Sunday 28 April 2013

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I was at Unspinners just now and their latest posting "Kit Siang guna UGUTAN terhadap pengundi Cina yang tak undinya" was rather alarming, because now we really see this line of campaigning being used in Johor.  I haven't received text messages of this kind myself, probably because I am not Chinese, but I find the tone is no different from the intimidating comments I have been getting in this blog.

I knew that plenty of this kind of provocation have been circulating for years, but this is the first time this tactic is blatantly and directly being used to intimidate voters in Johor.  I know for a fact that among the Chinese in Gelang Patah, they are not even supposed to mention the word "BN" in public places, let alone voice any kind of discussion with regards to the merits of BN.  I guess now I understand the reluctance of those uncles to talk about BN these couple of days, they probably have been receiving all kinds of threats on a regular basis lately.

Poor Jason Teoh, he is now being labeled as a traitor to his race simply for supporting the ideals of accommodating relations within BN component parties and making way for Dato Ghani to prove that Johor Chinese are tolerant and not race-biased.  For years Umno Malays in Tebrau, Segamat, Simpang Renggam, Ayer Hitam and Tanjong Piai have been working on the ground to ensure victory of BN's non-Malay, non-Umno candidates.

Now that the Chinese in Gelang Patah are subjected to this kind of politics of race and hatred, we will see whether they will reciprocate the tolerance and acceptance that Malays in Tebrau, Segamat, Simpang Renggam, Ayer Hitam and Tanjong Piai had accorded the various non-Malay candidates they have supported all these while.

And the outcome will tell us whether we can rise above the dirt of ethnic politics and communal hatred being sown by self-serving politicians who have not shown any significant contribution to nation-building.  Or else, we can continue on the path towards ever increasing polarisation and segregation that will only nurture inter-ethnic distrust and bigotry.


  1. Yeah agree with you about the outcome.LKS is so un responsible for putting up this predicament to voters in GP and thank to Dato Ghani,we will know which direction based from this PRU outcome.Whatever it is,the ball is in their court now,they have to choose wisely between an old man parachutting from outside and had contribute nothing against a man who has proven track record and contribute a lot to them.Lets wait who will be the real loser.
    Ah Kiong Gelang Patah.

    1. this is the act of a desperate man. he knows he can't win in Gelang Patah. this brand of politics is nothing new. it has always been the modus operandi of the DAP.
      if the Chinese vote themselves out of government, its not our problem. its their problem.

    2. I didn't realise this is common practice when campaigning in Malaysia. I thought it is just something that started recently. I guess I am an absolutely novice when it comes to Malaysian politics.

    3. Where's the source of the Kit Siang statement? Simply creating story is a lousy black-ops these days. All Johor voters can come and view speeches in YouTube la.

      A police report will be filed next week against UnSpinners blog owner for defamation and sedition.
      Kalau tanding, main bersih la?

      Being on ground in Johor for one week now, I'm feeling good on the swing support of voters. Hehe

      ~Kluang girl

  2. It has been that way with DAP.That's what erupted the May 13,remember?It's a history fact even we also dont like to be reminded and condemn it.But this practice has been rejected partly until slumberjack came up and gave them the chance to revive it.Now slumberjack has gone and looking at the nation changes,there is no way they feel marginalized here in M'sia. Everybody is enjoying the good living here and even how bad the life is,many people are getting fat and can even donate money to the needy. Voters,irrespective of race are wiser now,i hope. I dont mind if DAP is good at developing this nation,but frankly they are not.They are still with the old opposition midset.The way they reasoning about the recent CEC fiasco is also quite embarassing,blaming it to excel error.My goodness,how stupid can you be? Let us now campaign for UBAH these opposition by first kicking out these old dinasaurs like LKS,Hadi,karpal and nik aziz. Anyway this is interesting outcome to LKS political shelf life...:-) Any outcome could be a disgrace ending to him.

    1. I once attended a ceramah by a dap candidate. It was nothing but chinese this and chinese that. I shiver to say what will happen if they come into power. So racial. Not a word about other races, development or the future. He talked as though all the chinese will die if dap does not win. I pity my non chinese friends. But of course, dap has no pity for even non dap people.

    2. i pity my chinese friends too even if i'm chinese myself. i pity them for being so blind and narrow-minded and unable to see the mountain behind the stone. but this also proves what kind of thinking and mentality they live in. as if the government owes them everything. it's like how society today, where the children "leeches" off their parents. bapa borek, anak rintik. *shakes head*

  3. NoReasonsForChinesecitizenship28 April 2013 at 13:44

    "I knew that plenty of this kind of provocation have been circulating for years, but this is the first time this tactic is blatantly and directly being used to intimidate voters in Johor. I know for a fact that among the Chinese in Gelang Patah, they are not even supposed to mention the word "BN" in public places, let alone voice any kind of discussion with regards to the merits of BN. I guess now I understand the reluctance of those uncles to talk about BN these couple of days, they probably have been receiving all kinds of threats on a regular basis lately."

    The Malays were stupid to support the Chinese and Indians candidates. They were duped by UMNO Presidents purportedly they need to have Chinese support.

    In reality, the Chinese just want to be Cabinet Ministers and have mega budgets and projects. Why tolerance? Why acceptance of the Chinese? They are kafir and they are part of China imperialsm. It may have been necessity to pretend to the British that we are on good terms with Chinese in order to drive them out but why do have to tolerate the greedy Chinese now?

    Do you understand this point? There is no reason to accept and tolerate chinese culture and language in Tanah Melayu. Because the end game of the Chinese communists were to colonise Malaya and Singapore for China. In Singapore, the Chinese government systematically reduced the Malay representation by bringing 1 million Chinese communist citizens and 1 million indian and filipinos.

    The chinese never wanted to stay permanently anyway in Malaya that is why many of them left for US, Canada or countries that are willing to accomodate them.

    This democracy and election is a farce if it allows the immigrants Chinese and Indians to rule Tanah Melayu. The only people to benefit will be Indians like Mahathir, Ananda and his other business cronies.

    Let it be stressed again. This the Federated Malay States and there is no historical or logical reasons to allow Chinese to rule in Tanah Melayu. That is not what we fought independence from Christian Britain for.

    If not you will be left rueing, will the Chinese appreciate this or that that the Malays had done out of stupidity.

    To the Chinese, thank you, we will take the rainforest ,the licenses, the retail business.. for we are Malaysians..hehe

    What the Malays should do is help the Malays in Singapore which was first inhabitated by Johore Malays and Javanese from the Chinese invasion. The act of reducing Malay representation in Singapore is akin to racial genocide by the Chinese Govt of Singapore.

    Malays in Singapore should be given scholarships as they give to Chinese in Malaysia.

    1. Moron! Why stir up sewerage using these old coconuts? Trying to motivate the already committed voters? You don't even sound like a Malay, neither reasonable nor polite. Time to crawl back under your rock and try to remember the hatred you spout causes hurt to the nation, regardless of your goal, its just not worth the damage you do.

    2. NoReasonsForChinesecitizenship28 April 2013 at 14:32

      Anonymous28 April 2013 14:14 or RD
      you are the moron.

      These are not old issues.

      These are issues that will trouble future Malay generations.

      The Chinese are multi billionaires today and how much is in your pocket moron?

      They will use these wealth to control the politics in malaysia by buying all the small time malay politicians like KJ.

    3. NoReasonsForChinesecitizenship, you must be part of the Lim Kit Siang and gang partying in Gelang Patah because your language is just the kind of language that one would expect coming from those chauvinists, except in reverse, meant to dumb down the Malays. Thank you, now I can imagine what all those chinese words are now, as being said to chinese audiences by DAP campaigners in Johor. Can't be much different from yours, I'm sure.

    4. TanahMelayuPermataNilam1 May 2013 at 15:30

      If you think you are one then you are. You are what you think. Far from being moronic, it is just a matter of time before this become mainstream among the Malays.

      Instead of entertaining the Chinese and Indians such as Hindraf who wanted to become bumiputeras, more and more Malays realised they dont have to put up with the Chinese and Indians.

      It was only the UMNO President who was from Indians in Kerala, that promote Malaysian Malaysia and allows 400 billions to be owned by Chinese and Indians. Nobody too is listening to the other Tamil Anwar Ibrhaim who enriched his father.

      Malays are slowly recovering and realised that Tanah Melayu is within their control. Malays youth will want to recover all the special licenses given to Hindus like Ananda Krishnan by Mahathir. Monopoly by Hindus of Tanah Melayu satellites will be over. Nationalisation of scarce resources will be our future action. All Toto license will be abolished and Tan will have to sell Cardiff where all our gambling money has gone instead of towards local footballers.

      Rainforests destroyed will be recovered from Li Sheng Cheng so he can be a school teacher. Cheap labour will be yesterday and Chinese can no longer be tokey. They have to man their own shop or work with jobless kelantan youth.

      Now you can hear Malays talking about our rich natural resources on youtube. Gold, sand, tin, cement all going to the Chinese like YTL etc. No more. Tanah Melayu meant exactly that these tanah belong to Melayu. We are rich indeed that we have enough to share among the Malays to make us as rich as the arabs.

      This election is inconsequential to the Malay future. The Malay spring has arrived and it will sweep away the evil mamak heritage, the Subahan Kamal, Nok yakcob or Zambry or KJ.

      Inilah Bahtera Merdeka yang dimaksudkan.

  4. Vote according to you conscience. Take all the money, goodies and food on offer from both sides, ignore the threats and then vote for who you think will represent you and your wises best. Enjoy May 5 and take the day off to meet friends and family after you vote. Good luck all.

  5. My conscience tells me must vote out BN especially UMNO as they have systematically rob the rakyat money especially since Dr M era. To vote BN means more cow in apartment, more PKFZ, more MINDEF scandals, more submarines, more 50k printers to be bought, more Sarawakian land to be robbed etc. For the future of our children, we have no choice but must vote PR and give them power to clean up BN.

    1. Easy to accuse but where 's the evidence? You dont know much about anwar. Pity you.

    2. Anon 15:51

      Keep your conscience to your self and exercise your right,but before you cast your vote just remember that no government in this world is good and perfect government but UMNO lead government has been people choice for all this years ,how sure you are with your alternative choice ?, don't lead your emotion fool you.

    3. Anon 15:51

      what makes you think that PR will be "bersih" if they win the elections? how sure are you that they will be righteous? cuz from how i see it, they're nothing but tin kosongs. all talk and threats and now violence, but never made peace, progress and unity. you guys think so highly upon yourselves. almost as "dirty" as your "beloved leaders". i wonder how do you guys sleep at night? how would you feel if your own children were to say the same thing to you down the road after you worked hard to support them and give them good education. unless you're one of those who blames the government, everybody and everything when you don't do well, then in my words, you're a hopeless case. you sound like an ungrateful child after receiving all the benefits of this country. if you can, you run away, like all other "Malaysians" love to do. and then live like beggars abroad. suffer the racism consequences. don't forget, like how we look and treat the foreign workers here in Malaysia, that's how the whites and blacks and yellows will look at you for entering their land. after all, what goes around comes around. and finally, on your corruption comment, have you ever seen any cat that doesn't eat fish?

  6. Who is this LKS ? He is just an ordinary fellow like you and me. The only greatness was that he became an aide to the brilliant Lee Kuan Yew with his failed Policies for Singapore. He sat on his butt and shouted himself hoarse the mischievous PAP slogan, 'Malaysia for Malaysians' for 47 long years, and did nothing for the Malays, the Bumiputras, the Chinese, the Indians and all. This divisive slogan caused the non-Chinese to be suspicious of the hard-working and innocent Chinese. And now, recently, the Singaporean DAP said, 'Malaysian Politics is Malay-based.' after 47 long years which the 14 component parties of the BN recognised as such since 1955. And the Singaporean DAP hard-core who supported them for 47 long years ? They have been ditched ?

    BN will win through a landslide victory at Gelang Patah !

    1. How true. Name one educational institution set up by Lim Kit Siang as a Member of Parliament for close to half a century? They guy is like the Chinese version of Mat Sabu: a dangerous cartoon.

  7. Since my nickname was somehow mention, I am compelled to write something. Here goes:-

    The Pakatan leaders are full of hatred and lust for power. The adage of 'With powers, come great wealth' is perfectly true. If not, how come Anuwar Ibrahim is so rich? His father was a hospital assistance, before Tun Dr.M brought him, from ABIM into BN. Astonishingly, when he was DPM + Finance Minister, his father and all his siblings become corporate figures. Surprisingly, that was exactly when he accused Mahathir of practicing nepotism & cronyism which prompted the then PM to publish a list where all the government contracts goes to whom. It's public knowledge that many of Anuwar's cronies were in the list.

    Since his release from prison in 2005, his only job was a RM1 as Selangor economic advisor and yet he had a RM7 Million home. He does not have a regular, 9~5 job, either. He was known to have stayed in a RM4000/day hotel, in France for days. Can anybody counts the numbers of overseas trips he made over the last 10 years? Where does he gets the money? Funded by foreign agents? There were talks that he embezzled RM3 Billion when he was DPM. Ponder how much interest that money would add-up, today.

    Somehow or rather his misdeeds was 'cleansed' in Pakatan. So did Mat Taib, the then MB of Selangor, better known as 'RM3Million-in-a-bag', caught in Australia's airport. Now ditched and without power, hence the opportunity to make more money, they hate BN which once made them affluent.

    For the Dynastic Lims, their lust for power and wealth made them abuse the democratic rights of Malaysian with disregards of racial harmony. By threatening Chinese who are not voting, they have unintentionally reveal their tyrannic self. Those apolitical Chinese are even scared to even mention 'BN' when they are among their brethren, in fear of retribution. Luckily, our votes are secret and there is no way anybody can tell who we voted for. Therefore, it is not surprising that BN will be receiving all the votes from those Chinese, the DAP gangsters are intimidating. Furthermore many of the Buddhist Chinese are bewildered by DAP's leaders, many of whom are Evangelist Christians and championing the use of Allah (inviting the Church into politics, as PAS is practicing) hence instigating animosity and bloodshed amongst faith.

    Well, nobody would be looking forward into living, lets say, in Southern Thailand! where nobody can guess where the next bomb will explode next, on the busy main streets.

    Stop crooks from achieving power and robbing Malaysian, more of our wealth. Furthermore the some Pakatan leaders are ex-convicts and are known abuser of powers.

    Lets vote for BN and some Independent or BEBAS as 'Check & Balance'. All this while Pakatan has failed in what they are supposed to do, since 2008.


    1. RD, I agree with the threats you have outlined, however I disagree with your solution. Never-ending power is also corrupting and we have seen numerous examples from BN and other long-governing parties around the world. Regular changes of government assists the independence of all arms of government. When there is a genuine respect and fear of being caught and punished for wrong-doing then, and only then, will the ambitions of the extremists and corrupt amongst our politicians be stopped.