Wednesday 4 July 2012

The continuing flying ashtray saga - UPDATED and with music video


As it turned out late this afternoon, the ashtray saga suddenly went flying out of control.

Among those yang tak pasal-pasal kena hit by it was MCA president Dr Chua Soi Lek. The fella was quietly minding his own business when Guan Eng, who was probably cornered to relieve the pressure from his wife in Malacca came out with a statement that he is not the same as Dr Chua who was caught in that infamous sex video scandal.

Ok la Guan Eng, I know you have to act like a real husband now after letting your wife taking the flak from your Lovely Rainbow troubles for the past two days at the Malacca Assembly.. But why la you need to drag in Dr Chua like that. The man had bravely faced the storm when he was caught, resigned and to prove a point contested again and actually won. There is no need to attack him like that because Dr Chua had not said anything colorful like a rainbow ever since the whole thing blew up. You want to deny you had an affair with Lovely Rainbow, you just deny la. You go and kacau Dr Chua for what? This Sunday you all going to debate, right? So why need to hype it up like this. It's not a boxing match that you need to taunt your opponent before the fight, ok?

Anyway, even if it's true that you do have some feelings about Lovely Rainbow, I think that's ok. She is quite cun. I really don't blame you. Honest. It's just prove that you are just like any other men.

See, the two of you actually look matching together. Very nice. No joke, ok? Like what the Malays say, "Like Penang cut in half....something like that lar. Of course, as long as Penang CM not cut in half because of this nonsense, should be ok what.

The truth is Guan Eng, I do want to believe you when you said you did not have an affair with Lovely Rainbow. How to have affair la with Betty being so garang like that. Really, I don't bluff one. It's a fact that Chinese ladies are mostly very garang at around Betty's age now. That's why Chinese men seems to be less itchy then, lets say Malay men. It's not that they are less itchy than Malay men, just that they have more garang wives. For comparison, just look at your friend Anwar la, with a docile wife like Wan Azizah, see? Everything he bantai one. He doesn't care one.

Whatever it is, I think you shouldn't bluff la, even though you did not actually have hot steamy affair with Lovely Rainbow, I think you have to admit that you did feel something for her. If not, where all these flying ashtray story came about? Trees wouldn't shake one if there is no wind....true or not? But really la Guan Eng, at least Lovely Rainbow is really lovely. No need to be ashamed and lash out all around hitting innocent bystanders like that. Just be cool, ok? It's not like you are rumored to like ugly women....or handsome boys. All these will actually enhance your profile as not only a handsome CM but also a macho one too in the eyes of especially the ladies. Ladies are actually suckers for no good scoundrel men, ok? Really, I know la.

Ok Guan Eng, since I am now using my nephew's computer which can put music video, I put this one so that you don't miss Lovely Rainbow too much. Ya la, in case you do miss her. If you don't, then just enjoy saja la, ok? I know, I know flower not one only....



What started as a probable joke by BN's Duyong rep Gan Tian Loo at the Malacca Assembly has apparently spiralled into a conspiracy theory.

Yesterday, the five DAP assemblymen staged a walk out in protest over the presence of reporters covering the sesssion, claiming that they were part of the conspiracy to highlight the Guan Eng-Pretty Betty Chewy flying ashtray (or was it a file?) saga.

Heard the ashtray looked like this la -

Quite cute lagi.

Anyway, I guess once DAP takes over Malacca, reporters not deemed friendly to DAP are going to kena banned like in Guan Eng's Penang. much for freedom of the Press.

Btw, how la the whole thing were planned by the assembly speaker, Gan and the reporters. Really crazy theory la that one. Speaker Datuk Othman Muhammad took the pain to explain that he didn't even know that Gan was to raise the issue of Guan Eng's ashtray magnet Lovely Rainbow.

"Maybe the DAP assemblymen did not want to be pressed further on the issue and that would have been the reason for them to walk out," Othman was quoted as saying in a report.

The walkout also means that the assembly would not be hearing the state government's explaination on the Pulau Melaka project as demanded by DAP rep Lim Jak Wong of Bachang.

Anyway, for those not familiar with the flying ashtray saga, please read my previous immediate posting. Sorry ya, cant link la, because this useless netbook I'm using doesn't have that capability.

I'm actually looking forward for more juicy details of this quite fun saga.

However, today I just heard that the DAP reps had they themselves banned from assembly sitting for six months for causing disruptions to proceedings. That's rather unfortunate as I will miss the comedy which definitely continue if they are around. Cutting steam only leh...


  1. Question : Did Betty throw astray or file to your head ?
    Answer : No, my wife and i did not throw astray or file at my lover rainbow head.

  2. Kuching Besar, is that an ashtray or the potty that you use ?

    1. If it's my potty even more fun la. I can do a posting titled - Pretty Betty Chewy and My Flying Potty. Fun isn't it?

  3. In Malaysia, we got double standard..If you are with the government and you have a sex scandal they elect you president of MCA and wont be taken to court but if you are from opposition..mati lah lu..even no evidence u kena hentam left and right..anyway..anything spilled out by MCA members are thrash nowadays eversince they elected a porn star as their president..This party have no more respect from the people..except of cos from philanderers which are many in MCA since they elected him

    1. Chua Soiled Lek now says he got political moral to quit all his posts when he admitted to being the porn actor. He calls on LGE to quit, but is LGE a porn actor like Chua ? Interestingly, Chua did not elaborate what he meant by political moral, but of course it cannot be moral of the righteous kind.

    2. Hey, you forgot that you also got a five star class porn star as your leader aka AI or DSAI.

  4. Into the mind of Penang God aka Dear Leader as in North Korea :- Again, you people tried to be funny with me. BIGCAT and STL are the main culprits. I'll send in my troopers to dirty your blogs with garbage. Must contact Anuwar to send his troopers with Virus to kill all your blogs and if that fail must ask Anuwar to buy over these two idiots. He must spend money again. Last time he said no problem. Must contact him to ask him to do it as soon as possible.

  5. DUMNO are bring Malaysia to 2020? What 2020? Only how to talk C0*K like say women squat, women bochoh, son molest women, screen blue film, in melaka talk about things in penang? What about saving water, energy - cut down Co2 emission, benefits for senior citizens, subsidise transport. Further Investment or links with Portugese related countries like Penang has twin city with Adelaide etc? There are so many things to lompat Malaysia and Melaka but only gostang balek.

  6. Biar lah Betty, what goes around comes around all the time. Minah tu muda lagi. Si Apek dah berumur. Brapa lama can tahan one? Have wake up to muka berkerot , kote cepat lembek, blum cum dah dia berdengkor then there's farting all the time !! Lama2 si minah tu kena makan kat luar. Hope she wipes him clean bfore she dumps him :)

  7. yeah lah if i was Betty Boop... I relax mah. Take care of myself, go to Spa etc... give hime the f*ck of his life:)) This younger inexperience boorid knows nothing!

    Madam Sin

  8. Dear BC

    I object when you wrote, "Honest. It's just prove that you are just like any other men'.
    You should not have use the same brush to paint 'all men'.

    Just because Anuwar like handsome boys and women and some religious men are itchy, a lot of them with more than one wife, doesn't mean all men are itch too. I'm a faithful guy. Never cheat on my wife before, since being married, of-course.

    Can't blame you, though. About 15 years after sodomy I,II, then China Doll, Anuwar sure gave a bad reputation on men.


  9. Since when has it become "moral" for you to press someone to admit to something he did not do ? Do you have a video ? Or are you simply deciding that fitnah is OK ?

  10. MCA won't dare repeat this allegation outside of the State Assembly because they know they will be sued and made to look like idiots in court. All they can do is simply hint hint here and there, like Chua Soi Lek, and use BN cybertroopers to keep the headlines warm....Big Cat, you should be careful not to be caught under the new evidence Act.

  11. yo .. what's up with these BN tropper .. nothing better to write then to tell us about 'garang'ness ... aiyo, go see yourself in the mirror before you talk about someone else .. got proof, then spill .. but make sure your fact is correct, else you will have to back them up in court ...

    let's talk something more substantive lar ... but then again, nothing positive about BN to talk about these days ...

    1. Ya today Uncleseeker go to Ct. A sweet young lady also hauled to Ct along with him. Have to be careful about what one write and does in life.

    2. Corrections. The lady has a sweet-looking face but I don't know if it's right to say she is a sweet young lady.