Tuesday 5 August 2014

PAS-Umno unity very unlikely ...

... if PAS leadership wants their "maruah" to remain intact.

This is of course just my opinion.

The thing is, with the leadership that they have in PAS currently, I doubt that they would be crawling to Umno any time soon anyway, despite all that talk about leaving Pakatan.

The problem with PAS is, I have this weird feeling that all that talk of unity government, leaving Pakatan and what-nots are just political posturing, them maneuvering to get attention for whatever that they are not getting from the powers-that-be within Pakatan.

PAS wants a share of power (prior to GE13, they were even aspiring to the Premiership), which they are obviously not getting in Pakatan states other than Kelantan.

There is only so much you can get out of a state without any coherent socio-economic development planning and implementation in place.

But then reality bites, and they now have one full year to reflect on what they got out of the Pakatan deal after what has been termed as the most successful opposition political achievement ever since the riots of 1969.

However, the state of PAS in Selangor, despite having the same number of seats as DAP, kinda reflect what is in the dish that was shoved to their corner.

Let's not even talk about Pulau Pinang.

They are even reprimanded for attempting to table Hudud Laws in Kelantan, where there isn't a single non-Muslim representative in the State Assembly and more than 95% of its population is Malay Muslims.

Then there is that allusion to idiots in Ariff Sabri's description of PAS as "parti tok alim kampungan".

Of course they are upset, and they want to hit back in whatever form they can, hence the support for Khalid Ibrahim, the leaking of their WhatsApp chat, the insistence in tabling Hudud.

What difference would it be to PAS whether Khalid Ibrahim or Wan Azizah becomes the MB of Selangor?

It isn't as if it would change PAS' lot.  They are both PKR.

But they won't leave the Pakatan, primarily because they will have to eat their words, all those years of constant Umno-hating ceramah, even "doa pecah perut" and "Umno KO".

Really difficult to do that, considering the size of their ego.

How would they explain all that to their members and followers whose life-long "perjuangan" was to fight against the Umno infidel?

I wish Umno and pro-Umno bloggers would just quit talking about PAS-Umno unity as I think if the Malays truly had wanted to be united above any need for personal glory, there would not have been a PAS in the first place.

And their anti-Umno rhetoric has not significantly lessened by any degree either.

So Umno should not waste their time with PAS.

What Umno should do is focus on steering our nation through these difficult times without wasting too much time pandering to those who are dissatisfied with the outcome of their choices.

Instead, they should just pay more heed to some of the Islam-based NGOs which have been quietly active on the ground, have dialogues with as many of them as possible and invite them more often to be part of the planning think tank and implementation machinery of Islamic social programmes.

Be sure to avoid organisations that appear to have over-weaning political ambitions, or narrow definitions of Islamic social development, or those with overly political rhetoric about Malay rights without making any significant work on the ground.

Be smart with your choices will you, Umno, and steer clear of the mess in Pakatan.


  1. I cannot help but agree with you on this. I fail to understand why pro-UMNO bloggers are harping on this untiy angla with PAS; it's not going to happen so Long as TG Nik Aziz is alive and vocal.

    UMNO should change tact and engage those groups that support it or those which have shown their disillusionment with PR. It appears that UMNO seems incapable of thinking outside the box and instead tolerate termites within it like Nur Jazlan and Saifuddin Abdullah.

    Wake up la UMNO!

  2. Yes, there will never be any Malay unity as long as Nik Aziz and Hadi are still around.

    1. The Islamist Hadi guy made his TAKFIR Proclamation about UMNO decades ago and he is therefore responsible for the social upheavals that have shred the Malay community apart in the last three decades. He has only recently rejected calls from various quarters for him to retract his infamous AMANAT HADI AWANG.