Wednesday 6 August 2014

Making A Difference

Previously I urged Umno to engage Islam-based NGO if they are truly interested in uplifting the lot of the ummah instead of being immersed in meaningless protracted political drama with PAS.

I would like to suggest a better way in which Umno could spend their time and resources for the betterment of the Ummah, if I may.

Instead of having all that annoying rah-rah moments with big "I love PM" rallies, or huge 2-day job fairs that address just a small segment of the intended target, the money is better put to use in creating a lot of goodwill through low-key social programmes with participation from NGOs which are not the usual Umno-related ones.

Start with independent, non-political Islamic social development organisations that run old folks homes, orphanages, nursing homes for mental patients or half way homes for social misfits.

See how these places are managed and find ways to help these organisations administer and run these places while helping out by organising all those Puteri and Umno Youth boys to actually perform voluntary work there on a semi-permanent basis.

Make this as part of their mandatory community contribution, it may help them to get grounded and avoid the pitfalls of the "tin kosong" syndrome when they open their mouths.

They can also create groups of "helpers" that go to the local schools, colleges and universities to counsel students on how to make the best of their talents when choosing specific career paths, help them to recognise opportunities for better career options, assist them to get through any difficulties in their academic endeavours, suggest other options that fit with their capabilities.

It's a positive way of guiding these youngsters to achieve academic success, hence giving them a leg up in fighting for a place in college, universities and the job place, while keeping in touch with these kids without polluting their thinking with all that political rhetoric that is capable of destroying lives.

Maintain this network of youngsters who will then be encouraged to contribute back to society through the same organisation, while they provide each other with business and professional networking that will help Bumiputra businesses to grow bigger and more Bumiputra professionals to become high achievers.

Maybe you won't get lots of photo ops that will fill up the pages of newspapers, but these are things that mean a lot to many people, except the few who think that the world owe them everything, and will allow Umno to constantly be in touch to what is important in the hearts of the people.

You have all those missions to foreign lands, well and good, but don't forget that you should also create goodwill among the ordinary people, who may not need as much help as those poor downtrodden people; to just have their troubles acknowledged and addressed would do wonders of how they perceive you.

There are many little things such as these that Umno members can do to make a difference, I am sure, and people may also have lots more ideas on how to get these done in a more meaningful way, but they should start somewhere instead of constantly lamenting about the perfidy of youth.


  1. UMNO just has to abandon their old boys network syndrome and get down to grassroots altruism for the Malays to move forward, which they are most capable of doing so with heartfelt intelligence.

  2. A down to earth suggestion there Big Cat.
    Come August 11 2014, you should suggest to PM to include a provision in the coming budget for this program not only for UMNO but BN youths.
    BTW, Congratulations for attaining the 1 million visitors' mark.

    Nenek Kampung

  3. I million visitors....good on ya, Kitty! Well done...keep 'em coming!