Sunday 10 February 2013

A quiet lonely day in Taipei

Taipei was a bit quiet today. There were less cars on the roads. But it was not significantly any different from any other holiday. Many shops and malls were opened unlike first day of CNY in KL. There were however sounds of firecrackers here and there which remind me of home on this day.

Had an early lunch of bread and salad at home before cycling along Heiping road till Daan Forest Park. The vegetarian restaurant at Shida where I normally have lunch was closed and will only return to business on the third day of CNY. The weather was not so bad. It was a bit cold, about 19 degree Celsius,  but just nice for cycling. It's always nice to cycle in this city. There were nice cycling lanes. It's quite safe.

Took a long walk in the park. It's my routine exercise which I'm trying to keep up whenever I have the time. The sky was however a bit dark and by the time I cycled home, it started to drizzle a bit. Fortunately I reached home just in time before it started to rain quite heavily.

My landlady had gone to her son's place in Zhudong, near Hsinchu for the celebrations. My friend Lin went back to Hong Kong and will only return next week. So, I am all alone in this house. Did some reading and now taking a break. Tired. I think I need new glasses. My eyes tire easily these days. Maybe I need more powerful lenses.

Trying not to miss home...and my Chinaman too much at a time like this. Can't get too distracted. Anyway, I don't think anyone misses me. Not even my Chinaman. I'm resigned to that.  Well, doesn't matter. I just need to be focused on my studies. Don't want to waste the money spend to get me here.

Ok, I think that's enough of my ramblings. Sometimes I'm so full of nonsense whenever I'm in this mellow mood. Well, once in a while I do post something totally devoid of politics like this just for the heck of it. Just for my own writing pleasure, so to speak.

I'm going back to my reading now. You all back home have some more CNY fun ya. Don't fight too much over politics. General election is very near. So, just wait for it, vote and be done with it, ok?


  1. Are you long or short sighted?
    Try reading without glasses?


    1. Long or short, I'm as blind as a bat without my glasses.

  2. aiyo BC,kasi ada maruah sikitlah. kalo ur man tak rindu you- dump him! Ada banyak lagi ikan di laut sis, jgan buang masa!

  3. That's not true.
    We miss u Bigcat.

    - Hantu Siber -

  4. Unsolicited advice from me too - please ignore if you dont agree. Being far from your homeland is hard. You feel everything much more. Family and friends will say "too far to travel" when important things are going on at home and you can feel cut off. Misunderstandings can happen when you aren't able to talk face to face (more than words). Try skyping regularly. Good luck.