Thursday 7 February 2013

The Pas' unfortunate choice

Been following the story of former Pas deputy president Nasharudin Mat Isa and can't help feeling sorry for the man.

I found the guy to be a nice and idealistic fellow. However, he is also, in my opinion a naive politician for believing that someone like him could survive in Pas, which was supposed to be a squeaky clean party which champions Islam. He was definitely no match of his fellow Pas leaders, who are mostly real politicians in the guise of their ulama clothing.

Nasharudin has, since his ouster from the syura council, been labeled as a traitor by many of his fellow Pas leaders. But to his credit, the guy has kept his cool. He still say what to him are the right things for Islam and the Muslims as well as for the rest of the country.

From what I read, I concluded that Nasharudin believes that Pas role is to provide the check and balance for Umno, if not an alternative leadership for the Malay Muslim community. But to him, for Pas to be able to do that, it must stay true to itself as an Islam-based party and not like what it is now - a wishy washy party which is bending backward to the breaking point on even its core Islamic ideals to accomodate the whims and fancies of its secular allies, particularly the Chinese-based DAP.

So desperate were some of the Pas leaders to win the coming election that they are willing to do almost anything to keep the DAP happy. Their's pandering to the wishes of DAP was rationalized by the belief that they could secure more Chinese votes especially in Malay majority areas with a large percentage of Chinese electorates.

This was also why Pas president DS Abdul Hadi Awang and spiritual adviser Datuk Nik Abdul Aziz Nik Mat were lightning quick to support the demand by DAP's Lim Guan Eng for the word "Allah" to be used in Malay-language bibles. So quick was Hadi and Nik Aziz on the matter that they tripped themselves and tergolek dog when the Pas' syura council, realizing the overall danger of giving in to DAP on that matter decided against allowing the Guan Eng's nonsense. Both Hadi and Nik Aziz had since made a U TURN, much to the chagrin of DAP leaders such as Karpal "the king" Singh.

For perspective, please bear in mind that none of the Pas candidates will ever be contesting in Chinese majority areas which were considered as "safe areas" by Pakatan for the coming general election. These type of constituencies were mostly reserved for the supposedly multiracial but actually Chinese based DAP. There is no way DAP is going to let the Malay-based Pas a chance to contest in a safe Chinese area like what the supposedly racist and domeneering Umno did when it let its Chinese ally the MCA to contest in safe Malay majority constituencies under the Barisan Nasional tickets.

Pas leaders such as Nasharudin realized this insincerity of DAP and prefer to put the interests of their party ahead of those of the opposition coalition. They rather not win the election as long as Pas remains a real Islamist party and not just some hypocrite entity which uses the Islamic label to be just a junior partner in a coalition dominated by DAP.

And for that, Nasharudin was casted aside by his fellow Pas leaders who are now ever willing to sacrifice even the party's core ideals to get a chance to sit on the cushy seat of power in Putrajaya. In his place, they put Mat Sabu as deputy president....

....which I think is a comical tragedy not realized by the ordinary Pas members who really believe that their membership and sacrifices for the party will ease their path to paradise in the after life.

Nasharudin's political future may be bleak now but I think the man will emerge better as a person and a Muslim. I believe his sacrifices will not be in vain. In this age of unbridled hypocrisies among Malaysian politicians on both side of the political divide, Nasharudin's case emerged as a beacon of hope that not every good ideals are dead. Let's hope that there are more good selfless men and women among our Malaysian politicians to lead our country to a better future.


  1. ..."bacon of hope..."??

    1. Oooopppsss....sorry, typo la. Thanks for pointing out. Corrected already :-)

    2. freudian slip mah

    3. MatSabu, Lelaki Melayu Terakhir8 February 2013 at 01:44

      Thanks a thousand for putting up the picture of the glamour boy Mat Sabu. I am sure many females wonder who this Lelaki Melayu Terakhir is or how he looks.

      You sure cant judge a book by its cover and neither can you judge Mat Sabu by his kopiah.

      He might be a simple man but he sure knows how to pleasure a woman. Mat Sabu is such a gladiator when it comes to pleasing women.

      Banyak perkara yang boleh Mat Sabu ajar kepada kaum lelaki Melayu..haha. Ya atau lelaki bangsa lain for that matter.

      Setengah orang hanya pandai bercakap dan hanya pandai berkata-kata tetapi Mat Sabu put his mouth and his lidah where its most meaningful for a woman... :)

      Compare this with how some politicians on youtube who treat their sex partners like dirt.

      What more can a woman ask on Valentine or Hari Kekasih?

      Jika lebih ramai wanita tahu kehebatan Mat Sabu sebagai kekasih pastinya Mat Sabu akan di pilih sebagai PM dalam pilihanraya nanti.

      Lets have a lover as a PM!

  2. frustrated Malay PAS 2008 voters7 February 2013 at 13:16

    a classic example of PAS lack of quality leaders.

    PAS members has no choice but to choose a soapbox politician (mat sabun) over Ustad Nasha. it seriously shows that they lack of quality leaders to choose among them.

    PAS should has lead PR since they control Kelantan and Kedah while Dap and pkr only share the power in selangor and penang.

    but they choose to be a naive yes man among the PR component even with the clear advantage that they have after PRU 2008.

    again it show that among the PAS leader themselves, they dont have the confidence and the ball to lead PR pack.

    they choose to being a lame lamb.... and that frustrated me and my fellow Malay voters.

    enuf is enuf.

  3. Dear Bigcat,

    Ustaz Nasha has been branded as 'traitor' by Pakatan supporters. I can see they treat him like someone with no integrity, as if all his good deeds previously are not counted. All because they always see him with PM Najib.

    Like your sentiment, I truly see him as a good politician whereby he is a good opposition which provides the real check and balance.

    How come people with integrity always got sack or resign from the Pakatan camp? Tunku Aziz, that Wong guy from Wangsa Maju, to name a few.


    2. People with integrity or not we will never really know..But people of the moment they sure are..Ever notice how these guys that left the opposition party gets so much airtime on primetime TV and newspaper coverage controlled by the government. Suddenly their views are so important that they are quoted every day. Sure beats the time they were in the opposition camp where they only appear in online medias. Guess if we wanna be seen and famous best is to leave the opposition party and join the BN. Of course we need to hantam the party we left kau kau in order to get our 5 minutes of much for integrity I

    3. Dear DoP82.
      You are right: "people with integrity always got sack or resign from the Pakatan camp".

      Wong? + His name is YB Wee Choo Keong, MP of Wangsa Maju. He was expel from DAP for, 'not showing love and affection to the dynasty of DAP'. As a Kelantanese, he is fluent in Malay, English, Mandarin & Thai. In Parliament he was also vocal on the gomen. Of-course TV1 & TV3 do not aired anything unfavourable towards the gomen.

      With other good, very-very good politician, who are expelled by their own parties, they formed 'Konsensus BEBAS'.
      Their motto:- Rakyat’s interests above party’s politics.

      Other MP in BEBAS:- YB Gobalakrisnan, YB Zulkiflee Nordin, YB Ibrahim Ali, YB Tan Tee Beng ....+ a few more. These are NOT racist people. The real racist are in DAP, PAS and regrettably, one or two in UMNO.

      I think Nasha should run GE13 as BEBAS candidate. BN will win big this time, but not as big as Pak Tido Lah's GE11, 2004. Anyway, we need 'Check & Balance' on BN. What I see, BEBAS is the best option we have, if they field more candidate. PAS & DAP are hopeless. After 5 years, they politicise non-stop on everything, just for the sake of power in Putrajaya. They have done nothing for the rakyat. In-fact Pakatan is more corrupt that BN.

      Like Semangat46, PKR will sunk into oblivion, a few months after GE13.


    4. Dear Anon 7.2.13 17:51,

      Ustaz Nasha never leave PAS, he is still a PAS member. He never 'left the opposition'. He is just being consistent with his view, just like Karpal Singh (well, except on Anwar accusation). The difference is that Ustaz Nasha has been stripped off all position, while Karpal still holds power.
      Ibrahim Ali? He has been a 'jumping' politician from the beginning, even before Pakatan was formed.

      On the part of 'mainstream media' give all the coverage to them, that is normal in politics. Since BN can influence these media, ofcourse they will use it to their advantage. It is the same for all parties. Look at Malaysiakini. Totally opposition news portal.

      Anon 7.2.13 19:00,

      Thank you for the clarification. I always confused with his name. Wee Choo Keong. I agree with you that 'BEBAS' currently is the best 'Opposition' we have. They are the check and balance on both side nowadays. On Ustaz Nasha run as BEBAS, I could not see it happening yet. He is still in PAS.

      On another thing, I see PKR not really going to sunk into oblivion as long as Anwar still in there. The same goes to S46, it sunk when Tengku Razaleigh left.

  4. Part 1

    The vilification and ostracism of Nash is nothing to be surprised about. Ever since Kamaruddin Jaafar infiltrated the party as Secretary General for 2 years in 2007 (on the behest of Anwar Ibrahim), the avowed mission had been to wean away PAS from its traditional Shafiite interpretation of Islam to accommodate a more virulent and potentially combustible mix of Wahhabism. Wahabbism and its brother heresy, Kharijism are the same explosive admixture that have taken over the global Islamic movement. In the Middle East, the main exponents of this heresy are the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt and their like minded psychopaths in Tunisia, Algeria, Libya, the Syrian opposition. In the Indian subcontinent, you of course have the Afghan and Pakistan Talibans while Indian Deobandis hold sway in India (Nik Aziz for example is an Indian trained Deobandi from the Darul Ulum Madrasah (the birthplace of talibanism in the subcontinent).

    The battle between Wahabbism/Kharijism and Shaffisim has been going on in PAS since the usurpation of the Islamic/Malay nationalism as propounded by the Asri/Hassan Adli faction. In their place, the first seeds of divisive Kharijism was sown by Hadi Awang with his infamous Amanat Hadi, the contents of which is contemporary Kharijism at its very best. Soon kafir-mengkafir became standard operational procedure in PAS and its militancy was exemplified by the likes of Ibrahim Libya (Memali, 1986). The repercussions from that event was seriously negative enough for PAS to reconsider their militant strategy of confrontation and they recalibrated their approach by adopting the subversion model while championing the democratic pathway. All Wahhabist movements have undergone such watershed events in their respective historicity. The Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt in their failed uprising against the military in the late 70s (culminating in Anwar Sadat's murder), the Syrian uprising in Homs (1984), the Tunisian revolt against Bourgaiba (1980s). Only in Algeria, did the brutal civil war end for the time being least, the threat of Wahhabism. In Pakistan, Wahhabism infiltrated the Jammat Islami and used it as cover to subvert the ruling governments of the day, be it the more populist Bhuttoists or those aligned to Nawaz Shariff . This space is too limited for me to delineate the outcomes in each of those countries suffice to say that Wahhabism has been the dominant narrative in Muslim politics since the 80s and has had a damaging impact on Islam as a whole. (note: the al-Qaeda were essentially CIA trained wahhabists used to damage Islam's standing)

    Back to forward to the muktamar in 2009, the wahhabi faction trained by Nik Aziz during his tenure in Kelantan and aided by KJ infiltrated activists into the higher echelons of the PAS hierarchy began their takeover moves. However they did not have enough grassroots support to effect that and hence Nash survived, only to decapitated in 2011 when enough Wahhabists were infiltated into positions of power to effect a coup d'etat over the Shaffite faction. But even then,the Wahabbist were checkmated by the sudden appeareance of Mat Sabu, a DAP plant. Nik Aziz's preferred choice was Tuan Ibrahim but the split in votes ensured that Sabu squeezed through with Nash being the ultimate loser. I reckon Sabu is just an accidental "hero" of a filler who will be removed when equilibrium is restored.

    Warrior 231

    1. Mat alim hipokrit12 February 2013 at 01:59

      Mat Sabu is not a filler. He is the true face of religion. Just hogwash for putting up a front to other people in order to further his own interests. Just like Catholic priests, just like monks etc just to suit their own purpose.

      Nothing more nothing less. Wahabi, Wasabi are all meaningless. The Malays are entranced by Azhar Idrus expertise in "Apakah hukumnya menjilat kemaluan isteri?" Yes at 30 ringgit per book.

      Mat Sabu pula menjilat isteri kawan.

      Wahabi, wasabi has no meanings to malays. nifas haid is Azhar, nik aziz, mat sabu interests.

      Then once satiated, they cut down rainforests for the chinese tokey balak.

      Dont try to pride yourselves. Religion is nothing more than tutup muka perempuan, tutup mata perempuan hah tulah ugama solehah..

      Jangan sambut Valentine. Jangan sambut hari kekasih. Jangan berkasih sayang. jangan.. kenapa tidak. Mat Sabu, Anwar semua tu ketua hang tunggang semua.

      PAS kata jangan sambut Valentine. Tapi Mat Sabu yang tak sambut Valentine pun kon.k.k bini orang. Apa la lu Mat alim dongeng....

      Jangan nak ngurat Big Cat pulak.. chisssh.

  5. Part 2

    You would notice my comment is admittedly truncated but essentially it carries the theme of traditional/conservative Shaffism being challenged by militant Wahabbist ideology (the very same ideology that Anwar Ibrahim subscribes to, which he hides via dissimulation (taqqiyah). The schisms between the contending ideologies has wracked PAS into conservative (shaffism) and obscurantist (Wahabbi) factions. Proponents of the former include Nash, Azizan of Kedah, Haron Din, Hassan Ali etc while main proponents of Wahhabism are Nik aziz, Husam, Khalid, hadi awang, Mustafa Ali etc. The latter faction seemingly embody liberalism and accomodation but are in fact radical Wahabbists who are using the tactics and political strategies perfected by Rached Ghannouchi, Morsi et al in the Middle east.

    Another thing to note is that despite their Shaffite conservatism, the Nash, Azizan faction are moderate enough to understand the importance of Muslim/Malay unity and the need to form a firm stance against opponents of the Social Contract such as the DAP. In this regard, they are the contemporary throwback to the Asri/Hassan Adli era of PAS.I have serious doubts as to their survivability in contemporary PAS politics, though. My take is that given the gradual Wahhabi grassroot infiltration aided by Wahhabi syllabused sekolah pondoks and returning Wahabbi scholars from the Middle East, the conservative faction will be eventually supplanted come GE 14 and the only way out is to form another party or join UMNO (which is highly unlikely for reasons I cannot explicate due to space constraints). But for the moment there is a life and death struggle going on in PAS for the party's soul, in which the conservatives are battling to stave off the inevitable and pulling all stops in the process to defeat the spectre of Wahhabism. It is this faction who will throw their weight behind BN to spite the Wahhabi and that accounts for the 80% Malay support for UMNO I noted in a previous comment which went unpublished in your blog.

    But in the long run, the conservatives might throw in the towel and probably we might see PAS breaking up into conservative and radical iterations of a once monolithic party. Time will tell whether my thesis holds but thus far since I have explored the ideological conflict in PAS in detail in many fora since 2008, the main strands of my narrative have been holding up pretty wel.....alhamdullilah

    Warrior 231

  6. Part 3

    If Malaysians want an inkling into what hold for Malaysia if the Wahhabist of both PKR and PAS achieve an improbable win, here are a few tidbits to ruminate over:

    1. Unheard of Stone Age censorship for journalistic exposes:

    2.What will happen to democracy as you and I understand it:

    Indeed, the president–a secular liberal in coalition with the Islamist Ennahda Party, which runs the government–had been warning formonths of growing threats against non-religious politicians, saying that Tunisia needed to crack down hard against the growing Salafist movement in the country. After a large crowd of Islamic militants set fire to the U.S. Embassy and the American Community School in Tunis last September, in the wake of the anti-Islam video which aired on YouTube, the Tunisian president sent his own security guards to help stop the rioting. He told me in an interview days later that the government had seemed reluctant to intervene. “We have to stop this phenomenon,” the president said. “These people hate democracy, they do not want this democracy.” By contrast, Ennahda’s leader Rachid Ghannouchi, rejected Marzouki’s words, saying in an interview that same day, “We don’t judge people based on what ideology they follow, but on their actions.”

    Read more:

    3. and how the future buds of hope wither in a storm of violence:

    Maybe erstwhile proponents of ABU are ironically prophetic after all. Prophetic of an ash strewn Malaysia, that is...(ROFL)

    Warrior 231

    1. So people in Islamic state freely use "*uck"

  7. Nasha - what intergity? What right he has to use the Rakyat's taxpayer money to enjoy flying to Gaza? Who is he that rakyat has to give him free flight, makan and first class hotel going to Gaza? Why not Ibrahim Ali, Noordin, Zahrain? If he is so pious, he should use his own MP's money after all his MP's pay is top 10% of rakyat's salary. Isn't he pakat and take advantage of the rakyat's tax money. More than 50% are from non-malays and non-islam.

    1. A typical comment of Pakatan's people ! Just blatant comment with no credible facts . :-)

    2. Anon 17.02
      Komen anda dikategorikan sebagai komen yg bodoh sombong!!!

    3. Yup agreed. A typical comments from the DAP's racist!!!

  8. "Tergolek Dog"?
    What 'bidalan Melayu' is this?
    Pandai hang buat lawak.

    "There is no way DAP is going to let the Malay-based Pas a chance to contest in a safe Chinese area like what the supposedly racist and domeneering Umno did when it let its Chinese ally the MCA to contest in safe Malay majority constituencies under the Barisan Nasional tickets".

    You're right.
    This is to show how sincere, are the UMNO Malays.


  9. "From what I read, I concluded that Nasharudin believes that Pas role is to provide the check and balance for Umno ...."

    Big Cat, if what you read is right; then memang patutlah the PAS peoples so angry with him. No wonder lah he is so asynchronous with the PAS peoples. Aaaaaand, no wonder lah UMNO is so sayang of him. :)

  10. Yeah Big Cat and UMNO suddenly think highly of Nasha & Hasan Ali after they no longer in PAS leadership?!

    Nasha the "professional" face of PAS as Deputy President since a few elections back can only hide behind TG Hadi's shade to help him coast thru without any contribution to PAS movement.

    At least Mat Sabu is close to PAS grassroots on the ground and earn his stripe working hard despite losing Party elections. Until he was rewarded with Deputy Presidency win by members recently...

    Of course, Big Cat and UMNO would love Nasha to be Deputy because he is a weakling compared with Muhyiddin and not DPM material at all...

    ~ Kluang girl

    1. Kluang Girl, if you think that Mat Sabu is better or more charismatic that Nasha, then all the best to you and PAS then. Mat Sabu is what Malays called it "Ayam Sabung" only just like Ibrahim Ali

  11. Nasha's problem is typical of any University or academician.

    They think politics is a sceince but it is also an art.

    The players are from the intellectuals to the street sweepers down there.

    Nasha made it as Deputy by luck. He was picked by the late Dato Fadhil as Sec gen and made it later to Vice President.

    He became Deputy when no one credible was there to compete with him. However, he was there as deputy by merely coattailing hadi awang.

    1. You mean Mat Sabu is more credible than Nasha??? Hahaha ...

  12. maybe kluang girl already got a taste of mat sabu's snake tongue similar to his frolicking with someone's wife in kota baru? that's why Kluang girl think so highly of mat sabu??

  13. UMNO can also of check and balance from within.For example come next GE plse dont nominate Ghani Othman for instance to run either State or Parliament seat. so that Ghani can be replaced with someone more educated. younger , more energetic to run and administer my state Johor. Ghani's time is up .Three terms and with this one will be 4 terms, god forbids!!!he is not an exceptional or dynamic leader.Pass it on.Its the check and balance (As for Ghani mind the pun, his bank balance is more than what we can check)

  14. Both Nasha and other Pas leaders in the Syura council could be sincere, just that their ideal(s) might be different.

    Islamic Justice are not just what we usually heard from Pas - hudud, hudud, hudud. Their concentrated campaign on this theme have obscured other universal humanity value of Islam - human as equal to each other, social justice, against corruption etc.

    Sad thing is those obscured issues have long been the issues 'champion' by DAP. Pas have been re-evaluating their insistment on the Punishment aspect of Islam to more universal value of Islam - in a way, re-evaluating of what Pas can offer to the multiracial Malaysia.

    Nasha is using Pas' past ideal, while majority of the leaders in Fatwa council want to reform and move to the new ideal.

    Pas is not God nor they are Prophets and thus they made and will make mistakes. They are in transition. They are struggling to disseminate their transition to the grass-root right now. The question is can they? or will they come back to past ideal?

    Since they are human like us, they are not immune from politicking. I hope that they can change for the better - to provide balance to our overall politic scene.