Tuesday 21 May 2013

My Opinion of the Foreign Press

I have been doing a bit of reading at Land Destroyer Report (LD).  I was led there by the Tony Cartalucci pieces which had been enjoying highlights in a number of local blogs, for example this one I caught at Alizul's.  These reports are not really pro-BN, but more of highlighting USA foreign policy and imperialism to protect its interests against other powers throughout the globe.

This particular site is interesting to me, not because it also features Nile Bowie as a regular contributor, but because it is one of the few foreign-based sites where we can actually find articles not hostile to or biased against the present Malaysian government.

I happen to be friendly with a number of grassroots BN members on the ground, and I know their frustration at how those foreign press never really care to write about BN's perspective, always painting them in the darker shades as opposed to the "haloistic" (okay, so it is probably a new word) pictures they like to paint of Anwar Ibrahim and the Pakatan.

To most of these foreigners, Anwar Ibrahim is the truest saviour of Malaysia, the righter of all wrongs, the holiest of all crusaders who are up against the wholly corrupt, cruelly evil, and apartheid-practicing racist 3.5 million strong Umno, who forces all the BN coalition members to totally suppress by evil means the rest of the Malaysian population.

According to them, this dastardly act of continuous suppression of the majority has been going on for decades.

The wicked Umno/BN regime has been ably assisted by the hordes of corrupt civil servants who bribe each other in isolation of the totally innocent and repressed largely Chinese business community.

The police who are extremely violent trigger happy sadists who kill and torture because they enjoy killing and torturing all those innocent criminals and joyriders are also responsible for being the killing dogs of the evil Umno/BN regime.

They apparently believe that Malaysian army and other government agencies must be all Banglas and Indos as no self-respecting Malaysian of any ethnicity would vote for the totally immoral Umno/BN regime as it is their postal ballots that have been used extensively throughout the country to ensure Umno/BN's continuing reign of terror for eons.

And all those Chinese students who got government scholarships to study abroad and locally are actually Malays masquerading as Chinese to fool the public, and the repressive private sector that discriminate against non-Chinese applicants are just a ploy by the Umno/BN minions in the private sector to create an impression that the Chinese control the Malaysian private sector.

That was why those Chinese students kept to themselves here, as well as abroad (I know because I studied in the UK and the USA), because in reality they were Umno/BN operatives because if they weren't, there would be no way they would have gotten those scholarships from the racist Umno/BN government and its running dog, the corrupt Civil Services.

And from their latest reports of Malaysian 13th General Election, it seems that they also believed the Pakatan claims that the 13th General Election  was fully fraudulent and totally rigged, that the only votes BN got were from Banglas and Indos who were given multiple ICs to vote several times in different locations, with detergents being used to remove indelible ink stains that enable them to cast ballots several times.

In the mean time, they must have also believed that all the Pakatan polling station observers, who were party members appointed to be observers by their very own parties, were all asleep on the job for not protesting all these irregularities probably because they must be moles planted by the nefarious Umno/BN regime.

Or they must be members who were paid by the vile Umno/BN to keep quiet about any irregularities they saw or the thousands of Banglas and Indos who were thronging the polling stations with fake ICs and washed away ink stains.

Okay, so that was a rather long-winded venting on my part, but I really can't abide these so called professional foreign "journalists" who write for so called respectable news agencies who would actually buy all that crap unless they are really stupid or really lazy or have a different agenda altogether.

Seriously folks, anyone who actually have some kind of grey matter who have been here, talked to a number of people from all walks of life, and not too lazy to do some personal research throughout Malaysia other than talking to some Opposition "educated urbanites" would not have written some of that trash we read in the foreign press lately.

That's why I enjoy reading the likes of Bowie and Cartalucci, despite not writing in-depth about Malaysian politics itself, they give me a different and fresh perspective of the possibilities.


  1. 1. You forgot to mentioned that if a Chinese person support the government or Malays he or she will be magically turned into dogs or Judas.
    2. If the Chinese married the Malays, he or she will be condemned to the 7th level of hell. Not only you will be forced to wear the tudung, you will have to know that all Malays will eventually marries 4.
    3. According to Chinese, The Malays are so stupid, when they received loan, they think you don't need to pay it back. If they go to university means, it's the government who help them, not because they got good grades.


    1. This is about the state of mind of the lazy foreign journalists who write Pakatan-biased reports for their unsuspecting audience who are unfamiliar with the realities of Malaysian political situation, not about the Chinese state of mind and what they think of the Malays.

  2. Hah, where do this lazy foreign journalists get their source? Please check REN REN and see what the Malaysian Chinese thinks about Malays..Heck you can check yahoo news comment. Their state of mind are being manipulated by the comments flooding the nets.


    1. LOL. True .. but I am focusing on gwai lo idiocy, and not the Chinese self-pity and delusions.

  3. Carry on writing big cat and put some sense into those foreign correspondence heads.

  4. Nothing to comment as what you write were true, true and true. What I can comment is that cat picture is so cute i just want to hug him/her. Love the cat talk to hahaha

    :D sarah

  5. Hahahahahaha....good article.

  6. I wont worried much on the foreign ,they are foreign all right, and they have no roots here ,what are more worrying is that local acting like foreign of no roots hear ,prepared to destroy everything , look like to the last drops of their bloods .

  7. Feeling better?

    No need to think. The answer is simple.

    Anwar will call for press conference every single minute, if he can.

    Anwar will make sure foreign journalists are invited at each and every gathering/rally/ceramah, everything.

    Basically, Anwar and foreign journalists are like kembar siam that cannot be separated.

    And, why should Malay students pay their student loans when Anwar promises to cancel the debts?

    Sadly, Anwar is a bumiputera.

  8. A big part of the blame should rest on the Information Ministry, or whatever its name is nowadays. They should continuously conduct PR exercises to the local and international media, not so much for chestbeating, but also as a way to attract investors. MITI sends many business people overseas throughout the year, but I suppose not much stir among that country's media. Information Ministry should complement MITI's activities. At least on the foreign front.

    The same way, Information Ministry should do public relations campaign locally to ensure the rakyat understands current issues and programs that the govt is working on. And make sure all spins are unraveled immediately. Examples are abound, such as:
    - election/polling procedures
    - what is free market/consumerism and what does the govt's role in it (to nullify the price increase rumors)
    - anti corruption measures, and how the rakyat should contribute their part

    Why wait until election time to explain all these? The minister should be sacked immediately once an issue gets spinned out of control.

  9. love your article BigCat.
    Dato' Najib should do something regarding foreign journalist biased report.
    Hope he will come up with something.

    Anwar knows how to manipulate press especially foreign press.
    sadly BN is slow in tackling that matter.

  10. Anwar & the foreign powers have a hidden agenda for Malaysia...paint Malaysia in a negative light & campaign for Anwar to be installed as PM & a puppet for western interests. Save Malaysia!!