Monday 11 August 2014

Calculating the Odds

I really don't get PKR's Kajang Move.

Whether they are not very good with their math or simply unable to live quietly, PKR seems to have managed to put themselves in a situation very similar to that in Perak in 2009.

It is now a game of numbers, with the odds of PR losing control of the Selangor government being as high as Wan Azizah becoming the MB of Selangor.

There is of course the bonus of PAS leaving PR to go solo and uniting with Umno for political expediency to defy PKR-DAP in Selangor State Assembly should the need arise (I doubt PAS would lick their spittle and unite with Umno beyond Selangor).

For one thing, when they decided to appoint YB Hannah Yeoh as the Speaker, it is obvious DAP did not learn from what happened in Perak, nor did they anticipate Anwar Ibrahim's penchant for drama.

DAP, in their shortsightedness of wanting to be seen as having equal power over the state by having one of their own presiding over the Dewan, gambled away 1 vote in the eventuality of a motion of no confidence in the State Assembly.

PKR, in their abject stupidity, sacked one of their own, reducing their numbers to 13, almost at par with their nemesis Umno at 12.

It is also an absolute show of arrogance that despite being the weakest partner in the Pakatan, PKR expect DAP and PAS to totally submit to their machinations, come what may.

Ironically, the outcome has created a situation in Selangor where even DAP is now subject to the mercies of PAS assemblymen, whom they have collectively threatened, insulted, sidelined and offended over the past year.

Somehow PR's precarious position in Selangor doesn't seem to have registered in the brains of bratty boy who is lording it up north, for he had just thrown another "I'll sue you" threat at a PAS leader over something that he should have been better to keep mum about.

If we were to start calculating the odds, the much touted Kajang Move is simply one brainless move after another, driven by mindless arrogance which is now tinged with desperation.

So if all these moves are part of the Kajang Move, far from solidifying their position in Selangor as a base to capture Putrajaya, they have instead managed to loosen their grip on Selangor.

Just as the PR government collapsed a year after GE12, Pakatan may find itself losing Selangor barely a year after GE13.

PS.  Tsk tsk .. Don't you DAP people realise that politically speaking, you would have been in a better position in Selangor with PAS than with PKR?  Really, you need people who can count the odds in your party, no wonder even Windows Excel is beyond you ...


  1. All these happened due to one person..The Chinese kena tipu hidupx in GE 13 by this man,the Kajang folks were hoodwinked by him and lastly the Rakyat of Sgor were victimised by the same person and his shall I say Bangang followers still believe in him.No wonder his wife said he is Anugerah Tuhan.

    1. They all think they are so clever, they are all trying to cheat each other.

      Lucky for them they have all their followers, following whatever they say.

      Their followers love drinking the all that hatorade ABU ABU ABU

  2. After PAS lost its Perak MB how much desire to support PKR in its continuing games? 0%?

  3. Some human insights worth repeating ever so often:

    * You can fool all the people some of the time, and some of the people all the time, but you cannot fool all the people all the time.

    * I am not bound to win, but I am bound to be true. I am not bound to succeed, but I am bound to live by the light that I have. I must stand with anybody that stands right, and stand with him while he is right, and part with him when he goes wrong.

    Abraham Lincoln

  4. How about Nik Nazmi as Deputy Speaker? Can his vote be counted?

  5. DAP is smarter than we think. They have been keeping mum, staying relatively out of the limelight, letting PKR and their idiotic "strategic director" take all the flak. Yet if the financial news are to be believed, DAP has as much if not more to gain by Khalid leaving. In fact, who's to say that the whole thing wasn't instigated by the DAP in the first place? These asses are good at playing the lempar semunyi tangan game.