Saturday 16 August 2014

When we let 3 year-olds hold power ...

... we get Selangor MB Crisis 2014.

I know, it is convenient to blame Umno for everything, but this time around, you people have taken it too far.

PAS Excos hang on to their Exco positions because they wanted to protect the state cash reserves from Umno because they heard the Sultan will "perkenan" the appointment of Umno ADUNs as state excos?

How much was that, Sallehen?  More than RM3.2 billion you said?

Are you seriously stupid or what?

Without PAS support, Khalid and Umno cannot form a government la mangkuk!

If all PAS ADUN went and support Wan Azizah from the very beginning, there would have been no drama at all, the Khalid administration would have collapsed and the Sultan will either dissolve the State Assembly or appoint a new Mentri Besar who has the majority support.

All this extended drama was because you donkeys from PAS wanted Khalid to stay as MB, refused to accept Wan Azizah as the new MB, and now wanted to wait until Sunday before you decide what to do.

It has nothing to do with Sultan or Umno.

It started with that stupid PKR drama called The Kajang Move which was intended to remove Khalid Ibrahim from the MB Office to be replaced with PKR's own Diva Extraordinaire through his proxy, The Wife.

Tuanku Sultan was not involved in the Kajang Move.

Umno was not involved in the Kajang Move.

Only PKR, DAP and PAS, ok.

Then all those other moves to discredit Khalid Ibrahim with the roadshows, the alleged misconduct, whatnots; that was all PKR, DAP and PAS Anwarinas, ok.

Tuanku Sultan was not involved in any roadshows discrediting Khalid Ibrahim.

Umno was not involved in that either.

Then for some convoluted reason, PAS wanted Khalid to stay as Mentri Besar, what with the public statements, the "solat hajat", and whatnots.

Tuanku Sultan was not at Khalid's residence, performing "solat hajat" for his Mentri Besar, ok, only PAS and Khalid's supporters were there.

Umno members were not there, performing "solat hajat" with the rest of Khalid's supporters either.

The only thing that Umno did was to state that they support Khalid to continue as Mentri Besar without conditions, i.e. they were not asking for anything in return for their support, but they only have 12 seats in the Assembly, a minority.

They were never in any danger of getting near that RM3.2 billion cash reserves that you people are so proud of if PAS had not been such stupid donkeys and insisted on Khalid as MB.

This so-called crisis was created entirely by you people, nothing to do with Tuanku Sultan or Umno.

August 28th is only a few days away.

So I would like to suggest to PR politicians and political activists that they should just cool off and wait until then.

Since you are so sure that the majority of the Dewan is with you, the rakyat is with you, the NGOs are apparently with you, so chill and try to have a life that does not involve politics until that date when the Sultan decides what to do next.

Stop pointing fingers at everyone else like a three year-old.

I don't give a crap who becomes MB of Selangor, as I am certain nothing will change for the rakyat no matter who sits in the MB Office.

If Selangor people want these idiots to become their lawmakers, then so be it, I am not invested in any of it.

Just make sure you collect my garbage regularly, repair the roads instead of hoarding billions of state funds just to brag about how much money you people are making, clean up all the open spaces to reduce the dengue numbers, make sure my taps do not dry up.

I will even continue to pay my bills and taxes promptly.

In return, I just want you lot to shut the xxxx up, do you job to serve the rakyat with the minimum of fuss and for God's sake, stop acting like three year-olds.



  1. Haven't you caught it in the waves of soulless rhetoric? Islamists are money-groupie politicians suffering from good-for-nothing-useful-to-others syndrome. . . where have the fair mukmin gone?

    The Buck Stops Here

  2. After all Anwar's PKR and Lim's DAP done against them they still only dare to blame UMNO for things that Anwar might do.
    Truly the donkeys of Pakatan.
    I expect Anwar goons inside PAS to upset them more this coming PAS meeting.
    What about the 2 PAS traitors?UMNO responsible too?
    Bunch of idiots. Do they even realize how their so called Pakatan buddies hate them as much as them PAS hates UMNO?

  3. Voters get the leaders they deserve.