Saturday 9 August 2014

PR Drama

Aiseh ... another PR drama in session.

I have been trying to avoid all that PKR-PAS drama being played out in all the news headlines.

Then of course CM Lim had to create his own kind of drama too with the surplus/deficit nonsense, like who gives a crap about that?

And you are suing someone for saying the tunnel project is how much again?

If the BN ministers are half as sue-happy as these PR pollies, we would have all the PR activists knee-deep in legal suits.

I really don't get it la ... these PR politicians ...

They have only three states to govern and yet they create so much noise and drama that I am convinced that they are starved for attention.

As if all the hullabaloo in Selangor is not enough to hog the headlines, Pulau Pinang has to creep into the picture too.

Seriously, PAS accuse DAP of whatever, DAP threaten PAS with whatever, PKR charge one of their own of whatever ... it goes on and on, non-stop.

Don't these people ever get tired of all these conflicts?

Why can't they just try to get along and help each other to govern their respective states without constantly bitching about each other?

If someone make a mistake, can't they just tell him/her about the mistake and work something out to rectify the problem, don't simply get all indignant and angry and threaten to sue lah, show cause letter lah, roadshows lah ...

Aiyooo, I get tired just reading about them.

So incredibly childish, it boggles the mind how these bunch of juveniles got elected as lawmakers.

Thank God Anwar didn't become our Prime Minister, otherwise we would have cabinet reshuffles every time one of the ministers make a decision that wasn't referred to him and we will end up with his entire family as cabinet ministers with multiple portfolios.

This is the reason why I shudder at the thought of PR running the Federal government.

Khalid Ibrahim, you should have been prepared for the eventuality of being discarded once you have served your purpose.  It has happened to others before you.

That is the nature of Anwar Ibrahim, everything and everyone's purpose is to serve his interest.

You should have just given in gracefully and let Wan Azizah take over the MB post if the Sultan allows it.

If, as a result, Selangor regresses into a cesspool, that's what the Selangor people totally deserve for not using their brains when they chose their representatives.

You reap what you sow.

As for Lim Guan Eng, why can't someone just tell him to grow up?


  1. It's altogether too dangerous to allow the PKR top brass the benefit of the doubt any further, at the risk of the country's administrative capital drowning in a vortex of psychotic conflicts and a narcissistic epidemic the likes of which have never before been encountered in Malaysia's history.

  2. No surprise at all cos it happened in a party with arrogant leaders and Bangang members...Parti Kelentong Rakyat.

  3. Bigcat,

    The surplus/deficit thing may seem trivial. But now since I have verified that Penang Govt do indeed experience "overall deficit" although LGE is claiming that they are enjoying surplus budgets, I am convinced that this is the reason why Foreign Direct Investment plummeted in Penang (extremely lower than Kedah).

    Foreign investor would not believe a single thing of what LGE said in all those oversea investment promotion that he went to because these investors would do their own homework and would found out that LGE is willing to lie even about publicly available information regarding his Govt economic performance. Talk about losing confidence............

    1. That's why it is idiotic of him to bring this matter up as it would have been better if he just zip up about. It doesn't make any difference to the cina if Pulau Pinang has a surplus or deficit as it won't affect the political landscape in that state, they just don't care. If the investors don't come, so be it. If Penangites' prosperity got affected in the long run, wouldn't that be what the they deserve? Besides, he can always blame it on Umno.

  4. Never thought politics in Malaysia have so many drama. Can make tv program lor.