Friday 19 April 2013

The Rocket Drama

I watched Lim Guan Eng acting up again on TV3 just now.  Aiyo Guan Eng ... enough with the drama la.  What do you want?  Both ROS and EC already said DAP can use the rocket symbol, why you need to be so dramatic with all the "if they keep their word" and "if not we will contest using PAS symbol".  You want to bring two authorisation letters, go ahead la, you don't have to make such a fuss of it.

Playing the victim like anyone with half a mind would sympathise with your self-inflicted problems.  Hey, DAP messed things up all by themselves in their own CEC election, OK.  The unhappy DAP members complained about it, then ROS investigated and informed DAP their newly elected CEC is not recognised by the ROS.  Don't start turning this into another sob story of how DAP is the most persecuted entity in the entire universe, can or not?

A DAP CT had already blamed Umno/BN in this comment "When face with prospect of defeat, what's UMNO/BN response? Using RoS to ban DAP and the Rocket symbol! Brilliant move." in my blog, although I don't know how Umno/BN is responsible for causing those DAP members to file their complaints to ROS.  Are there people who would actually buy this drivel?

Should ROS ignore the complaints filed by those DAP members then, because everyone must accept that DAP under the Lims can do no wrong, that they are perfection at all times?  What about the rights of those who filed the complaint?  What?  They've got none?

It is always Umno/BN that do these monstrous things, because BN without the Umno appended to it would not be sufficiently evil to be responsible for everything that's wrong with the world today.  The whole thing is just too juvenile, it isn't funny anymore.

How can anyone take this Lim fellow seriously?  First it's political assassination, now its bringing two authorisation letters to the nomination centre, next we don't know what la but will surely be something else to whine and dramatise about.  Drama queen betul.


  1. Here is a list of all the mistakes of the DAP leadership.

    1. The DAP leadership sat on their butts for 44 long years without helping the Malays, the Bumiputras, the Chinese, the Indians and all.

    2. The DAP shouted themselves hoarse 'Malaysia for Malaysians' for 44 long years raising suspicions of the innocent Chinese by other communities. And a few weeks ago, the DAP through its spokesman, 'Malaysian Politics is Malay-based.'

    3. In 2008, the DAP should have finished off the BN which was distracted by fun and games abetted by the PAP cadre operatives since 2004. The DAP was incompetent and inefficient and failed to do their Trojan horse job so created by their founder, Lee Kuan Yew in 1968.

    4. Up to 2012, the DAP was fond of being smart to insult the very people whom they should be friends with by impinging on religious matters.

    5. The DAP bad generalship is shown by their conduct of the CEC Elections which were left very late. And when a mistake was discovered, a fresh elections should have been held to save themselves and the blue-eyed boys from embarassment.

    6. From the above facts, the leadership is now shown to be obstinate, arrogant and lack foresight of the future and the consequences to come. They just could not see beyond their noses. This is why I have said their leadership intellect is way below their founder's Lee Kuan Yew with his failed policies.

    7. Lee Kuan Yew's reputation and legacy are based wholly on the fact that the DAP conquers Malaysia - or else Singapore is a step away from Sparta-dom ! How is the DAP going to explain all these to Daddy.

  2. I guess I am at a loss as to what to say about the latest antics of the great tokong LGE. Shows the breed, and shows typically what DAP are made of. I guess people like him have no shame, integrity, honour, self-respect, dignity.

    Malaysia, show these people the exits and let them rot in a bottomless pit, never ever to climb out and create discord and riots in our beautiful, peaceful land.

    LGE and gang, please go back to where you came and be gone and bring along with you your band of developers......good riddance

  3. Again the spinning...

    RoS itself said their investigations are ongoing and scheduled to interview two main material witnesses after the elections on the 9th May rite?

    So how can RoS without concluding their investigation now say the DAP CEC is illegal...
    This was 2 days from nomination date.

    Funny logic la this UMNO/BN bloggers.
    Kalau tanding, main bersih la...

    ~ Kluang girl

    1. and LKS claimed that PDRM conducted an internal study that points to PR winning the GE13 with a majority of 145 seats but sadly for him, PRDRM came out and made it clear that LGS' claim is baseless.

  4. LGE = Tokong

    Najib = Kaki kuat Rasuah

    1. 2 lines and you're paid what ? RM10 ?

    2. At least Najib kaki je yang kuat rasuah. Kalau Anwar Ibrahim, habis satu badan.

  5. They had like 4 months to fix their mistakes and yet they prefer to play with their balls and act like drama queens.
    Let's not forget what Lim Guan Eng did last Christmas to divert attention from their CEC problems, instigating muslims with the whole Allah issue. Lim Guan Eng must think he's being so brilliant by doing that.
    Well, that's how 'brilliant' you become when you rule like tokong and no one from your side dares to question you.

  6. Throw those who shed crocodile tears to the crocodiles in Jong's Crocodile Farm, Kuching. That would be a welcome change from their normal diet of chicken.

  7. I would like to nominate him for Best Actor in a Political Drama Series. anyone objects ? L O L !

  8. Problem is created by Tokong who believes he can do no wrong in the eyes of his supporters. He knows he has done wrong because he manipulated the CEC election. He is not prepared to give details and explanations to ROS. He is hoping for a PR take over of the central government to save his job in DAP. He is just an actor, no less.

  9. Hey Batty,
    Still flying in the daylight,hit the lampost,got head concussion and the end product stupid comment...malu mah.

  10. It was the past and present antics of the DAP since 1968 when the DAP took-over the mantle from Lee Kuan Yew's PAP in Malaysia which gave rise to the suspicions of the Chinese by the other communities. It is alright for Lee Kuan Yew sitting in his castle fortress and watch us Malaysian suffer from the antics of his Malaysian Trojan horse which is the DAP. He also said that the gates of his castle will not be opened to Malaysian refugees.

    But through a life-time, I can vouch that the Malaysian Chinese are absolutely loyal and contributed much to our beloved Malaysia. No more. No less.

    See the facts and see the fiction to create mischief.

  11. Haha, I really loved what you wrote! The Oppositions are like a bunch of teenagers on steroids. Trying to gain "independence" from their " parents (BN)". And guess what? If they failed in life and failed to stand on their own, guess where will they be crawling back to? Lol. If they had been more sensible in their thinking and actions, maybe people would give a crap to what they have to say... After all, Malaysians are "easily swayed" by word-of-mouth. LOL

  12. A thief crying blue murder after being caught stealing. Typical DAP tactic - when caught with hand in cookie jar, divert to something else. That's also the reason they like to call other people racist - to divert attention from the fact that THEY are the real racists.