Monday 18 August 2014

So Be It, Selangorians

At 10 to 27 against, I think the Ulama faction within PAS has lost control of the party.

The next step is to wait for the decision of Tuanku Sultan when he comes back from his holiday.

Until then, we just have to endure more of the same posturing all around.

This is the reason why I never put much credence in PAS.

All that posturings and whatever, but in the end they toe the line drawn by their masters, for the sake of having a share of the RM3.2 billion in Selangor coffers.

This whole thing would have ended much earlier, before Tuanku left for his holiday if not for these blustering bastards.

What a complete waste of time la these windbags ...

As for those who think that Khalid Ibrahim is such a wonderful guy, think again.

He is not that much different from the hypocrites barking and nipping at his heels to get their hands on that RM3.2 billion Selangor cash reserves.

How can he be considered a good state administrator when the state has RM3.2 billion in cash savings or fixed deposits, and yet the state cannot provide Selangor residents with basic things such as uninterrupted availability of clean water, a healthy living environment, and decent roads.

Why was he hoarding that RM3.2 billion when it could have been better utilised by the local authorities to maintain roads, improve the garbage collection service, clean up the back alleys and open spaces to create a healthier and safer living space for the rakyat?

To what purpose was he saving all that cash for?

Obviously not for the rakyat.

When has it ever been said that a public administration with lots of cash reserves holed up somewhere gaining interest while the public services suffer is a sign of good management?

Why can't the state work with the federal government and neighboring states to resolve the water issue in a timely manner and without a drawn out political drama?

Is the state government truly free of corruption, cronyism and nepotism during his watch?

For me, Khalid Ibrahim is just as guilty as the rest of them of political grandstanding, so I don't see that he is that much better than Anwar's Wan Azizah or Azmin Ali.

This whole issue of replacing the MB is a non-issue really.

And if Anwar Ibrahim, Lim Guan Eng, Mat Sabu and the rest of the gang are that hard up for the RM3.2 billion, so be it - it isn't like we the rakyat will get any benefit from that cash reserve regardless of who is in charge in Shah Alam.

Things will get worse, I agree, but it isn't that much better under Khalid anyway.


  1. The Prophet s.a.w. warned us: "Be careful whom you associate with. You'll become like them." and he also remarked: "The ruler of the people will stand before them on Judgement Day being compelled to answer to each and every complaint of theirs against him."

  2. Good politic by DAP who inspired much of the decision by PAS and PKR . As expected ,now the burden lay on the shoulder of HRH Sultan of Selangor .

    Whatever the decision will be ,he will be put to be blamed .

  3. Share?
    PAS won't see a cent of the 3 billion.
    It's obvious Anwar's insistence on having his wife for the MB post is so that he personally could get his hands on it and use it to continue his nefarious plans. The money is only another means to an end, which is Putrajaya and the PM seat. Well, with a pardon somewhere along the way.

    PAS are already pakatan's donkeys. Why waste money when they're already under PKR and DAP's thumb?in fact, they will be squeezed dry instead, followers and funds and everything else they have. Their dignity is already gone, that's for sure.

  4. So happy to hear this story! So happy to hear the sadness of the ketuanans. Bring it on!!

  5. Its not About Khalid But Un organize so call Govt.