Monday 1 April 2013

Boo: Johor PKR should stop targeting DAP but BN instead

Press statement by Johor DAP State Chairman Dr. Boo Cheng Hau on 31 March 2013 in Johor Bahru regarding seats distribution among Johor Pakatan Rakyat to forge a winning line-up in Johor.

2008 12th General Elections Parliamentary  seat allocation
Proposed 2013 13thGE Parliamentary seat allocation
2008 12th GE state seat allocation  in 2008
Proposed 2013 13thGE  state seat allocation
(Let go Gelang Patah Parliament  to the DAP but gain Tebrau Parliament from PAS and Johor Bahru parliament from PRM)
7 including Gelang Patah
1 (Johor Bahru)
2 (3-cornered fight with the DAP in Stulang)

I deeply regret that the PKR Johor has insensibly targeted at the DAP seats while fact is that PKR will contest one more parliament seat in Johor in the upcoming 13th General Elections.
Despite giving way for the DAP in Gelang Patah parliament, PKR has been given the right to contest in both additional Tebrau and Johor Bahru parliament seats.  Tebrau and Johor Bahru parliament seats were previously contested by PAS and PRM respectively.  PAS has agreed to swop with PKR the Tebrau parliament while giving DAP the Gelang Patah seat to contest in addition to the new Johor Bahru parliament seat.
As a matter of fact, PKR Johor has gained one more parliament seat to contest in Johor under its ticket as compared to 2008 General Elections.  Even though the DAP contests 6 parliament seats in 2008 but 7 parliament seats in 2013 General Elections, we still have the least number of parliament seats to contest in Johor as compared to PKR and PAS.
For Johor PKR to insist on getting additional parliament seats such as Bakri or Segamat parliament seats from the DAP, it is no only deemed unreasonable but Johor PKR shows a lack of fraternity.
When PAS is willing to give up one parliament seat in 2013 as compared to 2008, it has been willing to give up more state seats for both the DAP and PKR.  I would like to urge the Johor PKR to look at the bigger political scenarios and respect the goodwill of both the Johor PAS and DAP to accept the proposed allocation of parliament seats and be willing to accept more state seats than targeting the DAP seats only.
The DAP has proposed the PAS and PKR to swop more state states for Johor PKR as it is what Johor PKR needs to strike a balance in seats allocation.  Johor PKR needs more state seats than parliament seats.  As most Johor state seats are in the PAS' domain, PAS is willing to give in more seats to Johor PKR for the sake of Pakatan unity.  PKR Johor should try to be reasonable and concentrate on efforts as to how PR can defeat the BN as a whole.

Dr. Boo Cheng Hau, 69 Jalan Kebudayaan 16, Taman Universiti, 81300 Skudai, Johor, Malaysia.  Tel and Fax: 60-7-521 1670

Tinsel says:
You see, you see .. that's how generous DAP is to PKR.  In GE13 PKR gets to contest in more seats courtesy of PAS and PRM, you see .. how generous DAP has been to PKR.  Err ... that's all PAS generosity, but same thing la, PAS is just an extension of DAP too what ...

So PKR should take advantage of PAS generosity la, and give all those seats that PKR has been working on back to DAP, because we must have a balanced allocation.  What do you mean you have been working on those seats for a long time? sap sap sui la .. you are all partners what ...

Besides Najib is too scared to dissolve the parliament you know, so there is plenty of time for PKR to build their support from zero and there are those green Pastors around to help PKR make noise in those seats.  Work a bit harder la .. don't expect everything handed to you on a plate.

See, DAP is contesting in the least number of seats as compared to PKR and PAS.  See how generous DAP are?   Even if PKR and PAS don't win, it is OK what.  In a competition, it is not the winning that matters, it is the participation that counts.  Besides if DAP wins all these Chinese-majority seats, it is like we all win, right pardners?

What do you mean PAS is not in the equation?  They give away their marginal seats like Tebrau and Johor Bahru to DAP to allocate to PKR what .. those are winnable seats for PKR, that is being an important part of the equation.  What?  Shahrir Samad in Johor Bahru?  He is kacang putih la, no problem for PKR.


  1. green Pastors?

    1. Uh .. You know rocket DAPsters, one-eyed PiKeRs, green PAStors ..

  2. Tinsel, is JB after SS at grey seat? I know SS has enormous popularity, for good reason, but does the majority represent his popularity or BN's? This question solely on the basis of BN's difficulties in urban seats.

    1. My assessment - JB is white for BN, but Shahrir Samad makes it certain.

    2. My sources tell me shahrir will be asked to make way for younger candidate.

    3. Wouldn't it be grand if Uncle Kit takes on SS in JB? If there's one matchup I wanna see down South, that has gotta be it.

      Hypothetically, do you think it would be an even fight if it happened?

    4. Uncle Kit in JB? Heh .. Have you seen pigs flying yet??

  3. as always.. when come DAP.. Pas is a very subservient macha...

  4. Push Hard ! Shove Hard ! A landslide victory awaits you BN as led by the UMNO with the 14 component parties. Shove Hard ! Shove Hard !

  5. I like how after what they done to PKR, the DAP makes it look like they're victims of PKR instead.

    1. And the best part is that a majority of the Chinese electorate will be gullible enough to believe the sandiwara played out by their idols.

    2. anyone interested in filming a drama series based on this PKR DAP infighting ? this is a tricky business. we have to hire real actors you see, because if we don't use real actors, then the PKR DAP people will then say this is yet another conspiracy by BN. L O L ! everything is a conspiracy according to Pakatan. L O L !

    3. Can we make the Kit Siang character an aunty please, please, so I can play super cool Kit Siang the female Comeback Kid who hopped all over the place before deciding to contest in Johor but not at his birthplace of Batu Pahat but at Gelang Patah because Batu Pahat is not a Chinese-majority seat so it can be given away to PKR instead.

      OK, so I missed lunch again ..

  6. Wow! Is this a real Press Statement? This Boo fella must think that PKR supporters are as stupid as DAP supporters. Well maybe they are..

    Kena backstab kaw-kaw dengan DAP. IF PKR has any pride left, they should ask their supporters to vote BN in all DAP seats. Then only DAP will know whether they can survive or not without PKR support..

    Macam gini nak manage Malaysia... memang Pakatoon betul!

  7. The best is that the DAP formed the biggest Ali-Baba venture ever being 2 Alis and a Baba. The DAP willingly relegated themselves to Third Class unlike the BN which is an all equal party as led by the UMNO with the 14 component parties. Not only this. The DAP after shouting themselves hoarse for 44 long years 'Malaysia for Malaysians' willingly became Third Class status outnumbered in a triumvirate of 3 ! And thus left their hard-core supporters and conscience behind. The DAP by sitting on their butts never helped the Chinese, Malays, Indians and all and through their exclusivity gave rise to suspicions and mistrust of the Chinese from the other communities. This is a great disservice to all Malaysians. Who benefits ? You know who ? The DAP does not deserve anyone's vote.

  8. Jijan Mali....4 April 2013 at 12:21

    Tolak semua calun-calun PR - Pakatan Rasis!!!!!
    Tolak semua calun-calun "Manifesto BUKAN Janji"!!!
    Tolak semua calun-calun penyokong kaum sesat LGBT!!!