Sunday 14 April 2013

Acid Test

I dropped by my good friend Annie's place and her latest posting is very similar to what I wanted to write but hadn't had the time to do it.  And now that she has done her piece, I will just put my perspective to it, but go ahead and read hers too.

Nothing has been confirmed yet, but it seems that the guys on the ground are very excited at the prospect of Dato Ghani facing off Mr Lim in Gelang Patah.  Some would say it is the twilight clash, but I am seeing something else.  If Dato Ghani decides to accept the challenge, it will not be because he wanted to continue his political career, because I think he sincerely wanted to retire, but because he wants to make sure that Johor will continue to be a BN bastion, even in places like Gelang Patah.

The point of pitting an Umno in a Chinese-majority seat, and a non-Malay in a Malay-majority seat is a clear indication of how BN Johor approach the power-sharing concept.  It is not the ethnicity of the person representing you, not his religious faith either, but it is about how the people of Johor develop the ability to rise above race-based politics.

BN Johor do not talk much about it, but the fact is, non-Malay BN candidates in Malay-majority seats have a much better chance to win in Johor is testimony of how the Johor Malays subscribe to the BN power-sharing ideals.  That their decision had never been clouded by race.  Gelang Patah will be an acid test to see whether the Johor Chinese are willing to go half way, given that the man being put up to represent them have had a reputation among the Chinese, of being fair to everyone.

What I find interesting, however, is the consistency of DAP in selecting areas that are being intensely developed, mostly urban areas where there is a large concentration of Chinese voters, and where there are local authorities that do most of the legwork in servicing the constituents' needs.  It has always been like that, the focus of DAP political activism is the Chinese, in urban areas, and even as their image shifts from the working class socialism ideals as depicted by Dr Boo to the Christian professional socialism of the likes of say, Anthony Loke, their focus has never shifted from the Chinese voters in urban areas.

It explains why DAP chose to "take back" Gelang Patah, which was contested by PKR in the previous two GEs, and giving up Segamat to PKR.  The deciding factor is, I believe, urbanisation.  Gelang Patah is now turning to be more urbanised than Segamat, hence a more attractive proposition for DAP, and there is a reason for that, which, is a topic for another posting.


  1. Just for your info, Anthony Loke is not Christian la.

    Not nice to simply pluck a name and put a label for the sake of a posting. Haha.

    ~ Kluang girl

    1. whatever..

      that anthony and hannah yeop of church of subang always flock together2 wat.. haha..

    2. Now it seems those DAP's Evangelist Christian are already afraid to even mention their faith. Even an Anglophile name is frowned upon.

      The majority of Chinese are Buddhist. If their younger generation don't care about religion, their elders do. They have began to realize the true intention of DAP leaders, majority of them, Evangelist Christians. DAP now, is like PAS, using place of worship to garner votes. Like the Muslim, the Buddhist too, wants their descendants to preserve their faith. Politics and religion are perfect recipe for communal disaster, too. You do have to be a rocket scientist to figure out what will happen when a 7% Minority Christians tries to exert influence over the majority Muslims. That is why, Guan Eng and other politician in DAP have already kept quiet with the Allah issue. They do not want to alienate the Chinese community further by playing the religious card.

      DAP's affiliation with PAS has also alienated Buddhist Chinese. They, especially the elders, have always known the history of PAS, which is an extremist version of Taliban, who once bombed that Buddhist tomb in Bamiyan, Afghanistan. Therefore, they treated PAS with suspicion. If you don't believe me, try asking the elder Chinese, what those PAS people have done to temples in Malaysia, in the early 80's, especially in Johore. That is why those who support MCA are usually, old people.


  2. Woit Bigcat... bila si Ghani nak kasi jual KFC ??????

    1. Why ask me? I have never bothered much about unsubstantiated speculations, so can you cut all that speculative crap as it is a complete waste of time.

      Besides, isn't it inappropriate now that it is obvious Dato Ghani will not be the MB, hence, not likely will be making any say in the matters involving JCorp or any of its subsidiaries?

      And please focus on the topic boleh tak?

  3. Malay are always lacking in racial feeling were taken for the ride for all this years not only in Johore but in other state as well when safe seats are concern and sometimes being taken for granted . Living in harmony and peace are what they believe and uphold the decision of leader among them are being look as weakness and being taken advantage depriving them the leaders of their choice.
    Yet they are being call raciest,sometimes to what extend the Malays could tolerate as their tolerance are never been appreciate but instead being mock with all sort of names and labelled and I am just hopping that lat straw will never come.

  4. Yes, politicians have everything to do with religion. But what has the Christian religion got to do with politics, especially DAP politics in Malaysia ? Do not forget DAP sat on their butts for 44 long years and did nothing for the Chinese, the Malays, the Bumiputras, the Indians and all and shouted 'Malaysia for Malaysians'. Now, DAP spokesman says, 'Malaysian Politics is Malay-base.'

  5. Ghani's candidature is not the solution it is part of the problem. While I agree with Tinsel that voters deserve kudos if they back effective candidates rather than members of their own community, it can't be underestimated how troubled MCA (and other race based parties are). This is also a problem for UMNO. If your party can't connect with your community and win their trust as their representatives, what good are you. Winning through the support of Malay voters is an opium or crutch which is stopping MCA/Gerakan/MIC and others making the internal reforms needed to re-engage with their communities. Why is it a problem for UMNO? Because it means a third of voters will be lost to them before taking into account PAS and PKR's impact. If the rot spreads to East M'sia and their 57 MPs the situation could be even worse for BN. It is time for UMNO to force change on these parties before they go from life support to R.I.P.