Thursday 28 February 2013

Women, be firm with your men

Am writing this outside his room in hospital.

Arrived last night and my Chinaman's mom was waiting for me at the KLIA. Went back to his place and true enough, his condition was very bad. After much dramatic angry words and tears, managed to drag him to hospital.

Told his mom to go home and rest as I keep him company at the hospital. His sisters and dad are coming up from Singapore tonight.

Actually, I'm very angry with him for putting us through the whole trouble. If he had gone to hospital at the first signs that his illness is recurring, he would probably not even be admitted.

Just proper medication and diet would do. Instead he took all those nonsense alternative medicine which side effects only made it worse for his health. Very much like other alternative things la - alternative coalition, alternative government, alternative media, etc - look good but we must be aware of the side effects.

Anyway, the Chinaman still want to make noise and tried to be a hero saying that his condition was not so bad and I don't need to wait for him at the hospital. With his eyes all yellow and feet all swollen up, still he think he was not sick enough. That's when he kena marah again for second time. He can be quite a little boy sometimes.

I had concluded that men were all actually little boys, and they are deep inside still the same as when they manja manja with their mothers. We, women need to love them but be firm at the same time. If they crossed the line and be extra mengada-ngada or naughty, we need to step in and put things in order. Men are not dependable when it comes to these sorts of things. Even the most nerdy ones can go overly naughty.

Bottom-line is, we need to be firm with them. Just imagine what would had happened to Guan Eng if Betty was not firm with him. He sure get in trouble one. A little bit of plaster on the head was small price to pay la.

 Better plaster on the head than ended up having videos like this at Youtube -


  1. Dear Big Cat
    Why must you show the "Video is besi"..for that matter the video on the Indon maid shown tossing the 4 mnths baby is also "video besi" and why our courts gave her 20 no no Videos, AES cameras,lie detectors,Integrity pledge are not admissable under Hudud. Under hudud only niat..what is in the heart is admissable...

  2. but that one the anorexic-skeletic wife says is anugerah tuhan.....pada Amoi mah. Berani, sarung pon tarak pakai..... tarak takut sama itu STDs lor nafsu binatang punya pasal, semua lobang busuk berkuman pon tarak kira. Balik rumah tarak kasi main tapi Abang,you promise ... I be first lady ok.

  3. Haiya, Ai.
    In times like this also you still try to buat lawak.

    Semoga dia cepat semboh.


  4. Why need to be firm..Our porno king MCA president kena videotaped and kena caught with his pants down enjoying himself still have his wife standing by him supporting him and still can be MCA president.And remember the case of someone kena caught in a hotel in Port Dickson many moons ago. These cases all got concrete evidence but these guys still politically strong..They are my idol..Lim Guan Eng one all heresay and rumours and I dont think he have the time to cheat on his wife.Helen Ang says he got dendam kesumat on UMNO so his whole life is to bring down UMNO (sic)..Where got time to go screw other women.

    1. that's why some PKR leaders decided to screw other women. karipap

    2. No need to be firm lah, just screw them back and have double the fun. Make a CUCKOLD of them back lah:))

  5. You milk anything just for umno eh? Hopeless umno lackey.

  6. Haha akak ni kelakar la.

    Parit imam