Monday 23 July 2012

Pas' brave pejuang Islam and Karpal

The brave pejuang-pejuang Islam of Pas are in trouble again after they tried to tell the muslims of this country that their DAP ally are willing to consider discussing implementing the sharia hudud law once they take over Putrajaya.

The king of singh Karpal, who is DAP's bulwark of secularism, holding back the tide of Pas Islamists or any other Islamists for that matter has warned Pas to rein in its members from issuing statements which could be deemed to be damaging to Pakatan, in this case by suggesting that Pas'hudud dream may become a reality as DAP are willing to consider it.

Karpal's outburst came after Pas youth chief Nasrudin Hasssan Tantawi, during a debate with Umno Young Ulama chairman said that Karpal had agreed to consider discussing the implementation of hudud after smitten with Islam via his association with Pas.

Nasrudin's statement was actually rather mild but I don't think he knew what hit him when Karpal flew into a rage and vehmently denied he will ever compromise on his opposition against hudud. It was reported by NST today that Karpal described Nasrudin as "a relatively minor offcial in the Pas hierarchy".

I guess, Pas youth members should know now what their DAP ally think of them. Friends, you are just some lowly kampung hero only la. Keep your Islamic pipe dream to yourself, ok? You are only needed when we want to have street demo so that you all can be on the frontline. That one you go in front la. After all you want to mati syahid aren't you? Other than that, you all just shut up, understand?

Karpal said he had publicly stated on Dec 23,2010 that Pas had to accept the reality of Malaysia being a secular state and in the larger interest of Pakatan they should not push for an Islamic state.

"True to my call to Pas, at it's muktamar last year, the party decided to abandon it's avowed aims to set up an Islamic state and decided to give expression to the provision in the Quran which provided for a welfare state," said Karpal.

There you have it, Pas is listening to Karpal now for such important things as it's dream of setting up an Islamic much for pejuang Islam.


  1. Ayatollah Karpal has spoken.

  2. This tantawi fellow only made it worse, when asked by nst if he said those words during the debate, he replied by sms "I did not'. Hello man, the debate uploaded to youtube lah. Ppl can see and judge.

    Also, big cat i serioulsy doubt the intelligence of the audience on his side. Loud applause when this tantawi fella said how effective and good pas was governing kedah that it managed to increase timber revenue by so much compared to BN. Lol, these ppl never heard of over-logging izzit? Sigh!

  3. Itu lah kan Quran dah cakap - don't take non-Muslims as your saviour... Kan dah kena..

    Pemuda PAS mungkin pandai dan sangat sedap menyanyikan Al-Quran.. tapi malangnya tak faham Al-Quran.. How sad..

    Yang lagi sad... PAS supremo .. just kept quiet. Kesian Pemuda PAS kena marah sorang2 dengan DAP.. no back-up from party leadership..

    Itu lah... padan muka.. Bersekongkol lagi dgn parti DAP yg terang2 racist.


  4. Tantawi even lied that they have instructed their 'unit amal' not to even bring along a tooth pick for that illegal rally. Do they really indeed advise to that effect, before going?


  5. I dont know what is going on with PAS , too many insane people . hadi awang already said when PAS takeover Terengganu , hudud is only 0.0001% from Islam , azizan menetri besar kedah said hudud is just small part of islam , and nizar when takeover Perak will report police whoever tell him to make hudud coz ist will lead to racial hahahahahahahaha and nik aziz ?? do i need to type more ???

    i think PAS is the most idiots supporters they have , they leader can change anything in one night , even turn-over 360 degree about evertyhing and they still believed in them ... spiritually and religiously .

  6. tantawi never learnt that all pr top leaders including pas president agreed not to implement hudud if pr come to power. still majority of pas supporters keep telling the voters that they are the pejuang islam?

  7. Kesian la tgk sedara2 kita sebelah sana.. sokong mengkhinzir buta jer ;-)
    Dlm muktamar dah putuskan tiada lg negara Islam ganti dgn kebajikan atas arahan kafir harbi plak tuh.. nmpk sgt doranv dah takde conscience plus hati dah gelap..