Saturday 4 May 2013

The Lady

I saw Annie's posting about YB Tan, and I must say that I am extremely sad to see how she must be suffering from her ailment.  I also saw her message to the people of Gelang Patah at the link at Annie's place and I have included it here if you wish to see how gracious a lady she is.  The last time we met, she was looking rather frail, but I am totally shattered to see in that video of how much her condition has worsened since then.

When I saw that video, I couldn't stop my tears from falling.  She has always been a classy lady and it saddens me to see her so weak and obviously in pain, but her message was all about other people, not about herself.

I met YB Tan a few times during the course of my involvement in a few NGO-related activities.  I have great respect for her because I think she is one of those people who are sincerely genuine in her efforts to serve the people.  She has one of those beautiful warm smiles and a down to earth persona of a favorite auntie that made me feel like hugging her, which I actually did at one time, before I knew that she was a YB.

My best wishes go to YB Tan and her family.

PS: Bee Kim also wrote about her.

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