Wednesday 10 April 2013

Nothing Important

Despite the text reminders, I missed the EC announcement just now.  I was stuck in traffic and couldn't make it on time to reach the office where we have a television set in the pantry.  As for the radio, I got so used to radio silence while driving, I forgot that I can listen in on the radio too for the announcement.

Besides, it is no fun listening to the announcement all by yourself in the solitude of your car.  You should be sitting around with friends, waiting in full anticipation of the actual announcement, even though you knew what is going to be announced, and that everyone will know of it within all of 2 minutes after it was announced.

It's like watching a football game on TV, knowing there is no way your team could possibly win against a much better team, but you sit through the game anyway, groaning in collective agony as your team struggle with the inevitable, hoping for miracles.  It's a social thing.

Anyways, I haven't had the chance to go around my usual haunts to pick up the mood on the ground, but I have been in contact with a number of my acquaintances for updates.

Apparently now that it is more or less certain that Dato Ghani will be retiring, some people are already celebrating their expected ascendancy, already salivating at the prospect of inhabiting Kota Iskandar for whatever reasons, without even caring that the hungry pack are yapping at their heels, ready to break them at their own power base.  Pathetic really ..

Ah well, I have never understood the hunger for power above all else.

The opposition trinity had more or less firmed up on their candidates, and DAP has started campaigning in earnest too.  With the Lim father and son show in town last week, I am going to do a bit of prowling on the ground to see what those two has been up to.

Other than that, I plan to lie low and watch how things unfold towards the nomination day.

In any case, I shall refrain from speculating about the possible match-ups until everything is announced on nomination day.  Nothing is certain until then.  Everything else would be pure speculation.  Not that I haven't indulged in some speculative reasoning before, but when dealing with humans, you can't be too sure of anything.


  1. Just seen the news that CSL will not contest. MCA is a slow-moving car wreck that BN could do without.

    1. Smart of him not to contest. Provide a good contrast against the Lims.

  2. Najib has the similar issues (the need to develop talent) in UMNO but he fights from the front and puts himself to the verdict of the voters in his electorate. If your leader won't put their political future to the test with voters what message does it send to other MCA candidates? Is it that you are selfless or that you are fearful of the electorate? I struggle to name even one political leader that leads in this way. I think that Chinese voters (at the very least) will see it as a shameful act which will lose MCA even more support. This is the group that MCA must try to win over, otherwise what role has it got in the BN? CSL should reconsider and get involved in the fight - better to go down fighting than with a whimper. That at least could be respected.

    1. Personally, I think it is good that Chua Soi Lek is not contesting, because Chua Tee Yong is. I have reservations about political dynasties as it is, and to have more than one ADUN or MP in the immediate family like how they have in PKR, PAS, and DAP is just off-putting.

      I don't have a problem with a family legacy of political activism, you know, handing the baton to the younger son or daughter after your retirement, but not all in the family at the same time kind of political dynasty.

      But that's my personal opinion.

    2. Besides, why must we operate like others? Be different, be original, that's far more admirable in my estimation.