Wednesday 27 February 2013

World Bank's thumbs up for Malaysia's corporate governance

Rushing things before going back to KL for a while tonight. Accidentally saw this story which I think deserve a posting in this blog. Well, no time to write one myself.

I think SC's Ranjit and his people are doing their job well.

KUALA LUMPUR: Malaysia has received strong ratings from the World Bank in its Corporate Governance Report on Observance of Standards and Codes 2012, said the Securities Commission (SC).

In a statement Tuesday, the SC said the bank also reported that Malaysia has been recognised as a regional leader in corporate governance, and has made substantial progress in improving the legal and regulatory framework in relation to corporate governance.

"According to the report, Malaysia's overall scores are higher than the average scores of countries within the Asian region.

"The bank also acknowledges that Malaysia has a large capital market, strong institutions, sophisticated participants and high quality accounting practices," it said.

SC chairman Datuk Ranjit Ajit Singh said it was important to have in place a strong corporate governance eco-system in order to sustain active investor interest and growth in the capital market.

"We are highly encouraged by the strong endorsement by the World Bank on the collective efforts by the regulators and the industry in strengthening corporate governance in Malaysia," he said.

The report, which is an independent assessment by the World Bank, examines the country's corporate governance framework benchmarked against the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) Principles for Corporate Governance.

This is the third time that Malaysia has participated in the assessment.

The first was in 2001, followed by 2006.

Out of the six OECD Principles for Corporate Governance examined in the report, Malaysia scored highest in terms of equitable treatment of stakeholders, enforcement and institutional framework, as well as disclosure and transparency. -- Bernama


  1. As usual certain quarter of ppl commenting here will claimed being manipulated.

  2. Dear Big Cat..hows the weather in Taipeh today..its supposed to be sunny and warm last time I was there but as you land in Taipeh it was raining
    Talking about double standards of PKR you talk about press freedom but then you gag certain papers just becos you dont like..
    Same thing with this organisation called FAM in Malaysia..Football ratings hasnt improve one of the blue blood officials.. criticise the organisation openly, refreeing, organisation etc etc..would FAM haul up and put the gag order to this southern Prince???

  3. Tu UMNO yang cakap!!!! LOL!

  4. Hi Big cat,

    What is Ghani doing by ignoring the facts that Khazanah Clown are selling more and more Johor land to foreigner? Previously it was Iskandar and Medini but now they starting to sell Desaru Land also to everyone except malaysian. And the land they are selling is part of it is Kejora land?.. Ghani is the GM for Kejora by the way.. he cannot just be silent about this....

  5. I honestly don't care what the framework is, only that it is consistently applied, equally to all citizens. Having a great set of rules means nothing unless the culture of enforcement is equally applied.

    Condolences to our brave police who have given their lives for the nation in Sabah recently.