Thursday 14 August 2014

When You Have The Smarts

The Pakatan is really at breaking point now and it is all up to PAS how this drama will end.

Khalid Ibrahim is pulling all the stops, and I bet he still has a few tricks up his sleeves in his bid to keep his enemies unbalanced.

However it is still up to PAS.

For one thing, as I predicted earlier, PAS is not willing to have anything to do with Umno, not even in Selangor, or at least that's what I gathered from the statements by Sallehen Mukhyi and Halimah Ali.

They will not sully the holy pact that forms the political trinity of Islamist PAS, Libertarian PKR and Socialist DAP.  At least not until their meeting on the 17th.

Heh ... the irony of it.

Too bad, really, for those who think that PAS-Umno unity government is going to happen in Selangor.  PAS loves DAP and PKR too much.

Therefore, in reality, Khalid's position is not very strong, so it is important for him to keep his opponents jumping around in disarray.

It is interesting to note that DAP and PKR miscalculated big time as they totally did not take into account the role of the Istana and the pertinent clauses of Undang-Undang Tubuh Negeri in the appointment of Mentri Besar and the State Exco.

I found that baffling, that they apparently did not do a thorough research before plotting a course of action that is turning into a disaster.

Reading his moves, I think Khalid has some very competent and sharp advisers who have not only been giving him good advice, but have also prepared for all possible scenarios.

I guess it helps that the other side are not very smart.

On a positive note, reports say that Umno would decline any offer of positions in the state government, which is smart of them.

By distancing themselves from all the drama, and minimising their official statements only to the necessity of stating their unconditional support for Khalid to continue his job as Mentri Besar, Umno in Selangor is coming across as a more sane and credible alternative.

It also frees Khalid from obligations that may hamper him in his bid to remain as Mentri Besar.


  1. i highly suspect that eventually PAS will 'realize the error of their way'. and leaving Khalid Ibrahim by himself (plus UMNO la kot).

    When that happen, well...another PRN for Selangor I guess. Million of RM for PKR KETUM idiosyncrasy. the next PRN will see that DAP retain all their seats, PKR losing some, PAS gaining some, and UMNO still sleeping hahaha

  2. Some really elemental lessons for the Pakatan Trio coming out of this.

    1. PKR - It's called a telephone. Try talking to your partners before you act. You might think like UMNO, but you don't have their clout. Also, try to act on principle, because when you act on political/personal motives everyone can see you look greedy and stupid.
    2. DAP - Histrionics work for some voters. They don't work on PAS. Some diplomacy needs to be done behind closed doors.
    3. PAS - your discipline is your strength, but if you march away from Pakatan, your dreams will be limited to the administration of Kelantan.

    Overall, this has been another significant success for Najib, whose cool head and sensitive leadership have consistently outwitted the Opposition and critics within BN.


  3. Knowing PAS all this years ,that nothing new ,but without them , I believe Khalid can still continue hi job ,if the Sultan sees that the best for the state.

  4. Political Cunning has a tunnel vision towards a desired prize at the end's opening; Wisdom on the other hand, because it is devoid of vested interest, sees into the infinite possibilities and all is light.