Monday 25 February 2013

Anwar or Razaleigh, does it really matter?

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Pas says no guarantee of Anwar as PM if PR wins polls

Monday, February 25, 2013

KUALA LUMPUR: Pas said it is not a certainty that Opposition leader Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim will become the Prime Minister if Pakatan Rakyat wins in the next general election.

Its information chief Datuk Tuan Ibrahim Tuan Man told The Mole there will be two deciding factors which will determine a leader’s appointment to the post.

“Firstly, it depends on the number of seats won by the party.”

“Secondly, all parties in Pakatan Rakyat must agree on the person to be appointed as the Prime Minister,” Tuan Ibrahim said.

When pointed out that Pakatan has previously agreed that Anwar be the Prime Minister (if Pakatan wins the general election), Tuan Ibrahim said at the moment, in theory, all component parties will follow Pakatan’s status quo.

However, Tuan Ibrahim said: “But I believe we will have to take into consideration the election results as well.”

“We need to see which party is more dominant in terms of winning contested seats because it can determine who should become the PM.”

“That’s why I keep urging our members and election machinery to work hard in winning the election,” he added.

Tuan Ibrahim said this when asked to comment on talks that Pas' Syura Council, the party's highest decision-making body, is not in favour of having Anwar as Prime Minister.

Asked to clarify on what the council’s stand (on Anwar as Prime Minister), Tuan Ibrahim simply said: “There is no issue about it.”

DAP chairman Karpal Singh in a news report had maintained that Anwar will be Prime Minister if Pakatan wins in the next general election and dismissed such talks as a mere speculation.

A blog post at AIDC has stated despite widespread rumours of Pas’ Syura Council rejecting Anwar’s as Prime Minister in waiting, it has not been officially confirmed or denied by the council.

The same post also highlighted that Pakatan is also keen to have Barisan Nasional MP for Gua Musang Tengku Razaleigh Hamzah as the candidate for the opposition coalition's Prime Minister as he has no problems with opposition leaders and some leaders from Umno.

Tuan Ibrahim described the speculations as baseless, as Razaleigh or better known as Ku Li is not a member of any Pakatan parties.

“This is only an election's speculations. Ku Li is an influential politician but he is not a Pakatan member. How can we choose to appoint him?”

Meanwhile Kelantan Pas deputy-commissioner (III) Datuk Mohd Amar Nik Abdullah said there is no requests from the state’s grass root members to have Ku Li as Prime Minister.

Mohd Amar also said there is no discussion among Pas leaders on the Prime Minister's post and that Pas will follow the decision by Pakatan leadership on the matter.


I actually first read about Pakatan replacing Anwar as their number one choice with Tengku Razaleigh in NST a few weeks ago. However, I was then skeptical about the story as the person quoted was that ex-PKR Bayan Baru MP Zahrain Mohamed Hashim.

But then again, the trees would not be swaying if there is no wind, isn't it?

Now that talks about Anwar being replaced by Pakatan as their number one man is gaining momentum, maybe it's worth a bit to look at how things going to be between those who support Anwar and those who wanted him replaced.

At one corner will be the Pas' Anwarinas, DAP's Lim family and cronies and of course Anwar's party office bearing wife and children as well as most of the PKR's high council.

On the other corner should be the Pas' ulama faction including those from the Syura Council, DAP rebels with the most prominent being Karpal Singh who despite insisting that Anwar will be PM knows for certain about Anwar's weaknesses for anything cute and the few PKR independent minded individuals worried over the party's future due to the grip of Anwar's ass-lickers (figuratively...I think) led by deputy president Azmin Ali.

Personally, I don't think the anti-Anwar side will least until the election is over.

They were a bit too late in initiating the move against Anwar and the forces against them are already too powerful within Pakatan. The opposition coalition will have no choice but to go on with Anwar as their leader into the election which I believe will be held within five weeks from now.

They will have to wait until after the election to really make their moves so as not to cause serious damage to their electoral chances.

But then again, with the chances of Pakatan taking over Putrajaya seem to be diminishing by the day, the whole thing doesn't seems to really matter anyway, isn't it?


  1. sekali Anwar masih suka menyuntut buntut bebudak teruna, selagi tu la dia tak kan jadi PM


  2. Whoever leads Pakatan, they will need to have the support of the majority of the elected representatives, not the grassroots. Only Anwar currently has sufficient support from across all three parties to lead. This won't change in 5 weeks or 5 months. The next leader (post-Anwar) will also come from PKR - DAP won't try for it and PAS lacks support from DAP/PKR for the PM post.

  3. "...the grip of Anwar's ass-lickers...'
    That's stinks, dear Ai.

    I think, there is weight on what Tuan Ibrahim said.
    (Remember, their Pakatan is loose or longgar)
    1st.-depends on the number of seats won.
    2nd.-all must agree on the person to be appointed as PM.

    There is no way PR is going to win without PAS and if they still insist on Al-Juburi, PAS will surely be wipe out. I think he should go too.

    Gopal Raj Kumar (GRK) have another insight, about this ex-covict, though. His articles seems credible enough and is known to have reported about that Gold scam, Innova something, about 3 years ago, but nobody takes heed.


  4. PR reverse psychology to gain some sympathy from the voters ...
    I dont trust them nowadays.

  5. Dont care who is PM..As long as not from BN

    1. Why? Are you eating from dustbins?

    2. Because we don't like thieves.

    3. thieves can also steal and donate to the poor... gay people just sontot the behind of anak teruna

  6. How can one believe in a religion by means of sympathy. This means one is not a true believer.

  7. yes he can do that ,PM - Pi Mampoossssssss.....

  8. How can he be PM if his friends in Pakatan themselves will make sure that he is taken out of the equation having their members not vote for him wherever he contests?

  9. The number of seats won by the party should be the deciding factor ,who will lead the government and that would be fair .
    If PR happened to won the PRU 13 ,most likely DAP will have the majority number of seat based on the strong momentum of the Chinese voters toward that party that they believe could fulfil their aspiration . One may argue that this might not be possible but we must not forget Malay voters are split into three between UMNO ,PKR and PAS and there much possibility that UMNO would not have the ability to form the government due to the poor support for the MCA ,MIC ,Gerekan and don't forget PPP from their respective race that support them.

    If PR happened to win the next GE there are great possibility DAP will lead the next government.

    1. Dear Tebing Tinggi.

      If PR wins, it must be with a simple majority. They would have to worry about 'frogs', leaping everywhere. With PASS supporters like the idea of DAP leading, say...Anwar/Guan Eng as PM. (Have you notice in Selangor, every time Khalid Ibrahim gives a PC, Ronnie Liew at his side?)

      What if PAS decide to jump ship and make alliance with BN? What about the opinion of other component parties in BN? Will they agree or protest, then left BN? These politicians, especially on the opposition, are really weird and unpredictable people. Well my friend, politics makes very strange bedfellows.

      The Chinese extreme of DAP & Malay extreme of PAS, use to hate each other, now are best of friends. It's just like Karpal & Anwar when the latter is in BN, they or foes. Karpal accused Anwar of sodomy in Parliament, 1997. Lets see what becomes of the friendship in PR, after GE13.


  10. I'm not worried. PR wont win.



    1 MALAYSIA!!!! WHY STILL HAVE SJK (C) or (T)???? Can't they just give those who want to study their own mother tongue a period in their normal time table in SRK???

    WHY STILL UMNO, MCA, MIC or PAS, DAP, PR, PPP ( they are actually against goverment) only there for de money!!! is there ANY DIFFERENCE??? I am a non - muslim who ain't no patriot but i love my state (JOHOR) and her SULTAN.
    If i can as non muslim can ask for single stream of education why not de goverment or somebody make it practical???
    For de betterment of de next generation , currently in primary schools among SRK a new system is up . arab or tamil . What is big fush? any language learnt is only a benefit!!!! besides all de money is in de oil rich countries why not better future prospects. Other races should say thank you.

    I DO WANT TO SAY MUCH AS MOST PEOPLE ARE FIXED ON EITHER SIDE, THEREFORE, ITS GONNA BE TO ACCEPT A HIGHLY SPIRITED STATE PERSON'S VIEWS. QUIET SURPRISINGLY , DE LADY KITTY HERE IS ALLOWING ALL MY COMMENTS. Few others blogs my comments are no more being posted. sorry no offence to all those who are one sided!!! but look deeper inside and you will see de uglier side of urself.

    Learn from indonesians , see how they love their country



      You are absolutely right in your opinion ,but I personally believe as long as SRJK still exist the racial base party will to exist as well, and I do believe there is no way that we could truly achieve 1 Malaysia as long as we being brought up and educated differently .