Tuesday 26 February 2013

Pakatan's manifesto: Everyone, including the poor have to pay

Yesterday was Pakatan's manifesto day. I guess by now most of you had read about all the goodies offered by them.

The comments on the manifesto were everywhere and wide ranging. Here is one by automotive blogger paultan on the excitingly cheaper prices of cars, revoking of AES and abolishing of tolls as offered by Pakatan -

Pakatan Rakyat's 2013 manifesto: auto-related points

paultan, however cautioned its reader -
The manifesto doesn’t detail just how all this will be achieved, nor flesh out other auto-related points covered in it.

It's more or less the same as in 2008 when they promised the stars and the moon without exactly telling how they are going to pluck the stars and moon from the sky. Sorry, I don't feel like wasting my energy trying to go into the details as I don't really have the time for it. You can of course get those details at the other websites and newspapers today.

Actually, I don't think the manifesto will be of much value except for its gimmick effect. If I remember correctly, Pakatan gain inroads in 2008 not because of their manifesto but because people were fed-up with Pak Lah's administration. They know the Pakatan's manifesto was just bullshit but still voted against BN due to the hopelessly clueless PM at that time and the arrogance of the people around him. To top it all, MCA also decided to commit harakiri about the same time by trying to kill each other just before election causing the collapse of Chinese community's support for the coalition. Pakatan did not exactly have to do or offer much in 2008.

Anyway, as for the manifesto which looks very similar to the one offered in 2008, the question is - where are the money coming from? Free higher education, free highways, free wi-fi, and free everything else? Pay with Petronas' money, is it? We want to bankrupt Petronas by expecting it to pay for everything?

Hey, still someone has to pay, ok? Nothing is really free in this world.

Use government's money? Well, government's money is our money. Every single one of us pay taxes. Not just income tax, ok. You eat at KFC also kena tax, ok? Rice also kena tax, you know or not? Why Pakatan never say want to abolish all these taxes? Because it's not as glamourous and attractive as abolishing tax for cars, tolls and other middle income stuff. It's all a matter of getting the votes from the right group of people.

Do bear in mind that we still have to pay for everything at the end of it.

For instance, if there is no toll at the highways, that means the government has to pay for it and the money to pay for it will be coming from all of us taxpayers, including the poor ones who don't have a car to drive on the highways. That's because even the poor ones pay taxes in some form one way or another.

So, don't get conned, ok?

Pakatan never conned people? I give you a simple example - Remember Kampung Buah Pala in Penang. If you can't remember, please google.


  1. Big Cat..even Taiwan people pays Toll and the gas price in Taipeh is like 5 times ours?The electricity and water cahrges are no cheap either. Satu Tong gas masak is like RM 120 I am told.
    the airmanifesto say they can create like 1 million jobs but once they abolish the tolls, my estimates something like 200,000 jobs will vanish..the toll operators, the toll collectors, the road sweepers and the security guards around the tolls, not to mention the people manning the rest stops, like the contractors
    Once the Highway are free and open , developers cronies to Anuar will get access to the highways and no more traffic dispersal and chaos will set in.The highways will be potholed and maintainence are back to JKR styled budget and quality. Cheaper cars will kill more people on the roads
    Malaysia will be like any African countries.Investors will not come in as our infra is not up to standards.5 million jobs will be lost!.When that happens, there will be racial tensions and strife.People will gadoh..Malay against Chinese.Singapore will step in konon to protect the Chinese..Then United Nations will come in putting peacekeeping forces
    The seeds of our destruction..Forget about being a developed country. UNDI lah Anuar Ibrahim!!!

    1. The Public Rascal leader dares to make this promise and will deliver this time. According to one Barking Magpie, when the Rebel leader was in charge of the Finance Ministry, his machais hijacked billions RM 1000 notes and sent it overseas for hedging by the Soros foundation.

      One Mamak Cutie found out about all the squandering and announced the RM 1000 notes as good as used toilet paper.
      That was the start of the war.

      Now, if the Pakatan Rascals win, they will collect it back and fund all these promises.

      Now do you see it?

  2. I think it is worth to give Pakatan a chance even though they may not fulfill their pledge. Even they can fulfill 1% of their pledge, it is good enough as compare to continue to vote for BN. To vote for BN means status quo, means rakyat will continue to suffer bad quality of life, means continue to addict handout or bribe from BN and most importantly means to support cronyism and corruption by robbing the rakyat. Some may think Pakatan pledge may not be implemented as promise but the fact is by just reduce the corruption and wastage by the BN gov to the cronies, the money save is more than enough to implement all these changes.

    1. If you believe what you're saying.. I think you better get your head checked..

      "I think it is worth to give Pakatan a chance even though they may not fulfill their pledge"
      We have given them a chance.. they took 5 states. You're right, they DID NOT fulfill they pledge. Can we expect any different if they take over Putrajaya? Doubt it. PR is truly Tong Kosong coalition..

      "To vote for BN means status quo, means rakyat will continue to suffer bad quality of life"
      Bad quality of life? Are you living in a different country than me? Other people are willing to brave the ocean and die trying to be a citizen of this country. That is how good Malaysia is!

      "continue to addict handout or bribe from BN"
      Free higher education, free highways, free wi-fi, and free everything else... that's not handout meh? It is worse than handout coz the rich will enjoy it more.

      "Some may think Pakatan pledge may not be implemented as promise but the fact is by just reduce the corruption and wastage by the BN gov to the cronies, the money save is more than enough to implement all these changes"
      You should try to learn economics and finance instead of just learn to parrot the opposition.. what you said doesn't make any economic sense.

    2. dude... i agree wuth you. The anonymous 1003 is truly a stupid idiot who never use his head to think. Must be a budak mentah yang terikut ikut dengan keseronokan cakap cakap orang. Adik... hal kenegaraan ni bukan isu main main. Tak sama dengan isu bangun pagi dan berharap mak dah belikan nasi lemak. Mak dah tinggal duit belanja isi minyak kereta. Bukan semua tu.. isu kenegaraan ialah umpama macam mana nak bantu mak bapak supaya hiudp mak bapak senang... gitu cara pemikirannya bukan pikir hari ni pakai baju apa dan samada mak dah gosok baju ke belom...

    3. I'll go for status quo rather than the greatest liar in town. Abolish tolls in Selangor before talking about the future. Enough of PKR bullshit.

    4. One Greatest liar is better than greatest Ali baba and his 40 buddies. According to the official religion, hands are supposed to be chopped off. Why no money if UMNO can give goodies here and there?

    5. PKR ni menang sebab orang benci pak lah... DAP tau. PAP tau. PAS tak paham...

      PKR perasan handal..

      so mampoi la akhirnya DAP yang berkuasa, bodoh punya Nuar gila seks

  3. "Waaaahhhhhh BN plunder long time already, give us PR chance to plunder Malaysia la...in return you guys can have these goodies.Even if 1% actually fulfilled for you guys enough ma, don't ask if we actually have any intention of fulfilling them, manifesto not really promise, okay?"

    Cybertroopers reduced to begging now?

  4. Apa punya manifesto ni,I have heard these same old craps since 2008,after they created cockstand of winning some states.I think there is something wrong with these PR bosses,they always take for granted that most of the rakyat are stupid and can be kelentong.This time around they will be jolted as the Malays will punish PKR and PAS for the Kalimah ALLAH issue,DAP will get some beating by the Indians for the remarks that they will win even without the support of the Indians.The Kadazans will wallop PKR in Sabah,and in Swk PKR will face the same by the Ibans for questioning the bravery of the late Kanang.I just wonder PRs always boasted of road to Putrajaya,but I did not see any real work done for defending their seats that they won in 2008 unless corect me if Iam wrong they operated underground.

  5. I'll go for status quo rather than the biggest liar in town. Cannot even abolish tolls in Selangor and already talking about all tolls. Enough of PKR bullshit.

    1. Only the Federal Government has all the money from the taxes collected. Selangor has no money. Take Federal Goverment and get all the money to pay the bills.

  6. Yeah la.
    We are waiting for extradite back those money siphoned out by Syed Mokhtar, Vincent Tan, AK, Rozali Ismail, Taib Mahmud, Francis Yeoh, Mahathir sons and the top 20 taikuns & taikors!

    I bet you can trace those money to Switzerland, UK, Australia, Singapore and maybe Taiwan also... Hehe

    Then we can easily fund these programs for the people and return any excess money back to each rakyat's account.
    We are waiting... Soon, soon.

    ~ Kluang girl

    1. Go check your facts, Kluang call girl. Your Rear Admiral and gang siphoned out billions of RM 1000 and 500 notes and used Soros to hedge with it when he was the cashier at the Finance Ministry.

      Mamak Cutie intervened. Period.

      Now, your lover boy wants to be PM to redeem these notes and pay for all the promises in the manifesto.

      Haiyah, where are your brains? In your rear too?

    2. This kluang girl is really pathetic. Sudah tak ada point then tembak sebarang.

    3. 23.15

      It shows Dumno MACC is just another donkey. Billions is make up of millions of millions. Donkey MACC cannot trace a single thousands or a million out of billions from the rear admiral? It shows Dumno does not know how much is a billion.

  7. Kluang Girl,
    Who siphoned the biggest money,ask your idol la,Rear Admiral,3 billion mah....soon,soon,Khalid Ibrahim,Azizan,Ngeh cousins will be in troubles.. just wait and see.Do not fly in daylight,you will hit the lamposts.Kantoi mah..

  8. UMNO/BN Manifesto : teruskan usaha gigih UMNO/BN curi wang rakyat and memperkasakan budaya rasuah dan perkauman.

    ni manifesto yg bigcat kuat sokong !!


    How long u think can sustain de projects if u got back those cash?
    You think so easy izzit to take money in foreign banks etc n u know much is in there is it?IS IT BECAUSE YOU YOU SWINDLE WITH THEM???
    Some of DE names mentioned above have made huge donations back to de government , u think they stwepid izzit or de gov is????

    DE TERM BIAR MAKAN SIKIT ASAL HALAL is quiet dead but not dead its been compromised!!!
    Practical talk :

    De government SHOULD reduce the taxes for car but they can not TOTALLY REMOVE TAXES!!!



    1. I think KLUANG GIRL has been quite fair now because she did mention names like Vincent Tan and Francis Yeoh that had been given big 'tongkat' to prosper in much early days ,just like Robert Kwok ,not to forget him.
      The fact is no one can be really successful without 'tongkat' from the government but alas, they always throw the tongkat when they crossed the bridge and always deny that had been given once.
      Now the Malay are learning to used the 'tongkat' but they always used wrongly.

    2. So what? no matter how rich Vincent Tan and Francis Yeoh are, this doesn't mean the gov has helped the CHINESE community. The common Malaysian non Malay including the Chinese are still not benefited from the gov polisies and being discriminated. NEP is used by the UMNOputra to defend their wealth (including the non Malay cronies). All the Malaysian including the Malay suffer under UMNO/BN.

    3. You want the gomen to give you a pot of gold without working hard?

  10. The 'airmanifesto' was solely made-up by PKR without a slightest input from PAS & DAP. So it's the Rear Admiral owns idea. How he is going to get the funds fulfilling his airmanifesto, only he knows. Maybe it's true, he has RM3Billion in cash, stowed somewhere in banks vaults, down south, but was tendered not legal by Tun Dr.M during the Commonwealth Games and at the height of financial crisis, 1998. The Rear Admiral was then, Deputy PM + Finance Minister. Hei!, that's where we keep our treasures. So powerful man, he was.

    Some of the above commentators was right.
    Don't be surprise if these RM500 & RM1000 denomination is legal tender again, when Pakatan rules.


    1. RD dummno. Why have to wait until Pakatan rules? Why not give to Hee Yit Fong, Wee Choo Keong, Gana etc to keep them happy if the Rear Admiral has billions? Just use a few millions can settle any case. No brainer RD.

    2. Anon 16:18.
      What's 'dummno' got to do with me?

      What have Yit Fong, Choo Keong & Gana done, anyway?
      They lompat out of DAP = No Good?
      Lompat into DAP = Good?

      Is this what you call democracy in DAP? (Democratic Action Party). In a democracy, anybody is free to leap, anywhere they want. That is what we call, freedom.

      Are you suggesting bribery to gag them from voicing their grievances and malpractice in DAP. Is that not corruption that you always accuse BN of doing?

      How can someone give anything that cannot be used by anybody, anymore. I think you're still a child in 1998, when the govt. rendered RM500 & RM1000 bills invalid for use. Maybe you're too dumb to comprehend what I wrote or you don't read carefully.

      Lim Kit Siang & his son, Guan Eng is a dictator and building a Dynasty, already. In-fact, nepotism is the worst in Pakatan than any political party in the world. That is why people don't like them. Lim & Son are rejected in Melaka.
      Don't belief? Ask them to contest in Melaka, this GE13?

      No wonder YB Wee Choo Keong was expelled from DAP because of not showing 'affection & love' towards Tokong Lim Kit Siang. Now the Tokongship is pass to his son.


    3. RD - They can lompat proves that DAP is democratic. So in your religion, people are not punish if they breaks the rule and does not show affection to Allah? why stonning hapopen in Pakistan etc? So U are really dumno. U are again dumno because people vote for party and not cult - U are dumno because there is the slogan - ABU. Just look at Yen2.

    4. Anon 16:39.

      You must be a very dumb supporter of DAP & Pakatan.
      Haven't you heard that DAP have recently passed a law against hopping, in the Dewan Negeri. They even suspended their own ADUN for not attending the sitting, in angst of the fear that the bill does not get the 2/3 aye for approval.

      You want Malaysian to show affection and worship Guan Eng like God? You have it. No wonder people called him Tokong.

      Muslims in Malaysia do not practice stoning like in Pakistan. If you like to see a Taliban style stoning, then you can vote for PAS. Their Tok Gurus are mainly educated in the pondoks of Pakistan and India. That's where HUDUD laws is practiced. Good luck to you.

      Why do I need to look at Yen Yen? She is not my taste. Too old for me.

      Anyway, she is with MCA. In BN, UMNO is very considerate and kind to have given MCA or MIC, a safe Malay Majority constituent, so that they have a representative in Parliament.
      In your Pakat-Pakatan, you think the DAP is willing to give a safe majority Chinese seat to PAS?

      Abu rokok or is it Abu Sayaf?
      Abu Sayaf is a gang of pirates in Southern Philippines. They are a close relatives to the Malays and Muslims too. You like them? Your 'Rear Admiral' is their friend. Go and bend you back towards him.


    5. RD - You and Dumno have been support PAS. If not when PAS said about Shariah Laws, you and DUmno have agreed and did not opposed PAS.

      Project IC, bringing in pirates because they are close relatives to Dumno are result of Dumno's project to bend forwad and backwards.

    6. Anon 14:14

      Your written English is bad. Without that 'Dumno' thing, it would be more easy to grasp what you are trying to say.

      I voted PKR last GE 2008 because I hate Pak tidoLah. He even brought in his son-in-law into the government. BN politicians then, are corrupted, arrogant and behaved as though the rakyat owes them a living. Maybe the huge victory in GE11 2004 made their head grew big. They took control of the MSM and suppressed dissenting views and those vocal against them. Only praises, syiok sendiri and ball-polishing news of their leaders were published. Some crimes were even withheld from public to keep the impression that crime rate is low.

      However, after 5 years, Pakatan people that I voted for, seems to have taken over the bad deeds of BN politicians. In-fact even worst with nepotism and cronyism. They turned the party into a dynasty, all-in-the family at the top hierarchy.
      The Malay idiom: Lari dari mulut buaya, masuk mulut singa.

      This GE13, I will vote for whoever represent BN.

      I am not an UMNO member. But I have never heard UMNO supporting PAS version or Hudud or Syariah Laws. PAS practised an extreme Taliban version of Islam and not suitable in Malaysia. Why would DAP wants to make friends with PAS?
      You must ask Lim Kit Siang or his son, Lim Guang Eng or Karpal Singh.

      About those Suluks.
      The area in Southern Philippines are lawless. Everybody carry guns. They have been fighting for centuries against the Spanish, English, American, then the Philippines' Christian army and now Malaysian. These battle weary people have become brutal & cruel. Some have even turned pirates like Abu Sayaf.

      Yes, they are 'relatives' to the Malays, and to some extend, same as the Indonesian in Kalimantan and they are Muslims too. The Archipelago of Sulu is near to Semporna and Lahat Datu. These people lived in the seas. The local called them 'orang Laut'. Some live on boats and some on houses build on the waters near shore. When they have been living there for a long time, speak the local language and assimilated with local culture through marriage, they have the right to apply for citizenship.

      From the RCI, it is known that 12 immigration officers were detained under ISA for selling IC to foreigners. Yet the RCI relied on these treacherous men as witness. There is no basis that the government approved citizenship only to Muslims. Infact the Chinese from China are given citizenship too. Anybody who stays more than 10 years in Malaysia can apply for citizenship.

      The problem only arise when people who are former immigrants themselves, start to question the rights of new immigrants who happened to be Muslims.


  11. Wow! Since 1997 Anwar Ibrahim been sacked as Deputy Prime Minister by Mahathir, UMNO bloggers still talking about his RM3 billion treasure, so either through sheer incompetence or stupidity the Malaysian governments of Mahathir, Pak Lah & Najib still cannot prove and take back the money?!

    16 years already SB, Bank Negara, MoF, Polis & friendly Judges still tak boleh bawa balik anything ke... So UMNO bloggers know more than all our powerful Malaysian institutions... Hehe

    I bet you that when the time comes, we will be able to quickly repatriate the money siphoned out by Syed Mokhtar, Vincent Tan, AK, Rozali Ismail, Taib Mahmud, Mahathir sons and the top 20 taikuns & taikors!
    Money recovered will go to fund programs for the people and any excess money banked into each rakyat's account...

    ~Kluang girl

    1. Dei stupid call girl, your idol is hoping to take back those invalid cash to repay all the Pakatan leaders who are pretending to support him lah.

      Remember that one funny case about the pledge to the Cancer society with millions in hard cash (US $)? He is now in jail. Some how he got hold of disbanded US currency which was supposed to be destroyed and managed to con so many, including his Malay wife?

      Nah, you are too stupid to even think.

  12. Oh by the way, Australia as mentioned is part of international anti-money laundering pact, so a government-to-government request can help you open any bank vaults la...

    So maybe the UMNO bloggers can relay this info to Bank Negara to ambil balik the legendary RM3 billion la. Jokers la. Haha

    ~Kluang girl

    1. Dear Kluang Girl.

      Bank Negara sources say Singapore banks have been in touch to inquire about what to do with the billions of ringgit stashed in Singapore in these two denominations, Bank Negara said, "No problem, just ask the account holder to get in touch".
      So far no one dare not get in touch with Bank Negara.

      Anyway, he was in UMNO and BN before. You have been accusing BN people corrupt, thieves, cronyism, nepotism......etc. The 'Rear Admiral" was found guilty and jail for instructing the Police SWAT team to force Ummi Halfida to retract her letter to PM, about his sodomy and sexual relation with her sister-in-law.

      He was rejected by UMNO for misused of power and sodomy. This is the ex-DPM that you people have been accusing as corrupt and now you are supporting him. Shame on you.


    2. RD - Fully agreed. Shame on those as corrupted. But worst UMNO Government like DiRaja Polis and MACC is not acting on it and they are the "new Pakatan" Wny since you have proofs but they do not have?

    3. Anon 16:27

      Sometimes even murderer get of the hook due to not enough evidence. Anwar 'Rear Admiral' Ibrahim was acquitted due to conflicting dates, the actual sodomy was committed.
      To drag the ordinary criminals to court is easy. But a lawsuit that involved the opposite politician, especially with a lot of money and with foreign backers is very complicated. The police must have credible proofs and beyond resonable doubts. If not, the police will be accused of working with the gomen, to smear his image. Then this bastard politician can sue back the gomen for hundreds of millions. Gomen means rakyat's money, you know. It's all about money, nowadays.


    4. RD

      RD - Real Dumno, why mata2 di raja does not have proof or cannot have proof? If you are very smart, why don't you give proof to mata2 di raja? If you don't gove proof to them, you are in pakat with this rear admiral. U are in pakatan and not with umno. By all means corrupted politians must be charged including those in Pakatan rakyat. If you do npt have proof, U r slandering in front of Almighty.

    5. RD _ Real Dumno. Why Dmno is still spending money on Sabah RCI is 12 immgration officers are not eating curry kerajaan? According to u, the case should be closed?

      If PAS islamic is very Taliban, why RD - Real Dumno and Dumno do not oppose and make noise?

  13. I told you earlier ,Kluang Girl not to fly during daylight as your radar is not functioning.Now what happened,you hit one of the lamposts and had a brain concussion judging by your comments above.Apa guna mau angkat balik itu wang 3 billion mah,itu notes 1000 and 500 tarak value mah..sudah jadi surat khabar lama mah...Siapa jadi Joker sekalang mah