good thing they organized these rally around their area,not in dataran merdeka anymore.

    1. Actually I love the way our mata-mata acted when they demonstrated last night. Segala puji-pujian to the mata-mata. Ignore them as long as they don't kacau other citizens or better still do it like in Subang Jaya or Shah Alam. In plain English ignore them!

  7. Good one bigcat...miowwwww love it.....

    ;) sarah

  8. Pada suatu masa dulu. Bila putera melayu berebut nak jd sultan mereka minta bantuan british maka british akan bantu putera yg lemah krn mereka tau putera itu akan terhutang budi pd mereka. Begitula bermula ratusan thn melayu di jajah merempat dibumi sendiri. Skr hanya selepas 55 thn merdeka melayu berpecah lg sejarah pasti berulang. Besama selamatkan Islam

    1. Melayu keluar dari kepompong feudalism melalui berpersatuan dan berkumpulan. Bijak pandai ini yang bersatu menjadi Pekembar atau UMNO. Sistem feudalism memang tidak boleh diikuti kerana demokrasi memberi setiap orang suara. Berbanding feudalisma hanya seorang Raja yang membuat keputusan yang selalunya untuk kepentingan seorang .

      SEbab itu kita ada parlimen. Lebih orang boleh membuat keputusan. Malangnya UMNO telah di pergunakan oleh sekumpulan India yang kebetulan mempunyai suara di media inggeris seperti malay mamil dan NST dan TheSTar melalui pengarng-pengarang kelahiran India.. India muslim seperti subahan Kamal, Zambry Kader, Mahahtir dapat menguasai UMNO tanpa disedari. KJ menjadi Ketua Pemuda UMNO, satu jawatan yang sungguh penting bagi Melayu dengan merasuh Ketua perwakilan seperti yang di akui oleh Jawatankuasa Disiplin.

      Keadaan ini boleh diatasi dengan orang Melayu menjadi lebih prihatin dan mengumpul suara melalui NGO untuk menentukan siapa yang menerajui UMNO kerana individu-individu yang menguasai pentadbiran UMNO kini bukan Melayu dan tidak mempunyai kepentingan Melayu dalam percaturan mereka.

      Sebenarnya UMNO bukan mewakili suara Melayu sebab itu United Malays NGOs perlu dihidupkan semula.

  9. rrrrowwwwrrr! tell 'em, tinsel! *love this.*


  10. Heard that Danga defacto owner Kang Hoo is all along these time is a life member of the Democratic Action Party

  11. You know the saying, ' Running with the hares, and hunting with the hounds.' We have this type of people in every society. Or another saying,' I do not trust Chinamen with moustache !'