Monday 16 July 2012

Jahabar's naughty Johor story

My dear old friend Jahabar of Malaysian Insider tried to be funny today.

 He came up with a story quoting sources on how Johor MB Datuk Abdul Ghani Othman tried to cling on to his post by engineering the replacement of the State Umno Youth chief. Jahabar being the smart guy that he is even tied up the nonsense to the Sultan of Johor's plate number issue for extra umph to the story. That bit was obviously to tell readers that everything is not well between Ghani and the sultan.

Well my friend, that's quite a nice try. I know you and the Malaysiakini gang are finding it difficult to get at Ghani, so, you all have to come out with these sorts of stories. Naughty boy la you Jahabar.

Never mind, I understand. You are just doing your job for your political masters. In this case by trying to sow discord within Johor Umno and sabotaging the relation between the BN-led State government and the palace.

Ok, first of all, if Ghani wants to hang on to the MB post, why need he goes around removing that youth chief. Does it help him in any way to do that? Nope isn't it. As was reported, the decision was made by KJ as the Umno youth chief. Anyway, the State Umno youth chief holds no clout in Johor Umno politics. Ghani would have done better to "buttress" his position by building a clique of division chiefs as support around him. But Ghani never does such thing. That's because he does not want factionalism to take root in Johor, something which tears apart Umno in other States.

Secondly, if Ghani wants so much to stays on as MB, why la he went and kacau the Youth chief who is such an ardent supporter of the sultan. By right he should be promoting him instead so that he can be in the sultan's good book. Ghani should also had lead the whole State Umno and government to the rally supporting the sultan so that the sultan would love him and support his bid to cling on to his MB post. But Ghani didn't do such thing isn't he? Instead he decided to protect the Sultan of Johor by minimising the risk of that rally from being turned political thus preserving the sultan as being neutral.

See, Ghani could do himself well by turning into an opportunist politician. But he didn't isn't he? So, those who want him to go after the election should be comforted as Ghani's position is no better than it was, let's say 16 years ago (when he became MB).

Well my friend Jahabar, don't simply simply trust those monkey sources of yours. I did some checking and its most likely that you got that info from Muar...or is it Pulai. Cannot be trusted la those clowns, bro. One more thing, sorry la I can't link your funny story here because of my uselessly faulty netbook. I hope you dont mind. Cheers :-)


  1. kah kah pemuda UMNO Johor apa barang beb..

    takde pengaruh...

    takde keperluan langsung utk MB Ghani masuk campur is KP UMNO Johor...

    non issue langsung

    badigol betul Jahabr Sadiq Ulam Raja

    Muo mari...

  2. Malaysialiarkini should report more news about rakyat laa ,this issue about umno only deception only and imagination from pakatan insane ,the funny is they think they know everything ! crap !

  3. whatever lah Jahabar why dont you ask who export all the sand to Spore.Ask lah who is behind it .How much more sand or for that matter silika that Johor must eksport to Spore
    I dont care my vote is going to BN only if Ghani is OUT!!!!3 terms is too long..have a good rest, get well spend time with your in laws in UK..recuperate from your sinus..There are more capable younger UMNO people who could helm Johor

  4. Jahabar is a born idiot who is a sad substitute for a journalist. He loves to portray himself as some righteous maggot who is god's gift to journalism. His utterly stupid attempt at trying to create tension between the sultan and Ghani is only topped by his obvious "cocksuckling" of one KJ, the PR mole whom he is probably trying to protect on presumably some orders. Pretty elementary there.

    He should look into his own shityard first before venturing further afield:

    Jahabar would do well to lock himself as an exhibit in a zoo cage in the wild pigs' section. He fits the bill both mentally and physically to a T. What a moron!

    Warrior 231

  5. Kuching Besar: Malaysiakini or Malaysia Insider ?

  6. Jahabar is the number one operation man of MI. Both MI and Malaysiakini, being pro-Pakatan are currently trying to undermine Johor BN by spreading these sorts of poison ahead of GE13. Thank you

    1. Er....why are you replying to yourself ? 17.10

    2. Sorry, that was meant for anon 16:47