Friday 19 April 2013

Musings: Cleaning up

Talking about cleaning up, I think people should start to question their own self too.  How clear is your conscience, how true is your intent, how clean is your inter-action with others? 

I have found that some people who accuse other people of dastardly acts are themselves the worst perpetrators of the said acts.  People who accuse others of spinning and lying are the worse spinners and liars, and they shamelessly do both in the same place to the same people.  

A simple statement of fact can be twisted by these shameless individuals into long-winded made up stories that was so obviously fictive in nature,  but they think people are stupid enough not to see behind the spin.  The sad thing is, they do this so often that they actually believe their own fiction.

I particularly find it comical how opposition figures, the same ones most times, respond to any "musibah" that befalls them by playing the "Umno/BN fault" game.  It is always Umno's fault, regardless of who is involved.  At least I have yet to find BN operatives playing the "I am whiter than white, purer than pure" music.  

Don't these people have any self-respect at all?  Don't they realise how pathetic they look, or how juvenile their whining is?  Do they seriously think that the thinking fence sitter would find their blame game credible, or their self-pitying spinning palatable?  

They might be able to re-enforce the self-pity among their own cult members, but I am sure there are many thinking people out there who find it distasteful.  And what the masters do, the followers do in greater righteousness.   It's getting to nauseous proportion that now I make and effort to avoid reading Free Malaysia Today, Malaysiakini, Malaysian Insider and Malaysia Chronicle, the four most responsible for the insidious spinning.

Those among the sheep who feel they are cleverer than the brainwashed masses would attempt to play the same "blame Umno for everything" game, sell their fiction, and conduct the sneaky twisting and spinning they accuse others of doing, emulating their revered leaders in all their nasty habits, probably aspiring to move higher up in the ranks of the opposition priesthood.

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