Sunday 3 February 2013

Karpal effectively calls Hadi a lying bastard

When DAP sec-gen Lim Guan Eng reignited the highly sensitive issue of the word "Allah" in Malay-language bibles in his Christmas message more than a month ago, his most likely intention was to make the Christian bumiputra people of Sabah and Sarawak hate the BN federal government.

BN was supposed to be in an awkward position to handle the issue. To a certain degree, Guan Eng succeeded, especially when that fool Ibrahim Ali of Perkasa, in his haste to be seen as a Malay hero suggested for any Muslim who was given the bibles with the word "Allah" in it by Christian missionaries to burn it. This indeed have the effect of angering the Christian bumiputra community in Sarawak and Sabah who have been using such bibles since they first converted to Christianity a very long time ago.

What Guan Eng however failed to realize at the moment he started the fire was that, the issue actually put Pakatan in an even worse dilemma.

He underestimated the backlash from the conservative elements within Pas who simply cannot accept the possibility of the Malay language bibles with the word "Allah" in it being distributed among members of the Malay Muslim community. These Pas ulama simply can't be at peace with their conscience if such thing ever happened. Even the cushy seat of power in Putrajaya would not be worth it for them to betray the ummah.

As of how Guan Eng could had overlooked such an obvious thing, the answer probably lies with opposition leader Anwar Ibrahim's strong support for allowing the "Allah" word in the bibles. Anwar must had given Guan Eng an assurance that Pas leaders would go along with the whole thing as the issue would benefit Pakatan in their quest to conquer Putrajaya. The votes in Sarawak and Sabah would need to be won if they ever want to succeed and it was proven during the state Sarawak election two years ago that DAP benefitted immensely from stoking religious sentiments among the Christians, especially the Chinese Christians there.

True enough, Pas president DS Abdul Hadi Awang and the party's spiritual leader Datuk Nik Abdul Aziz Nik Mat initially came out in support of Guan Eng's scheme of letting the word "Allah" being used in the Malay language bibles, even in the more racially and religiously sensitive peninsular.

Hadi and Nik Aziz were however opposed by Pas' more conservative leaders, particularly those who sits in the Dewan Ulama. Such was the resistance by the Pas real ulama that even Nik Aziz, who chaired the all powerful Syura Council had to make a U turn and retract his support for Guan Eng.

The fire storm started by Guan Eng however rages on till today.

In an apparent attempt to extract Pas from the issue which proves to be very damaging for the party, Hadi had on Friday announced that Nik Aziz had explained Pas' U turn to object the use of "Allah" in bibles or by non-Muslims to the DAP leadership and the explanation was very well received by them thus putting the issue at rest.

Unfortunately for Hadi, DAP chairman Karpal Singh who is well known for his zero-tolerance for Pas' bullshit immediately came out with a statement which effectively labeled the Pas president as a liar.

Here is the report by Bernama -

February 02, 2013
GEORGE TOWN, Feb 2 – It is wrong to say the PAS’ Syura Council’s decision regarding the Allah issue is well received by non-Muslims including DAP’s leadership, said DAP national chairman Karpal Singh.
Karpal Singh told a press conference here today that he was disappointed with PAS president Datuk Seri Abdul Hadi Awang’s statement to this effect.
He said this in commenting on a news report quoting Hadi as saying the prohibition on non-Muslims from using the “Allah” word in their holy books was settled and that the DAP’s top leadership had also accepted the explanation on the matter given by PAS spiritual leader and Kelantan Menteri Besar Datuk Nik Abdul Aziz Nik Mat durin a brief meeting with him (Karpal Singh) in Penang last Monday.
He stressed that nothing was discussed regarding the Allah issue when he met with Nik Aziz at an informal meeting last Monday.
He said the Syura Council should not stick firmly to its stand as it conflicted with the stand taken by Pakatan Rakyat which is made up of the DAP, PAS and PKR.
Karpal Singh added that the DAP was not meddling in the internal affairs of PAS but instead was upholding a stand which had already been taken by PR after DAP advisor Lim Kit Siang, Hadi and opposition leader Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim, who is also the de facto leader of PKR, had agreed that the word Allah can be used by non-Muslims. – Bernama

I think Nik Aziz should now better be careful of what he says or risk ending up being walloped like Hadi. In Pakatan, Singh is indeed to speak la.

Well, looks like Pas is not finding its way out of the situation any time soon. Not only they lose a lot of their Islamic credentials due to this, now they even get their president being called a liar by their own ally.
Meanwhile, as the others are fighting like crazies over the issue, Guan Eng is basking in the afterglow of being a Christian hero (even though his actual religion is still a subject of much speculation). That's why we never hear even a squeak from him on the issue. Started the fire and then ran and hide inside your father's pocket eh Guan Eng. Real bastard la you Guan Eng.


  1. How come I dint see any word or sentence with'lying bastard 'in the Bernama report?? Now you trying to put words into Karpal's mouth isit?? Guess when you are paid to write bad about opposition leaders anything goes..Including calling people bastards..poor taste

  2. I would like to apologise to an anon who commented on the voting trend among the Christian Chinese and bumiputera in Sabah and Sarawak. I had accidently deleted your comment along with the numerous spams in the comment section of this posting. I think you had made a very good point. I would be greatful if you could send me your comment again. Thank you.

  3. As usual Big Cat doing his own spinning to spice up the BN story, so what else is new! Star said Karpal kow-tow to Hadi and Utusan said Hadi kow-tow to Karpal everytime...


    ~ Kluang girl

    1. What a stupid comment, from Kluang girl.

      PR is a loose coalition. In-fact Pakatan comes from a Malay word which mean 'pakat' or conspire in English. So those bastard politician are conspiring to grasp power, hence the wealth that comes with it.

      If you wants to imagine who kow-tow who, wait for a hung parliament or BN lost the simple majority to rule, after GE13. Remember Hudud?
      What if PAS secretly negotiate with DAP or BN; whoever wants PAS to joint them must accept Islamic Laws.

      But wait; MCA, MIC and other BN members, especially in Sabah & Sarawak might also jump to DAP's side. Whatever it is, which side have a simple majority, rules.

      So lets see who squeeze whose balls, but whatever the outcome maybe, we may never be peaceful again.

      Never mix politics with religion, like what Guan Eng & PAS is doing if we want peace & prosperity.
      Vote BN.


    2. So confirm UMNO under Jibby will follow PAS in implement huduh. Only Dumnos cannot see why Jibby invite former PAS Nasa now dethrone as an ordinary member to join him to visit Gaza. So now not secret any more that Dumno will be just like extreme right PAS. Jibby and his broke share the same under pant.

    3. Anon 16:56
      You fool.
      There is no real friends in politics.
      You don't become a sodomite, just because you befriends and support one.

      Just because Nasa went along to Gaza does not make Najib or UMNO an extremist like PAS. In-fact Nasa was still a member of PAS' Syura Council when he was in Gaza. Like DAP, PAS 'dethrone' him in uncivilised manner.

      As an example; YB Wee Choo Keong was expel for not showing love and affections to the Dynasty.

      Extremist DAP & PAS could not even tolerate dissenting views from its members.
      Looks like DAP & PAS are sharing the same under pant.


    4. 23.45

      umno DUMmo AND BIGOT. No real friend can hitch a ride and join the PM in the tour? BTW, did PAS extremist pay his trip, makan and hotel out of his pocket to Gaza Strip? If not who is he that malaysian taxpayers have to foot his bill? Who ask him to go there and represent who? Only Dumb Dumno. But if Jbby PM, invite him like his wife to be there, then taxpayers have no choice but to question Jibby why so many cronies go with him? So many anjings in BN.

    5. 17:17
      They are on their way to WEF, Swiss. Visit Gaza in a hurry. No sleeping in hotel in Gaza. Nasa tags along. If Guan Eng had slow tal, he too could possibly tag along. They use exec. jets, own by the gomen. That means Rakyats money too, including makan & hotel. That's the privilege of being elected PM by the MAJORITY Malaysian. As the majority representative of the Rakyat, he decides who he wants to bring along. Guan Eng can do the same if he is elected by the majority Rakyat. Every MP & ADUN,(BN & PR) no pay car road Tax, including Guan Eng. Salary & allowance, also paid by the Rakyat. If Guan Eng goes overseas for trade mission, he also take along his cronies and anjings. The rakyat pays for everything too. He takes 1st. class, when he went for holiday in Italy with his family. Mat Sabu is paid by Rakyat's Jabatan Air P. Pinang, you never ask, what for?
      Off-course that do include kickback from Developer or the underworld. There is more anjings in PR than in BN.


  4. Kucing Besar,
    PR esp PKR and PAS will be punished by the Muslim electorates with this issue same as they punished UMNO in 2008.

  5. Keep it up Catgirl from Kluang!!

    These wildcats needed to be given some lessons in thinking!

  6. Keep it up Catgirl from Kluang!

    These wildcats needs to be taught how to think!

  7. Nik Aziz said they explain to DAP already regarding the issue. Now Karpal said they did not even talk about it! It is a mild way to say the other party is lying. Bigcat is merely stating the obvious.

  8. kah..kah..kah.... bigcat makin lama makin bodoh dah, selalu tulis yg bukan-bukan !! Woi Bigcat, you punya spin tak boleh pakailah !!

  9. Penjajah itu Kristian Eropah4 February 2013 at 00:26

    Kristian adalah ugama dari orang Yahudi dan Roman yang dahulu membunuh semua manusia di seluruh dunia atas alasan mereka adalah ugama yang syumul.

    Maharja Katolik Kristian telah menghantar paderi Al burqurque untuk menyerang dan membunuh Raja dan orang Melayu di Melaka.

    Mereka mendirikan gereja dan membawa paderi mereka untuk menyebarkan ugama katolik. Ini dipanggil orang sebagai penjajahan dari eropah.

    Tetapi kita tidak diajar ini adalah serangan dan penjajahan dari ugama Katolik Krisitian yand di ketuai Pope yang dijemput oleh Najib menghantar wakilnya minggu depan.

    Kenapa jemput ugama yang jahat dan membunuh orang Melayu. Wallahu allam. Mungkin Najib dipengaruhi oleh Kristian Cina dan India di sekelilingnya seperti Tony Fernandes. Vincent Tan etc.

    Mereka ini hanya nak nama Inggeris kerana malu dengan asal usul Keling dan Cina kontrak mereka.

    Kita selalu keliru dengan orang Eropah atau US yang liberal dan baik sekarang. Mereka ini tapi tidak mempercayai bible. Malah bible diharamkan disekolah mereka kerana tahyul dan dongeng.

    Tetapi Najib benarkan di Sabah dan sarawak supaya native di sana kekal dengan tahyul eropah.

    Orang Eropah sendiri telah mengalami kekajaman paderi katolik seperti altar boys di rogol oleh paderi katolik. Spanish inquisition dimana perempuan dibakar hidup2. Ini semua ajaran kristian katolik jangan pula kita tak tahu.

    Kini Pope menggunakan pendatang Cina dan India untuk menggugat kerajaan Melayu Islam di Malaya. Sedangkan JAKIM pula hanya sibuk mengharamkan Valentine day oleh kekasih!

    Punya bahlol, Melayu asyik sibuk soal sex luar nikah, kemaluan aurat sedangkan tauhid nama tuhan tak pula JAKIM bising.

    Melayu perlu berubah dan mengamalkan Islam sendiri. Iran ada Islam sendiri, Indonesia ada Islam sendiri Syria lain, jadi kita tak perlu malu mengubah Islam supaya moden dan moderate.

  10. Anon 00:26, pls try to improve your bahasa Melayu if you want to sound like those crazy Perkasa guys. Thank you.

  11. Who trust Bernama ? Only BN goons.

    1. The Bernama story was published by the pro-Pakatan Malaysian Insider. Here is the link -

    2. Did the Bernama story say "lying bastard" ? So if you interpreted it, say so.

    3. I think the die is cast. BN will lose by a small margin, and then the horse trading will start....and nothing will be done in the following 12 months. The market is always right - better sell out now than regret later.

    4. Anon 10:44
      ...and nothing will be done in the following 12 months".

      Are you a clairvoyant?
      Anyway, if that's the case, how can any gomen do anything when we are killing each other on the streets, burning buildings and wreaking havoc. We would be lucky if it last just 12 months.

      The truth is, BN will win big this time but not as big as when Pak Lah took over.


    5. Dumno - why vote for the BN government who cannot do anything? see many Banglas, Nepals, Viets, Pinoys, Burmese are roaming in the malaysia new york: KL. KL does not look like Malaysia but a kampong of Burma, Bangla, Nepal.

      If it is truth, why UMNO does not held the erection now? So U are Satam telling lies.

  12. Dear Big Cat small pussy
    I cant imagine the kind of instability that would come out in Msia if the Fuckatan people takes over Putrajaya..everone will be knifed and put in dungeon whilst they will share the spoils with satan
    As for me in Johor Imy only hope is that PM najib would put someone much younger, much energetic, much more educated than GHani Othman me 3 terms is much too much for him..plse bow out. Retire, go play with your cucu is England have lots of money from Danga bay already

    1. As for the part where you said Ghani have lots of money from Danga Bay, please give me some sort of evidence so that I can go and whack him properly if it is true.

  13. Pakai google translate kot... Poning den baco eh...


  14. There are not enough jails for the BN crooks, so the first thing to do is to build more jails. However quite a number of the really really wealthy ones would have their flights booked for London, Perth, Singapore while some wealthy ones will be ready to disappear to Surabaya, Medan.

    1. Anon 10:47
      What rubbish are you writing.

      Without any evidence what-so-ever, you wants to jail people. Bring us back to the Dark Ages, where there exist extreme hatred and revenge towards difference races & religions in this land.

      Is this the kind of opposition people that are going to govern us?

      Al-Juburi sure can make use of people like you.


    2. Who says we are putting crooks in jail without evidence ? The Dumno government will not investi gate their own kind, but their arrogance of the past ten years makes it easy to trace the flow of funds. Dumno has become so blatant they openly transfer funds out of the country. Like the 40 million donation to sabah Umno, or the remittance of millions of funds meant for NFC to singapore. Forensic trails will demonstrate the extent of illegal funds transfers out of the country.

      Be afraid, Dumno, be very afraid. Like the good old days where we in income tax used to query property owners on where they got their money to buy expensive properties.

    3. These pr crazies are more interested in sending people to jail than putting food on people's tables. This is all they know. And they want to be voted in!.

    4. Those who are proven to steal must go to jail. What does your religion teach you ? Stealing is ok ? Sheesh, these type of people being put in charge of our treasury.......

    5. All we know is that certain people have been stealing by the hundreds of millions, even billions. We'll find the evidence and then the rakyat will demand that these looters must go to jail. Of course, BN will say it's a witchhunt, just like Imelda Marcos and Gloria Arroyo.

  15. Only given 5 yrs to govern few states,PRs had revealed and produced more crooks than BN who had ruled Msia nearly 55 yrs.

  16. Yeah, we produced so-called crooks that died in custody. Teoh Beng Hock was a crook, so were Ahmad Sarbini and Altantuya. In the meantime, the cows are roaming free in BN condos.

    1. Nobody cry wolf after Ahmad Sarbini fell to his death.

  17. Mulut mcm longkang

  18. Selamat Hari Kekasih!4 February 2013 at 17:09

    Sorry Big Cat. Gua cuba bagi penyelesaian dunia dalam satu paragraph. Kalau nak blog ini mencapai lebih satu juta pelawat macam Helen Ang, perlu lebih banyak lagi tulisan dalam bahasa Melayu.

    Helen Ang unik kerana ia dalam BM. Ramai orang ingin membaca komen dan blog politik/hiburan dalam BM. Tulisan dalam BI cater untuk kelompok kecil.

    Polemik Valentine/nama Allah semua berkaitan dengan soal ugama dan pendekatan ugama yang dibawa oleh orang Melayu. Selama ini, orang Melayu mengambil pendekatan Tuhan itu maha pengasih dan penyayang, maha pengampun maha pengasih.

    Ini membuat kita relax dan boleh enjoy life sepenuhnya. Bercinta berkasih macm di Indonesia. Bebas.

    Tapi pendekatan ugama seperti ini tidak menguntungkan golongan yang ingin mengaut keuntungan dari ugama. Mereka mahu Islam yang menakutkan, yang keras dan kasar kerana mereka mahu jadi penghukum, hakim/loyar syariah/menteri aurat/ pemukul perempuan yang tak tutup aurat/kemaluan mcm di Iran.

    Mereka ini Melayu yang ada kompleks ketuhanan. Tetapi sejarah menunjukan ugama itu hanyalah alat untuk kekayaan dan seks dan kuasa. Mat Sabu yang muka bau burit Mah memang patut menjadi Mursyidul Am PAS kerana dia pencinta wanita. Dari Nik Aziz yang dah lupa scent of a woman, PAS sekarang lebih liberal dari UMNO.

    Kenapa? Sebab golongan oportunis melihat kuasa dan kekayaan dalam UMNO sedangkan UMNO parti nasionalis Melayu yang memperjuangkan budaya Melayu.

    Ugama adalah low tech skills yang sesiapa boleh belajar tetapi kesannya lumayan mcm Azhar Idrus. Duit masuk, tandas perempuan pun masuk (di Trengganu). Money and sex, for nothing. Dulu guna gitar tetapi sekarang guna kitab, tapi in the end its all about the money and sex!

    So berbalik kepada Valentine. JAKIM adalah UMNO tapi sekarang JAKIM pun sibuk nak halang pasal Hari Kekasih. MElayu pun nak berkasih sayang. Apa salahnya? Hanya kerana bukan budaya Arab jadi kita tak boleh berkasih sayang?

    Dont belief everything the Arabs tell you girl!

  19. No will to investigate, no will to prosecute, we make sure a new gomen will go after the pirates and looters.

  20. When the rakyat topple this corrupt regime, you can be sure they will demand investigation and prosecution of the looters. No getting away free.

  21. Bigcat, no one is actually analyzing what Karpal was saying but you? I can see a lot of diversion on other issue but not discussing Karpal's statement.

  22. Syabas kepada 'Selamat Hari Kekasih'.
    Satu nukilan yang lawak dan bernas sekali.