Wednesday 20 August 2014

Clean Start

Logic would say that Tuanku Sultan will consent to the dissolution of the State Assembly.

With all the mess currently, it is only sensible to have a clean start.

We can't possibly have a clean slate, as I suspect the same jokers would still be putting themselves up as candidates, but at least there will be a fresh mandate to check Selangor's state administration downward spiral to that of a banana republic.

Imagine that, the richest (all the political write-ups especially the foreign ones like to throw this in whenever they write about Selangor) and most urbanised state in the country, with presumably more "educated and classy " urbanites per square feet than other states in Malaysia combined, have managed to get themselves into a festival of political lunacy.

We have taps that run dry periodically, garbage that don't get collected regularly, poorly maintained roads with potholes that you  have to get off-road to avoid, an escalating dengue fever problem - and now a possibility of a state wide election barely a year after a General Election.

Talk about third world problems and mentality.

If we have these kinds of problems in the richest state in Malaysia with the most number of "educated and classy" urbanites, maybe it isn't too bad living in a kampung somewhere in the rural heartland of Johor where they don't have too many people claiming they are better than everyone else, trying to force their political opinions down other people's throat.

I am not sure whether I am going to even waste my time analysing the upcoming (possibly) elections and the potential outcome.

Besides, Annie is already doing it and she probably would continue to do so.

However, if the Selangor people are smart, they should really think hard whether they would want to give their mandate to a bunch of politicians who spend their entire time talking to the people as opposed to doing things in service of the people, again.

My sister is definitely casting her vote in Subang Jaya again, should there be a by-election.  That's one wasted vote for BN in lala land.

Unfortunatey, or fortunately come to think of it, I haven't transferred my vote from Gelang Patah, so this time I will be just a bystander.

When I suggested to Pakatan that they should all resign their seats periodically instead of just the one in Kajang to gain attention, I never expected that the Kajang Move was going to trigger the dissolution of the State Assembly and caused a mini-general election in Selangor.

I mean, that posting about ignoring the attention seeker was just a joke, who would have thought that some moron would actually started creating a political mess to trigger something similar.

So now I know what it's like living in a state run by "highly intelligent, classy and educated" urbanites.


  1. Please keep your vote in Gelang Patah.
    Thank You.

  2. One of these days somebody would be pissed off enough to vote with bullets instead of ballots.
    The Selangor people are zombies chanting ABU, ABU, ABU, who do you think they would vote for?They would vote for dogs and pigs if they run under Pakatan banner.
    This whole mess wouldn't have happened if they didn't vote in some useless fan waving outsider puppet to the Kajang seat in the first place.