Monday 4 February 2013

Pas playing ostrich, me rather playing guitar

I will try to make this a short one.

I'm tired and actually quite disappointed with the Pas leadership.

They are playing dumb to the allegation by DAP's Karpal Singh that their president DS Abdul Hadi Awang is a liar. Burying their head in the sand, so to speak...."nope, I don't hear anything about an angry Punjabi calling our president a liar," so they said.

They keep on saying that the word "Allah" in the Malay language bible issue had been settled despite the clear fact that their allies do not accept their U turn stand that non-Muslim must not be allowed to describe their gods as "Allah".

It's like this -

PKR - Anwar Ibrahim said Pakatan is sticking with the first statement by Hadi, made jointly with other Pakatan leaders, that non-Muslim can use the word Allah.

Pas - Hadi said Pas had changed its stand and now don't want to allow the use of the word "Allah" among non-Muslims and that the party's stand had been accepted by PKR and DAP. Anything anyone want to know more about his stand on the issue was told to read Harakah....because the other publications are liars (I was told that he said this last one in Shah Alam today)

DAP - Karpal said....Hadi is a lying bastard....and Guan Eng the handsome boy boy.

Pas - Hadi again - " Harakah if you want the truth."

See, these are all very confusing. Don't tell me these Pakatan people going to only settle this issue only after they are in power in Putrajaya. How to run the country la if even this issue also cannot be settled?

Eh, enough lah...tiring la these bunch of Pakatan clowns....I better do something nicer than trying to figure out,  what if, Malaysians as a whole become stupid enough to let them run the country.....I better listen to some nice guitar playing instead....


  1. Hello Big Cat,

    Hope you are doing well in Taiwan!

    How come u didn't say anything about Tun M? First, he said that Project IC in Sabah is perfectly legal but next he claimed that DSAI was behind it and acted on his own.

    Apa macam?

    1. Hi, Mr DAP cybertrooper, I'm fine here except for the little flu I'm having since the other day. Thank you for asking. As for not writing about Tun M, please refer to my posting just a few days ago which was specifically on the handsome old man. A little advice - trying to divert attention from the real issue is an old and boring tactic la. So, don't bother with it, ok?

  2. Typical of PAS leadership nowadays. They adopt extremism since the 80s and when they realized it cannot work for Malaysia for both muslim and non-muslim, they become, well 'ostrich'. Nice one Bigcat. :)

  3. Hello Kuching Besar:

    Don't resort to desperation tactics ok ? First you use words like "lying bastard". Then you keep harping on the issue when the rakyat doesn't think that it's an issue. Sigh....desperate blogger living in desperate times.

    1. No lah, so many people people condemn Patrick Teoh already for the use of crass language in the public domain, so you better stop using the F word. Sopan sikit, boleh ?

    2. Spastrick Teoh itu manyak hodoh lar, muka & mulut hodoh

    3. ha...ha...ha...

      Nice one..:)

      And another thing, If you got the time, please expose the DAP affliated CEO, COO, Director in Khazanah and GLC's


  5. Dear Bigcat.
    Don't be disappointed with these people.
    'Pakatan' comes from a Malay word, PAKAT, which means conspire in English. These racist bigots are actually conspiring amongst themselves, to topple the majority elected government and their schemer is Al-Juburi. He should know best, how to make good use of them.

    Hope you have the best of vegetarian food for the CNY holidays, in Taiwan.