Monday 25 August 2014

KPI of a State Government

I am so incredibly glad that at least this blog is no longer inundated with Opposition cyber-bullies like it used to be.

Sure, BigCat no longer have the kind of traffic it used to have, but at least I can actually say my piece without a number of trolling cretins filling up the comments space - except for the occasional expletive-ridden curses.

True, I can just delete those comments the public would deem offensive, but to be honest, I find these reaction from anons who couldn't refute my opinions in a more measured and rational manner kind of amusing and just let them through to remind myself to avoid going the same route.

Just as I give these anons the freedom to express their opinions, I expect the same courtesy from the public who come to my blog - to freely air my opinions of the world around me.

It so happens that now I am living in Selangor, in all its rubbishy glory and political lunacy.

Why do some people get all excited when I express exactly what I think about the barely tolerable situation that deprive us who live in Selangor with basic services that a state administration should provide to the people who put them in office?

If what I wrote is not true, then refute it and give examples of the truth.

If I think politicians tussling for the highest office in the state while basic public services (such as water, road conditions, garbage collection are neglected) is a symptom of a banana republic, wouldn't it be "classier" to refute my opinion with rational reasonings of why it is not so?

If Selangor people are happy with such a situation, then so be it, but I don't see why I should keep quiet about it.

I also exercise my right to express my opinion that a well-managed state with more than RM3 billion in its coffers should not neglect something as basic as uninterrupted supply of clean water.

Before we shout in pride about the state's ability to have RM3.2 billion in its coffers, and that we are the richest state in Malaysia, we should think again what is meant by having a BALANCED BUDGET and why the KPI for running a state government and a corporate entity are different.

A corporate entity has an obligation to create value, which is ultimately translated into more Ringgit and Sen for its stakeholders.

A state government has an obligation to serve the public.

Selangor state government should function primarily as an operations general manager by efficiently managing its resources such as land, water, minerals and of course the human resources; to create a conducive environment for its residents, by providing not only jobs but also living condition that is prosperous, safe, clean and healthy.

So tell me, has the Selangor state administration delivered this with their RM3.2 billion reserves, water crisis, uncollected garbage, potholed roads, dengue and a political brawl to boot?


  1. What do you expect?

    Does anyone even think that they are fighting over the MB post to spend the billions money for the rakyat?

    Khalid Ibrahim sealed his own fate when he managed the state's money like that.

    On the other hand Penang is the opposite story.

  2. Why blame it on MB when ut us the responsibility of the local councils and the exco .
    Terminating Alam Flora & replacing it with cronies whom were not capable to handle the job caused the problems.

    1. Who's in charge here? Come on man, you gotta get down to grassroots where the problems that need solutions are; if only to make sure your management got their heads and hearts right!