Thursday 19 July 2012

My most irritating Johorean politicians

It's past midnight, and I can't sleep. I can't count sheep to make myself sleepy. That would be too weird.

Well, I decided to count irritating Johorean politicians instead and put them in this posting...until I fall asleep. Hhmmm...Top Ten most irritating Johorean politicians. Should be nice.

Ok, I'm starting with the one who is least irritating in the list -

10. Fuad Zarkashi - reading his brave political statements always makes me laugh...that's because I remember what he did in the 2004 general election.

9. Mazlan Aliman - real village idiot. Talking just for the sake of talking all the time. Hantam saja.

8. S. Subramaniam - hardly around when needed. Eh, boss, your Segamat constituency in danger you know or not? Go down and check it out can or not? Dont just let the Umno people there do all the hard work, ok? Dont be so mandore please.

7. Adam Hamid - supremly confident even when all indications shows that his Kulai BN going to lose. Datuk, You sure or not? 

6. Dr Chua Soi Lek - another over cool BN dude. Confidently said the Johorean Chinese are back with BN. Uncle, I know la you very brave one but you sure or not what you said was correct? Don't simply hentam saja.

5. Norman Fernandez - who? He is that Indian DAP fella who keep losing in Stulang. Deputy chairman of Johor DAP. The biggest supporter of DR Boo. That's because without Dr Boo, he sure kena chopped to pieces by the ultra Chinese DAP guys.

4. S K Song - simply need to retire after kicked out by the DAP. Better than trying to choke on all those socialist crazy bullshit.

3. Suhaizan Kayat - this Johor Pas youth chief can talk crap non-stop one. Don't know how he acquire the skill. Most irritating is that he actually believe in the crap that he says.

2. Lim Guan Eng - he was born in Johor la. That is why he is in this list. I'm most irritated with Guan Eng because he can't even stand his ground for Rainbow. Useless bugger.

And the most irritating Johorean politician is CHUA JUI MENG - eh uncle, can you stop making a fool of yourself? Embarassing lah. What you drank that day when you said the Pengerang petroleum hub got radioactive like Lynas? You are stupid or what?


  1. haha..... all pretty in a row.. on your marks...get set...ready......FIREEEEEE!! Aim below the belt yeah bcos if survive cannot screw anybody anymore :)

  2. hahaha...this is what i've been waiting all these times. thanks bigcat.

    i suppose the other umno bigheads are less irritating to you, although given chance, they could be as well?! :P

  3. Big cat, u should list out also Osman Sapian....

  4. Jais Sarday too...

  5. Great list..As a Johorean myself I agree and I would like to add one more.. that Menteri Amwaran after amaran in KDN, son of a great Johorean who should have been our first Prime Minister.

  6. Pengerang ? Hahaha....bodoh punya makwe, Pengerang is dumping ground for Taiwanese, so you can now go visit Taiwan because their plant there will be relocated here.

  7. Br Kucing Besar..the act of giving pardons and commuting sentences are extremely good and graciuos but this matter have been going on for years by the rulers..why today one state in the south go bura ha ha over decisoin to pardon criminals...tak usha lah nak buat publisity and tunjuk konon dia seorang aje yang baik hati...alSultan Perak/Kedah/ Perlis/Kelantan /Trengganu/Selangor dll setahu aku buat banyak keputusan serupa dan tak ada pun buat publisity semacam negeri gapura selatan ni???...ha ha ha

  8. Hahaha. Bodoh u la. Where got pengerang dumping ground. Taiwan opposition are crying out why government are allowing their precious industry to leave and take their jobs with them. Please la. Don't just argue for the sake of argument. U create jobs and industry at home also don't want. Then blame government for not creating jobs. . The small dot also build their industry on this.

    1. Yup, we create jobs that make our people turn radioactive, and then you say it's safe. Even China is moving their polluting industries away from their territory and we welcome such industries ? Bodoh punye orang.

    2. Anon 10.11:

      Tell us how many jobs, how many are likely to be filled by foreigners, and how many to be filled by locals. Jangan macam Lynas, only creating 480 jobs but putting entire community at risk.

  9. Masih bersandar persepsi.. apala org pr nih.. sila tunjuk bukti jika benar lynas/rapid menghasilkan radioactive??