Friday 10 May 2013


I had a long leisurely lunch with a friend today and we had a chat about life in general.  We had Nasi Ayam Penyet in Gelang Patah, at one of the row of warungs near the KFC outlet.  Of course  we couldn't avoid talking about the recent General Election.

Me: So who did you vote for?
Mimi: BN of course.
Me: Shahrir and Adam?
Mimi: Yes.
Me: I thought you said that you don't like Shahrir?
Mimi: That was personal.  When you cast your vote, we must see the big picture.  Who did you vote for?
Me: Undi itu rahsia.
Mimi: Eleh .. come on, who did you vote for?
Me: Ghani and Ah Chy
Mimi: Both lost huh?
Me: Yep
Mimi: Do you see the Chinese the same now as before?
Me: Nope.  You?
Mimi: Me neither.  I read in Annie's blog about how Ghani was treated by his Chinese so-called friends.  Their betrayal of Ghani was complete.  Nowadays I always wonder what the Chinese really think about me behind their smiles.  You?
Me: Yeah .. I looked at the auntie who delivered the paper this morning and was sure she voted Kit Siang.  I must have stared, because someone told me to quit staring at her as she was obviously fidgeting with discomfort.  Yep, somehow all Chinese look like DAP CT to me.
Mimi: CT?  Aren't you going overboard? I thought your Granny was Chinese?
Me: Cyber Terrorist la.  Besides, Hong Kong Chinese are different from Malaysian Chinese.
Mimi: You still going to buy that bag from Michelle?
Me: Nah .. I told her I am not in the mood to waste money on yet another over-priced bag.  I am going to look for a Malay girl to give my business to.
Mimi: Fat chance of finding one who would cater for your kind of taste in handbags.
Me: All the better for it.  At least I can start saving some money then.  Hey, how come your chicken piece is bigger than mine?
Mimi: Nasib-nasib la, you want equal sized chicken pieces, go to McD.
Me: I am boycotting McD too ...


  1. I was amazed to read a johorean other than my family members was also sad with the outcome of GE13. I have not yet had the chance to talk about this thing with close friend of mine in my campus. In fact there might be no one who felt same with me.

    Let us keep on praying and working hard in next 5 years so that we can repair all the damages happened since last fifth of may. Lets keep on boycotting McD as well.

    1. Good idea because all the youth working in McD are Chinese and not Malays.

    2. I have been boycotting McD since last 6 years. Not because of chinese but because of Palestine.

    3. don't lie... saw you eating the big mac yesterday !!

  2. Hi too. I look at them suspiciously too. My parents cancelled their Star subscription already. Now buying NST and Utusan...Utusan not because they read it but because they want to show their support for a Malay newspaper that is getting a lot of flak from the opposition.

    They should have thought about Newton's Law, specifically the 3rd Law which states that for every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction. So, I am just reacting. Can't blame me. I am only human. If that makes me a racist, so what? I am joining the club created by the DAP, albeit another club. Do I hate them? No. Do I trust them? No.

    Anyway, here is a list of Bumiputera online businesses that sell handbags. Maybe you can get your here from now on. They are reliable. I have bought from them before. Efficient.

    I can give you more, if you want.

    1. Thanks Anon, I will look them up.

    2. Should create special website for Bumiputra Online businesses... apa saja product. Utusan and BHarian an Kosmos should do same, one whole page a day at special discounted advertising space price - featuring "only for Bumiputras". RTM, TV3 ikut sama la.

      Lantak le since they have been harping these medias as RACIST kita ikut saja seruan mereka.

      Geng A B C

    3. Appreciate if there is a blog list of Malay/Bumiputra's business which we can support....I am doing away with giving business with the Chinese, slowly and ensure that my hard earned money goes to Malay/Muslim traders only....MYDIN please step up your Supermarket business....LAdies and gentlemen, please do not patronise Old Town White Coffee, besides their halalness, it belongs to the teribble twins from Perak who I am told got more than 1000 acres of land for allowing PAS to be MB of Perak...

  3. Me too....ABC

  4. racist in the making....alright the chinese who didn't vote for Ghani will go to hell !!

    1. OK, did your religion thaught you that those who didn't vote Ghani will go to hell.

    2. Excellent. Thank you. Now could you please tell them to stay in there forever?

  5. Dearest Bigcat,

    Let me tell you this stories. Two of my chinese friends was known to be a MCA supporter. Their FB and e-mail has been overflow by hate mail for over two years now. We in the office aware of this and always back them up. If you saw they face, you will know how it is.

    After GE13, they complaining about the black campaigning to protest the GE13 result. Agains our objection, they start posting how happy they are with GE13 result. After a few kurang ajar comment in chinese, they unfriends them. Just imagine, how sad my friends is. Suddenly, they lost a lot of friends.

    You see, Bigcat, this PR peoples will never hasitate to hurt the feeling of anyone. If they think they cannot educate you, they will try to demoralize you and spit at your face.

    As for my friends, well, when I said to them that I will always apply ABCD in my working attitude from now on, they said they will also applied the same ABCD (Asal Bukan Cina DAP). After all, in our office, if you want to apply a construction jobs, you need to go to their evaluation first. With the help of black protest in the FB, they already know who this peoples are.

    By end of friday, a few of our regular contractor has been sideline. It look like they never know what had hit them, right. After two years of facing those hate posting and emails (even though they know, my friends race is chinese true and true), it look like my friends now got even.

    Maybe they will change their attitude after they simmer down, but I don't think so. After two years, the wound was deep enough to last a lifetime. Feel deeply for those two, and feeling angry with PR right now. My friends said they understand how a malay must feel right now.


  6. Me too....has always been a Malay loyalist, although I am half chinese. My mum who is a chinese never ever thinks she is a chinese either. Her chinese mum got rid of her n her my late grandmother, a Terengganu malay, bought her and not sure what happened to her sister. Heard another malay family adopted the sister...

    I am flabbergasted with the Chinese from day one....more so now. What a pity! They keeping proving us right that they can never be trusted.

  7. Suddenly, all my chinese friends are becoming too friendly towards me. I did a few test on them. Look and stare without smiling. All of them are like "cacing kepanasan" - squirming and not knowing what to do. Soooooooo funny.

    1. Yeah, I've been noticing that on FB, too. Suddenly lots of smiling Chinese friends around. Hmmmmmm. Where we they when the DAP aided by The Star and Chinese snoozepapers were running their vitriolic campaigns?

  8. Anon 00:10

    "Do not do unto others what you do not others do unto you"

    I am going to remind the younger generation, again and again (like a broken CD) to not fight hate with hate. With hate comes pain. Hatred will not take us anywhere. Hatred has not solved and will not do anything in this world.

    If we want PR supporters to accept the election results, Ghani supporters must do the same too. Everyone is entitled to vote whomever they want to vote. Isn't that what democracy is about? Accept defeat with dignity.
    Now that we have sulked for nearly a week, it is time to move on. Plan our next of action. Look at our strengths and use them. Check our weaknesses and improve them.

    Use our brain to think instead of our emotion to lead our action. There are already enough name calling and disrespect among young opposition supporters out there. That's their way.

    1. AJJ, unfortunately, I have been subjected to a lot of hate and racism in this blog to not be affected by it. Just look at my previous postings, I have always tried to avoid writing about the more negative sentiments. But that conversation up there was a real one, and when I looked at that Auntie, I couldn't help myself from wondering whether she was jeering at me the same way the DAP CTs are doing it to me here.

  9. You need to get a real life. And you need to watch your words. Just because people voted against your bosses - that dont make them demons. Umno bloggers probably caused the most damage with your utter bullshit and fear mongering. Now move on or rather grow up.

    1. Heh, that was a totally real conversation, Anon. It was not fear mongering, the distrust in Mimi was real, what happened to me was real. I kept seeing little bubbles of "Dumno" coming out of that Auntie, jeering at me like how the CT treated me in this blog that I couldn't help myself. So don't blame me for thinking that way.

    2. I have brainwashed my kids too...... GO ABC.
      Kena dah duk ajar dari kecil, by the time they can do their own shopping, dah lekat dalam minda...

      .....Nak membangunkan kaum sendiri kena go ABC...

    3. Talk all you want. The majority Malays have already made up their minds by now. You people are not worth befriending.

  10. Share the same feeling too....

  11. A typical primary school chat, totally imaginary of course. A real thread will go like this :

    Chinese voter: we can't stand people like Mamakthir coming here to tell us Kit Siang is racist.

    Malay voter: Ghani has done a lot for Johor but we need a catalyst for change BN has become too arrogant if you see what they have been up to.

    Indian voter: If they offer me RM 200, I will vote BN. I need the money badly.

    1. Yes, perfect shows your opinion of the Indians and perfectly justifies why the Malays distrust the Chinese now.

  12. Ghani Othman lost not because of Chinese but because of UMNO's wayang kulit. When Lim Kit Siang announced that he will be contesting Gelang Patah, Ghani never even said he will take Kit Siang on. Knowing that, Ghani was already on the way out and Khalid Nordin odds-on to be the new Menteri Besar, UMNO and Muhyiddin's group announced and pushed for Ghani to take Kit Siang on.

    In such a circumstances, what choice did Ghani have. Had Ghani said no, it would have meant that Ghani had no gumption. Any wonder initially Ghani wanted to also contest his Serom seat but UMNO did not want because if he wins Serom Ghani's influence will still be around and may end up as a thorn in Johor UMNO's flesh. Therefore, what better way to offer Ghani as a sacrificial lamb and for Ghani to commit his political suicide.

    All you have to do is watch how low key, Ghani's campaign was in Gelang Patah. It was a lack-lustre and "acuh-tak acuh" campaign. Quietly, UMNO left the Gelang Patah battle to Ghani alone. Ghani ran a lonely campaign. Just watch a pitiful Ghani for the first time after being a Menteri Besar for more than a decade, taking a factory bus from Bukit Indah to Singapore because he wanted to get to experience what these Malaysians go through daily . Lepas 10 tahun baru nak tahu.

    See how the BN component parties, devoid of youngsters clueless and aimless how to project and campaign effectively for Ghani.

    In short, UMNO had made up its mind, that Ghani's political career should end and that is what UMNO worked hard to achieve- to ensure Ghani loses in Gelang Patah.

    1. Ghani was already planning his retirement. No one need to kill his political career off, he was already tired of it. You don't anything about his campaign, the way he campaigned, and the assistance he was getting in the background.

      I know for a fact that your creative writing is just fiction.

    2. Big Cat cukuplah ! Terima hakikatlah. Kita Melayu yang korbankan Ghani. Kalau betul Ghani nak pencen, pencen teruslah.

      Bila saya lihat Gelang Patah dan bagaimana wajah Gelang Patah sudah berubah dengan Melayu menjadi minoriti, tanah orang Melayu hilang pada kaum bukan Melayu dan orang Singapura dan melihat hilangnya pantai Lido dan juga Melayu tak mampu milik kondo-kondo yang dibina, saya bersyukur Ghani kalah.

    3. Bukan saya yang bangkitkan panjang lebar pasal Ghani, saya tak kenal pun Ghani personally. Parlimen Gelang Patah memang dari dulu lagi adalah kawasan majoriti Cina. Tak ada isu berubah wajah.

      Tanah orang Melayu berpindah tangan kepada bukan Melayu pun kerana Melayu sendiri yang jual untuk keuntungan segera.

      Saya dah lihat pelan pembangunan Iskandar Malaysia, hanya orang Melayu yang termakan hasutan saja yang percaya mereka tidak ada tempat di Iskandar Malaysia.

      Kenapa kita hanya menggalakan Melayu mengharapkan untuk tinggal di rumah murah saja? Sedangkan peluang ekonomi dan pendidikan sepatutnya membolehkan orang Melayu untuk mempunyai cita-cita yang lebih besar.

      Sampai bila kita nak lihat anak-anak kita berhijrah ke KL untuk mendapatan peluang pekerjaan yang lebih berpadanan dengan kelulusan mereka? Kenapa kita menolak pembangunan ekonomi di tempat kita sendiri?

      Di tempat kerja saya, dua orang anak gadis mempunyai ijazah komunikasi dan IT hanya mampu menjadi pembantu perkeranian dan akaun saja sedangkan sekiranya mereka ke KL, mereka boleh mendapat peluang yang lebih sesuai dengan kelayakan mereka.

      Masalahnya, selagi kita tidak bangunkan Johor, selama itulah kita akan lihat anak-anak Johor terpaksa merantau mencari peluang yang lebih baik.

  13. Nothing but ingrates who forgot how for years Chinese supported UMNO/BN particularly in 1999 when you Malays abandoned UMNO and Dr Mahathir. Then again bukankah Melayu mudah lupa.

    1. See, it is Umno/BN instead of just BN. As if MCA was never part of BN. The impression keeps on being reinforced by the Anons of the CT variety that it is really the Malay element in Umno that the Chinese are rejecting.

      You see, Anon, I for one never forget that BN is a coalition of parties, made up of different races, not just the Malays of Umno. It is you who has forgotten.

    2. DAP supporter :"u really love your country, u r patriotic "
      Me: sure i do, don't u ?
      Dap supporter: depends on govt of the day

      ( real moron, can't even differentiate between govt and country , just like how LGE thinks he owns Penang. And that DAP supporter is an "educated" man in his 50's. These days some people are so proud to declare that they are PR supporters, and they include many non Malay civil servants. From now on I shall not share my professional material with these morons.

    3. Yeah, thanks for the votes back then, but when you turn against us, why should we still smile and be grateful for having a knife in our back? Stupid logic.

  14. Selepas empat tahun pimpinan keparat Badawi, Najib berpeluang bermula dengan BN yang bersih dan berjiwa rakyat. Malangnya, kabinet Najib di penuhi dengan mereka yang dah lapuk politik - Rais Yatim yang ashik syok tonjol sendiri, Sharizat yang tak tahu tentang business suaminya, anak Nong Chik masih budak hingusan dapat kontrak bermilyar-milyar, anak Nazri dengan cerut tebal menari dimulut, si Hishammuddin menteri amaran. Inilah kelas UMNO. Lepas itu di sebelah MCA yang belum pulih lepas 2008, MIC yang entah siapa pemimpinnya. Tambah pulak setiap tahun pendededahan Auditor-General tentang ketirisan. Orang kelas tengah macam saya pun dah cakap, biarlah lain janji bukan BN. Siapa saya ? Melayu, penyokong BN dan pengundi semenjak 1982. Jika Najib masih nak kekal labu-labi haprak dalam kabinet - talqin untuk Najib. UMNO dulu zaman Tun Razak sama Najib banyak beza. Najib pulak tunggu masa ditolak.

  15. Joke of the day posted in the Star today.

    "GE13: Chinese businessmen pledge their support to Najib"


    1. Nevermind whatever pledges... lantak kamu semua...the damage is done.

      Would like to request to include even veges, fruit and fresh water fish farms must have the HALAL certification after GE14 onwards....

      I cannot remember but I read an article where they discovered/exposed a papaya orchard using tahi babi for its manure...So safe to start practicing ABCD and always check where the supplies came from. All these bahalol don't understand what NAJIS is all about. All they know is to hoodwink and enrich their pockets...

    2. Once upon a time it was a case of Limau Tambun (Pamelo) and it was discovered by Chinese convert and after that "Ikan Patin" fed with "Bangkai Babi".

  16. Dear Malay brothers and sisters,
    It is clear that these Chinese are now feeling really vulnerable. Or else why would they bother to post comments to justify themselves?
    The lesson to be taught to them will be loud and clear. Hurt their pockets and let them wither. Don't bother to reply the brainless comments and being attention seekers they thrive on it. So piss them off by ignoring them and let them seek solace by commenting in their syok sendiri FB accounts where nobody else gives a fuck.
    Sideline these opportunistic cretins in all ways possible.
    This is the best form of offence.

  17. had a conversation with a 24 year old colleague recently.. I told her that with all these nuisance demos, protests and talk of revolt, i am beginning to fear my safety and that of my family.. people behaving badly in the name of change.. nowadays, people look at you without tolerance.. eating out at a local mamak, people will just stare at you judging you for what race you are..

    and i was taken aback by her respond; she said why must anyone see it as revolt? speak highly for having a peaceful malaysia, because there are no protests on the streets.. but mentally and spiritually people are being oppressed. its not about putting LKS OR LGE OR DSAI in office.. its fighting to change the mentality of the same 56 year old ruling culture.. its not being racist or the dissolving malay democracy.. its about waking up from being in a deep coma.. and realising your whole life has been programmed to think the same way..

    And since then, I have not spoken to her because I think she is just one ungrateful person. as if her life is so oppressed. she went to a respectable govt school, went to a govt university with the help of the govt scholarship, her first car being a national car, her parents living off govt pension etc .. true to tun m's words: melayu mudah lupa.

    the younger generation has had it so easy that when it gets a bit tough, they throw a tantrum.

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  19. Not only boycott McD. Also boycott Starbucks - don't you realize that all these businesses owned by Berjaya (oops, isn't he Tun M's good friend too)?

    1. Tun M is passe. The old Kling_on method of pretending to be a malay ultra while entertaining chinese gambling kings at home is well known dear Tun M. Only the New Straits Time give Tun M space to spew his age old rubbish. Tun M an ultra Malay? muahaha... Tun M has admitted he made Chinese and Indian multibillionaires while making Malays beggars in their own country. All documented in NST.

      In the days of yore, Tun M the cunning Kling_on could meet every week with his Indian Pakistani friend Syed Mohktar and plotted their robbery without anyone knowing. But with the current internet every lie is recorded. So game over Tun M.

      btw who elected Syed Mokhtar to represent the Malays interest by holding all the monopoly of licenses? Syed M father an Indian Pakistani married his 16 year old Indian Pakistani wife who gave birth to Syed M's mother an Indian lady. Syed M mother married an Indian migrant Syed Nor who gave birth to Syed M. So how could Syed M be a Malay?

      All these info in his own biography.

      The wealth of Berjaya, YTL, Ananda, Syed M etc will ensure that Tun M will remain cursed in the Malays modern annal.