Sunday 24 February 2013

Just remembering the departed

Sorry, no political story for the day. I want to rest and relax a bit this Sunday , ok?

Well, it's the tail end of winter...start of spring I think. A bit cold but manageable. About 10 to 20 degree Celsius. Maybe by next week, it will be just nice to visit Taiwan.

It's 3.56am here as I'm writing this.

Woken up just now from a dream. Not a good one. I dreamt that my Chinaman left me. Very sad. Luckily it was just a dream....I hope....

Never mind, those were all just my nonsense.

Got a message from my sister in Johor yesterday, that an uncle passed away. The funeral is going to be this morning. I could only recite the Alfatihah for him from here. Well, actually he was the husband of one of my aunts, who is the younger step-sister of my late father.

Just last week, another of my aunts passed away from various complications.

Actually she was not my real aunt yet my siblings and myself refer to her as our aunt. She was the adopted daughter of my late grandma.

My aunt was given-up for adoption by her biological parents when she was a baby. No one except my grandma really know who were our aunt's parents. All that we know about them was that they were a very poor Chinese couple.

My aunt never talked about least not in our presence. She had a happy childhood despite growing up in an almost equally poor adopted family.

According to my late mother, my aunt was considered a beauty when she was young and guys were falling over each other for her hand.

Well, I was puzzled when my mom told me about it as till now my image of her was that of a very  jovial Chinese looking lady (well, she was indeed a Chinese lady) with maybe a slight weight problem.

I actually only believe what my mom told me after considering that my aunt's many daughters were themselves beauties.

Oh btw , my aunt married a cousin of my father, but they never tried to be mengada-ngada and reclassify their children as Anak Bangsa Malaysia despite her being Chinese and her husband a Malay.

All I could do for my aunt, was also to recite the Alfatihah for her.

Note: Please be nice in the comment section for this posting. I will spike the rude ones.


  1. Dear Big sincere condolonces to you for being away in cold and muggy Taipeh during the death of your Uncle . I was away too when someone very close to me no less than my mother in law passed away and it was really so so sad and tragic coupled with the fact that they have to bury her without my presence as there was no way I could financially able to fly back on time..(well there was a pte jet but the cost was too astromical )
    As a fellow Muslim, I hereby sedekah my alfatihah to your dear uncle too
    take good care and plse marry your chinaman if you guys are living out of wedlock

    1. Main kasar nampak..

      Parit imam

  2. Innalillah....

    seingat saya, memang menjadi kebiasaan untuk keluarga cina yang susah untuk menyerahkan anak mereka dibela oleh keluarga melayu dulu-dulu.

  3. "they never tried to be mengada-ngada and reclassify their children as Anak Bangsa Malaysia despite her being Chinese and her husband a Malay"

    More like being silly. Mana ada bangsa Malaysia kat dunia ni? Kewarganegaraan Malaysia ada lah. She's a lawyer and yet can't differentiate the two? Somebody should check her lawyer cert!

    =Hanna Banana=

    1. Amazing you insulted the memory of your dead relatives by insering the bit about politcs. Just goes to show the depths umno has sunk to.

    2. Aiyo this also UMNO's fault kaa..
      BigCat is BigCat la...
      And who are you..DAPPIGster??..
      How like or not people call you like that??
      Bolo punya olang..

  4. My sympathies to you and your family over the passing of your relatives. I hope that your family brings comfort to one another at this time. Those who have lived overseas will understand that its hard being far away from home at these times, so my thoughts and prayers go to you also.

  5. anon 12:18 buat apa siang malam baca helen ang punya blog ? apa sudah jadi dengan kau ?? marah sungguh ....kah..kah..kah...

    dah termakan racun kangkang helen ang kot kah..kah..kah...

    Kesian si anon 12:18..otak dah dicuci oleh si helen !!!

    Helen Tak Ang

  6. First you said, 'no political story today'.
    Never mind lar.

    Condolence for your aunts.

    I think we should support Hannah Yeoh's idea of 'Anak or Bangsa Malaysia'. When there is only 'Malaysian' written on birth certificate, slowly, there should be no more need for education base on racism. Malay, Chinese, Indian, Iban, Dayaks, etc, will be extincted, pupus or ethically cleansed. Everybody must be Malaysian. No more SRJK(C) or (T). Every child go to ONE school. More integration, this way. Medium of instruction; English and Bahasa Melayu, only.

    Why Bahasa Melayu.
    Because one of Perhimpunan Rakyat KL112 vow is to "Mempertabatkan Bahasa Melayu".


    1. Dear Ai.
      That's the real me, up there at 20:14. Sorry, I forgot to put a dot after my initial, RD.

      By the way, I'm just 'poking' the evangelist supporters of Hannah Yeoh. Never thought that it's you who first replied.

      I have no objection on all that you wrote, except that vernacular schools already exist, way before merdeka and I don't think our founding fathers would achieved anything, if they have even suggested to do away with it.

      I have no grudges against vernacular schools. My opinion as a Malay; after English, Mandarin is most ideal as a third language. So I send my first son to SRJKC, 2001 and he is now doing his Asasi Sains. A couple of month ago he thanked me for being able to speak & write Mandarin.

      I do not know why there is a need for the NRD to have a space for 'Bangsa' on the birth certificate. My guest, it is for the census, so that the government can estimate how many and what type of school to built. It's the same with 'Agama' too. As a newborn, the child must have the religion of their parents. What if the parents are atheist? Leave the space for agama, blank? This is against the Rukun Negara, already. Every citizen must, "Percaya kepada Tuhan", the first principle. This too, will be a problem for NRD/Govt., and for Malaysian unity, if the evangelist choose to mengada-ngada. Although on appeal, the courts already says, they can use Allah in their publication. So, can we change it to "Percaya kepada Allah". What if somebody insist? Would it not stir emotion on the part of Buddhist and Hindus or any other faith for that matter.

      Politician like Hannah Yeoh are quick at seizing issues for grandstanding, either for career advancement or due to sheer stupidity. Disunity among Malaysian worsen too, every time GE approach, especially when racist politician rile-up racial issues to garner votes. The ISA use to be the best tool we have, to wipe out these racial agitators. Without it, we might be in danger of another tragic May 13th. riot which occurred as a result of General Election.

      May Allah protect us, especially from that ex-convicted misuse of power, a**hole craze and evil politician.


    2. bcos your our founding fathers were not so smart??? They also lost Spore to an Apek lest you forget.

    3. Anonymous, 25 February 2013 08:34.
      What do you mean by "...your our founding fathers....." You apek not so smart???

      We actually lost Singapura to the mighty British with a little help from greedy great-grandfathers of the Malays. The Red Indians lost their whole country to the Europeans. The aborigines in Australia, even lose their homeland to ex-convicts from England. Except Siam & Japan, East Asian are mostly former colonies of the West.

      Anyway, if Singapura belongs to us, why the hell should they, together with Sabah & Sarawak, merge with the Federation on Sept 16, 1963. Please see URL below about her expulsion in 1965 and why.


    4. Islam is the Official religion. Why not everyone uses the official religion dumno?

    5. We do not call the sakai but we call orang asli and where are their places? Same with Dayaks, Ibans, Orang Laut etc. Where are their places? Any wikipedia on that?

  7. Dear Big Cat,

    Condolences over the loss of your relations. I've gone through that many times, especially in the 1980s when I was attending a funeral a year. The worst is the loss of your parents.

    Take care.